Just have a final Japanese exam and then I’m done for the semester, gonna head over to China for a break~

Ain't that cute
That’s what I’ll be

Of course now that I’m almost a 3rd year at uni, I gotta get some moolahs~
Gonna make some apps, make that adsense cash ;)Or write some trashy stories 😀
Can’t really draw so probably not gonna do that 😛
But I may translate, not for monies tho, the authors wouldn’t like that… unless I give them a share 😉

So I think that people need goals to become more motivated and just attractive even.
But this poor me has no goals at all, which kinda sucks
So what happens is that I start loads of projects, translations, codes, making games I don’t know~ I have 3 projects started as far as I know, but who knows if I’ll quit any of them outta boredom at any time :c


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