Ryouriban – Chapter 22

(So I felt like it might be fun adding the princess’ emphasises
I’ll also be changing Hamburg Steak -> Hamburger Steak, don’t know why I was so persistent on Hamburg)

9, Curry Rice of Anger (Epilogue and Inside Story)


(Author’s note: I made a small mistake and posted it incomplete. Sorry)


I, Tebis Newbyst was seething. Completely seething with anger, ja.

Going back to a few days ago. I was in my evening bedroom sampling a new Mapo Tofu, eating Sichuan Mapo Tofu.

Even though I wasn’t exactly fainting from the deliciousness or spiciness, the imperial cooks were cooking with trial and error day and night for the sake of completely reproducing the recipe, .

The imperial cooks were troubled at the recipe’s difficulty to the point of complaining “Please call the person himself and instruct us”. Even though the recipe was easy to read and understand, they were having trouble analysing a specific area. Everyday they were sending their discussions and research like, ‘What is different’.

As expected, I have no choice to but call for Shuri somewhere, nou.

It was at that time when I was carelessly thinking about that, ja.


“Princess, a message from our spy has arrived. It’s about Shuri”

“Mu? Did he finally get fired from Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp and felt like serving Newbyst?”


Obviously it’s a joke.

Except, it would be nice if that was true.


“Well, it’s that Shuri has been invited by another country”

“…. Come again?”


Seeing that knife, and still wanting to invite Shuri?

Well, it can’t be helped. With such skill, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t be charmed.

However it is truly a diplomatic situation.


“Which country is it, ja?”

“Alturia. It seems that while Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp were in the middle of a negotiation for magic crystals, the prince had directly wanted him”



Ah, isn’t that the countryside snow country with average magic engineering techniques with no ability other than selling magic crystals.

It’s true that they can get magic crystals over there. The quality isn’t bad either.

But, here we have the holy forest.

Magic crystals originate from places thick with nature and there are even magic crystals in the holy forest. The quality is good as well.

If I remember correctly, we should have a trade with them between magic crystals and food.

To be honest it’s a trade without any profits and I’ve even thought that it might be better to end the trade.


“Well alright. It’ll be fine to send them a stern warning with a letter”

“Understood. I shall deliver it using a pigeon.”


Being invited by such bumpkins, I also feel pity for Shuri.

Even if he serves a country like Alturia, he wouldn’t be able to freely use his skills.

As expected, only here, a territory like Newbyst where fresh foodstuffs can be taken is suitable for Shuri.


And while I was thinking of that, I heard something that I couldn’t ignore.


“According to the spy, among other things, when eating Shuri’s cooking the king and prince didn’t even take their hands off their spoon in the middle of negotiations. I wonder what kind of dish it was”



I called to stop the maid who was leaving the room.

Come again? They ate Shuri’s cooking?

And it was a delicious delicacy such that they couldn’t even take their hands off it?

Unforgivable. Eating such a delicacy before me, and to top it off they even wanted to invite Shuri.


Such unforgivable barbarism. I’ll make you regret it.


“Change the contents of the letter.

Regarding the 『Unreasonable invitation against a person from our country』 and 『Insults』 demand a 『Reconsideration of the Trading Terms』.

I shall fly there personally. Prepare this”



After the maid rushed out in panic, I was thinking carefully about how to drive Alturia into a corner.


“This, so this is the dish that Shuri had been trying to make night after night”


The curry that I had finally finished, I decided to give it to Ganglabe-san.

He~llo it’s Shuri. It’s already a few days since the uproar at Alturia. Finally we have been sent days of peace.


“This is delicious”

“That’s good. But, this is still incomplete”




Because at any rate there isn’t any rice.

What should I do. There isn’t any even in my inventory so it became something like Curry Soup. But, after all rice goes best with curry, right.

While I was worrying like that, someone approached us.


“Leader. A messenger has come from Newbyst, they left behind a letter and foodstuffs”

“Ha? From Newbyst?”

“Yes. And they also say they want to meet with Shuri-san”


What’s this about?

Going down to the messenger, there was a large amount of food supplies.

Oh? Isn’t that rice?


“It’s been a while Shuri-sama”

“Eh? Adding sama?”

“Yes. Shuri-sama is a favourite of the Princess. I’ve been instructed to be courteous”


Ah, that little princess-san.


“And, what is this?”

“Yes. Our country went to reconsider our trade with Alturia, and succeeded in getting benefits. From the Princess there is a letter for Leader Ganglabe. The rice is for Shuri-sama. I have been instructed to deliver our gratitude.”

“I see”


It wasn’t exactly for the sake of that little princess-san though….


“So that’s the case. By the way this rice, is being grown in Newbyst right?”

“Yes. As it is an indispensable ingredient for the legendary Mapo Tofu of Shuri-sama.”

“I see, then please deliver this to the little princess-san”


I gave him the curry roux and the recipe.

When the curry powder is completed, it hardened into a easy to carry, easy to cook roux.

With this, you too are a curry chef!


“This is?”

“The necessary tools and recipe to make Curry Rice. I was able to create a new dish, so as thanks for the rice.”

“I-is that right. The Princess will certainly enjoy it”


It would be good if that was the case.

After the messenger went back, I was told by Ganglabe-san slightly anxiously.


“Is that ok? Giving them the new dish so easily”

“Well… just treat it as thanks for the gift. I can also make curry roux so there’s no problem there.

The problem is….”


The problem is, Riru-san over there, who was greedily eating the Hamburger Steak Curry.

She’s been like that for a long time. It’s almost scary.


“Supreme. No doubt this is supremacy”


She says as she eats.


“It’s about Riru-san”



In the end, it was hard work just to stop Riru-san.


After that, I cooked the rice and it became Curry Rice. Everyone was eating it happily. As expected of Curry Rice.


Later on, the princess ate curry rice at Newbyst and was astonished by the flavour.

The reproduction of the recipe was even harder than Mapo Tofu, and it made the imperial cooks cry.

However, when they combined Mapo and Curry together and ate Mapo Curry, they say they were extremely pleased.

Later on, Mapo Curry became the secret dish of the royal family but that’s a different story.


(TL: Hue hue cooking time:

Hamburger Steak Curry Rice: This is actually just two combined in one, Hamburger Steak and Curry Rice

And Mapo Curry )

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30 thoughts on “Ryouriban – Chapter 22

  1. At this point, I think that if Shuri casually mentioned they should take over a country so that he could get more ingredients for new dishes, the Corps would instantly swarm over it, conquering it.

    So the old saying ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’ should really be taken into consideration. Except that Shuri isn’t fully aware of his great power.

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    • I think curry rice and hamburger mix should be quite good, not that i’ve tried it mixed before. There’s already curry rice with extra pork cutlet, so it just like changing the cutlet with a hamburger.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Truthfully, if you have the main recipe then it is quite easy to make and recreate. It’s one of the easiest dishes in the world.
      Ofc we are talking about simple home curry and not something too fancy or specifically complicated.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Damn I regret clicking the link that you gave ,now im hungry! Maybe you are also reading the cooking novel Death March and decided to use Hamburg steak of Pochi.


  3. even with Shuri’s viewpoint in these stories I can’t help, but feel that he is an example of obfuscating stupidity trope even to the readers and just turning everything into a laughing riot.


  4. Tokanya, yes, it’s really good. You have to remember that india and china were historically trading partners and rivals, there’s a LOT of crossculture pollination, especially when it comes to food. What tastes “good” just depends on the person eating it, but as someone that enjoy his indian and chinese cuisine, I’d say mapo curry is really good (especially if you remove the meat altogether and replace it with something like okra or other veggie with distinct texture to substitute for the meat’s “rough texture” in normal mapo tofu).

    A lot of seemingly wtf combination are actually amazing, that’s the basis of fusion food.

    Curry seafood pasta for one, done with those italian screw pasta and seafood medley with almost no soup, amazing as fuck.

    French-style curry with seared scallops and root veggie.

    Dry-rub American (north or south, it’s allll amazing) Curry BBQ (do it with chicken wings or tougher cuts of meat) :Q_______________________________________________

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  5. “Princess, the other country just invited Shuri!”
    “That’s understandable considering his skill.”
    “And they ate his newly created dish!”
    “….. kill em all!!!…”

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  6. thank you!
    haha, even tebis’s perspective? and she was angry about them getting to taste shuri’s good food, lol! nice, newbyst gives shuri so many benefits! the empire will definitely remember this act of goodwill!
    ‘the princess are curry rice at Newbyst’

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  7. So many recipes. I need to make a list. No I need a giant bookmark folder. Ah, but that’s not enough. What do! So many things I want to try and no ingredients. Maybe I should run out and buy ingredients? But what to try first?

    Thanks for the chapter!


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