OMAGAWD (as i type more i realise…. please don’t read this)(but i’ll post it anyway cause I’m hypocritical and… retarded :c)

TL;DR: Next chapter of ryouriban AND uchimusume tomorrow aka… aproximately 12 hours? within 24 hours (uchimusume really just as an apology for this shit i call a post/rant)

Next Ryouriban chapter is frikkin ridiculous… between the 40 pages of google docs, stupidly profound language

当たり前の幸せを幸せだと言える。 <— what is this shit? Being able to say that the (natural <- dafuq is natural happiness goddamn) happiness (in front of you <– well i can’t say that cause thats not what the script says) is a blessing? Idek. fuck. I’m only N2 go away… but N1 or go home… and then never use japanese again

I like ryouriban but gdi, author so inconsistent with length qq… varying from 6 pages of google doc to 40 pages… mai gawdo

(Do not read further for insanity…)

I mean between my lazy ass being distracted and sick this week, this has been a tough chapter, i mean, it’ll definitely be out tomorrow considering I’ve translated roughly 32 pages of the 40, and 8 pages usually takes me … 1.5hrs? idk… but fuck proof reading and editing this shit is gonna be a pain. so much so I’m going to have to use word to go through it once, and check if my transliterations are accurate enough.

I mean seriously i still don’t know if literal or liberal (or whatever smoothing it out is) is better. From that previous statement you know my english is bad. fuck man, back when I was young i loved writing stories and shit but once high school came i stopped reading “proper” english novels and stated reading manga and watching anime.

Anime ruined ma laifu. but gave me many waifus. introduced me to many … things. and for some really strange reason, i think it’s cause i feel guilty, i’ve been avoiding proper english novels. sad lyf. I still need to finish the last two volumes of the inheritance series from like… 8 years ago.

Just looking at how many commas i use, shows you how bad my writing is i believe.
Like when the text has commas, I try to use the commas in the translation, but sometimes that just makes it weird and worse. You’d have probably seen times when it’s like:

“But, blah blah” <– I added that comma cause the original text had it. But normally I think you wouldn’t need that there. However for whatever strange reason, i feel like I shouldn’t desecrate the authors work any further than I am already and redeem myself by putting the fucking commas in.

so uh back to the topic of procrastination… i’ve mentioned i’ve been watching how i met your mother… well i’ve finished that ages ago, and i’ve finished my second run like a few weeks back… and now… well i feel like you need to know that i’m one of those people who feel an insane need to do two things at once. like when i’m playing games I HAVE TO, watch a video alongside it, but i don’t want to miss details of the video (usually anime or tv dramas) so i have to watch something i’ve seen before, when i’m the extremely RARE mood of not being insane.

also random side note, so you see capitals and stuff. well in english novels, i feel that, there is a NEED sometimes for capital letters. HOWEVER, since font doesn’t change and there isn’t a particular way of indicating font, well i haven’t added capitals for any reason… except for maybe dale’s idiocracy things every now and then.
You see every now and then, there’ll be like 3 exclamation marks in a row and i’ll be like wow, better add exclamtion marks but i think it’ll be good to capitalise the letters as well…

so i’ve self diagnosed myself with ADD like in year 6, aka. when i was like 12, cause for some stupid reason i thought ADD was cool, fucking twelvies. but yea idk.

Good rant. Nice boat. Wait for that ryouriban episode. the drama never ends. and after those stupid 40 pages of editing i’m going back to uchimusume for some light hearted, roughly 10 google doc pages, and fairly easy to translate, though slightly not enough awesomeness, i forgot where i was going with this… but yea.

No, so why I did this i think may be due to the fact that I was re-reading/editing as i translated, and i looked at it, and my english writing skills were fucking shit. didn’t even get 70/100 for highschool finals for english. though japanese was a 93/100, wassuppp~

no but yea, english is important kids… learn it.
Before i was slightly worried about rants but now… well i’ve added those next/previous chapter things so no worries~ copyright of/sneakily stolen off wuxiaworld/ specificly ATG chapter 300… cause that’s when i though next chapter stuff was necessary

I wonder if anyone will read to the end, probably not, who the hell would read something so incoherent and ridiculous as this. And somehow as i type that, i think to my own translation… ugh, so incoherent, and butchering of the author’s own story. I feel terrible right now, i should apologize… email the author and just tell him, a proper working member of society how bad i feel, how i, a poor and miserable person whose so old… omg im so old, and still pitying myself maigawd… fuck… this is why i don’t rant.. kbai.

Link to chapter 27 of ryouriban in google doc style, including my translations and actualy script, it goes to around 71 pages…. the pain

17 thoughts on “OMAGAWD (as i type more i realise…. please don’t read this)(but i’ll post it anyway cause I’m hypocritical and… retarded :c)

      • No, no, no!! You can’t fuck grammar when you rant, if you don’t take precautions, you’ll end up with little grammars, then the bitch of a grammar is going to get on your case to take responsibility for your little grammarettes and claim grammar support.



    • please, i think the chapter with ahrius and the curry rice was ~30 pages and I was like wtf D: and now it’s getting higher… next time it’ll be 50 and ima just…. *insert emoticon for hanging*


      • You mean just 1 part ( of 4 ) is 30 pages or the whole 4 parts. if they are 40 pages in A4 that already qualify as a whole book for normal light novel. anyway that’s a lot


  1. I feel you man when I read something i have this urge of playing a game and watch an anime or read manga at the same time cause you know 1 day is only 24 hours! And you need to finish all those games and lightnovelss and manga and animes! And you also want to sleep cause youve been up for like 20 hours already.

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  2. I read till the end~!And I think your translations are good!And you probably should have separated it into parts or more parts…Good Luck!Maybe if more people say that they appreciate you translating it a lot,you’ll feel better?Or maybe it’ll backfire…


    • hahaha thanks, i just needed to rant cause i rarely talk to people about my translations, and it gives me more energy I guess :/
      I finished the chapter after ranting, and it’ll be out in hopefully 30 minutes o3o, cause fuck sleep~


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