Ryouriban – Chapter 29

Nice short chapter (w)  cool let’s not talk about the earlier rant anymore and hope for an uchimusume chapter

15, Fate and Potato Galette (Part 1)



That is the determined future. Destiny you cannot change.


Or something like that, I wanted to try to say something cool today, it’s Shuri time.

After eating Potato-mochi I’m sleepy so I’ll sleep.

Today is already over!

“Shuri, are you awake?”


As I think that and lie down, I could hear Gann-san’s voice.


“Fuwaaa… what’s wrong, at such a time.

No, I don’t really know the time though”


I don’t have a watch, nor the suns rays.


“There’s someone I want you to meet”

“Can’t it wait till tomorrow…?”


I want to sleep already so I turn over and sleep.

Good night!


“No, I want you to meet today”

“Who is it…?”

“The eldest son of the Feudal Lord who governs this area, Ekress-sama”

“Yes. You’re welcome anytime!”


Oh damn, some big shot ended up coming YO!


“Then, Ekress-sama”

“Un, thank you Gann”


Being led by Gann-san, a man came in front of my cell.





No, I get that it’s the eldest son but….

It was a character of great beauty. It was an unbelievably beautiful woman.

But, it’s somewhat strange.

This person, male? Female?

It’s not that I can’t tell him apart because he was too genderless-like but….


“Hahaha. Are you surprised. I am the one called Ekress Sounity.

Your name is?”

“Yessu yua hainessu! I am called Azuma Shuri!

Azuma is my surname and Shuri is my name!”


Oh noes, could it be I was rude being confused!


“Well then, is it alright to call you Shuri Azuma?”


“Well then Shuri-kun. I actually have something I want to discuss with you.

I wonder if you have time right now?”

“Naturally it exists”


Because if I refused here, it seems like my head would be severed.

However, Ekress-sama suddenly let out a giggle.

What’s up so sudden?


“You’re a pleasant person. It’s rare that someone will make me laugh so much”

“I don’t really understand but… could it be that I was rude….?”


If that’s the case then, isn’t my head going to be severed!?


“Ahh, it’s alright. This time it’s unofficial so I don’t mind if you aren’t so respectful”

“Cause if you were rude, I would have cut off your head”


Ehhh!? There’s no way Gann-san!


“Now then Shuri-kun. I want to talk but. Is it alright?”


“Ahh, it seems like you’ve cooked a lot for Gann right?”


“You don’t have to hide it. I’ve even read the report. Thank you for caring about Gann’s physical condition”


Well… there was that matter but.


“I just, wanted to cook something delicious….”

“Fufu, you’re modest.

Now, here is the real discussion”


Ekress-sama’s expression turned serious immediately.

With an extremely cold atmosphere, like it would swallow me up.

Then, Gann-san, who was standing in the back, took out two ingredients.

Potato, and bacon, desu.

After handing that to me, he once again moved behind Ekress-sama.

A model servant!


“Right now, our territory is suffering from a serious food shortage. So much so that even I, the son of the feudal lord, think that just these two ingredients lined up on a table is luxurious.

Now, if it was you. How would you prepare these ingredients?”


Bacon and potatoes, huh?

It’s fine to just fry it normally over a pan but….

No, it’s likely that this person is not wishing for that.


“Do you have salt?”

“There are no seasonings this time”


Hmmm…. Cooking these ingredients without seasoning, huh.


“This bacon, has it already been flavoured?”

“No, it’s something that has been processed normally”


I see. Then let’s just simply make that.

If it’s this world which hasn’t developed refrigeration technology, there’s probably also a large amount of seasonings they can use.


“Then let’s make a Potato Galette.

There should be enough flavour.”


Bacon is amazing. Especially because that even without adding flavour to it, there’s enough flavour to be an alcoholic side dish.

Although, as expected I would prefer to have salt and pepper.

First I cut the potato into thin slices, frying it in the pot.

After it’s cooked well, I toss in the bacon.

Heating one side till it hardens, I flip it once I think that it’s cooked.

It’s complete after cooking the other side the same way. I serve it onto a plate and handed it over to Ekress-sama.


“It’s finished. Please enjoy the flavour of the bacon.”

“Thank you. However, I’ve never seen this dish before.

It’s almost looks like the potatoes were slightly extending out, as if they are burying the bacon inside it.”


Ekress-sama admires.

Receiving a knife and fork from Gann-san behind him, he started tearing it apart.

You, are going to always keep that up?




A voice of admiration leaked out from Ekress-sama as he ate it.


“It’s wonderful. Indeed the flavour is properly there. It’s strange. Even though there shouldn’t be any other seasoning added at all.”

“That is the flavour of the bacon itself moving to the potato, combining with the sweetness of potato to become that taste”


Bacon is seasoned heavily during the manufacturing process. And even wine is used in the seasoning after the all that salt.

Cause bacon is just smoked meat which is then salted, ne.

Despite that, it has a strong flavour and is deliciously cured.

That is the wonderfulness of bacon.


“Un un, it’s certainly as you say. If you eat this bacon, which is also good preserved, for breakfast even if it’s just accompanying something else, the quality of the flavour jumps up.

However, in the end it’s just putting it with something else or frying it.

Doing it like this, burying the bacon in the potato as one dish is uncommon. The people in town, can easily mimic this”


Preserved foods?

Ahh, speaking of which, bacon used to be a preserved food. That was because, back then they used a large amount of salt. Modern Japan doesn’t do that. In the present where taste, appearance and a refrigeration environment is properly arranged, the salt levels are kept somewhat low because of the higher water amount.

Despite that, I definitely would not recommend keeping bacon at room temperature.

Sometimes, there’s bacon which is possible to be kept at room temperature as well but, that’s safe. Just that, it’s recommended to eat it sooner.

After Ekress-sama finished eating the entire Galette, he smiled like he was satisfied.


“Wonderful. Certainly, with this amount of skill in cooking, I too understand why Ganglabe-dono says he doesn’t want to let you go”

“How is Ganglabe-san doing?”


It’s something I’ve constantly worried about.


“Right now, they are being confined in the town outside the castle. Crammed in separate inns.”

“Then, they’re just fine”


I’m relieved~ So relieved.

That was my only concern….


“However, because the reason for your actions are unknown, they may be be subjected to punishment under the crime of disrespect”



That’s ridiculous. If I didn’t do that, and the Feudal Lord collapsed it would’ve been an even worse!


“I understand what you want to say. I received the report from Gann. However, right now a political strife is happening within the territory. If I don’t do something about that, I cannot even help you get out of here.”


And then Ekress-sama said as he casts his gaze downwards.


“In addition, if we continue to waste time like this, Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp might not stand it anymore and erupt. If it comes to that then most likely, I’ll be killed”


S-somehow, it seems that the situation is worse than I had thought.

Oh man~ I don’t wanna be involved in such a sticky fight!


“So, there’s a need for a discussion”


“Won’t you take me away to escape?”

“Eh, Ekress-sama?!”


Eh? What is this person saying all of a sudden?

See, even Gann-san who’s behind you looks surprised, you know?

I don’t get this situation~ YO!


“I thought about this. Whether it’s the problem this time, or the things until now. That if it ends up coming to me to unify this territory, I will become “Twisted” somewhere.

Thus, I thought it would be fine if I was gone.

But I was anxious to do so. I mean, am I able to flee and go to the town to live?

That’s where you come in. If we have your skill in cooking, then with the support of Gann and I, we’ll be able to survive in the town with no problems.

Of course, I’ve thought through this problem as well with all my power. Once it’s over, I’ll give up the right to be heir and retire.

What do you think? Won’t you take me away from here”


Sudden. It’s too sudden.

But, I have no reason to refuse. If everyone from the corp is alright.

I’ll leave the rest to this person, so it’s fine for me to see just how things develop.

If this can resolve the problem then, there’s nothing more to add.

I nod and said.


“Understood. After we leave it seems you’ll become a cook alongside me under Ganglabe-san but, is that alright?”

“I don’t mind. As long as we can leave this place”


Ekress-sama says that and smiled.

That smile, where have I.

Being able to throw away everything that’s been forced upon him, a face of relief.


After that, Ekress-sama left following Gann-san.


“….Is that alright”


Is it alright to throw it away…

Everything you acquired, to throw that away….

No, because it’s unreasonable even if he stays.

Rather than that, it might be better to go forth a different road if there is one.

In the end, it’s the reason I slept with an indescribable anxiousness.


(TL: Potato Galette – much more complex than Shuri’s recipe but hey, praise modern life)

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  1. Thanks for thr ch. We think we spotted a couple of minor errors.

    “After Ekress-sama finished eating the entire Galette, /she/ smiled like she was satisfied.”

    We think Shuri had not realise that he is a she yet.

    “In addition, if we continue to waste time like this, Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp might not stand it anymore and erupt. If it comes to that then most likely, I’ll /the/ killed”


  2. Wow another chapter! Thank you! And Shuri is very funny and laid back as always! So who will succeed the throne then? Since its more likely that the second prince will be punished and have his qualification stripped from him, while the princess and gan kun will go with eiji.


  3. Thank you! So i take it the princess doesnt want to take the throne and will let his brother to take it instead? Since she is female and probably cant be throne successor. But would the brother believe just like that?


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  6. This why I hate reading/watching anything about food always makes me hungry and always make me to make something tasty… and you just make it worse with those links. 😛

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