Isekai Brothel – Prologue

Surprisingly hard to translate? Something short I found off syosetu, just to take a break from ryouriban every now and then (I don’t even know if this is good or not :v) I was originally going to release this all in one go, but i didn’t want ryouriban to have too many gaps in between~ i.e. gimme views~ for my ego

Manager of the Other World Brothel


Prologue – Brothel 「Papillon Somnium」




Today too, the Royal Capital Grengaina is trying to start it’s night, as flickering lights illuminate the shops.


Well that’s only natural, so long as this planet is not suddenly completely destroyed.

Wondering how far this planet is from Earth, or that maybe it’s a different world to begin with, I haven’t cared about such things since a long time ago.


What I clearly understand is that, to us, night time is the best time to earn money.


One of the major powers on the Teravick Continent, Gren, and it’s royal capital, Grengaina.


Poetically called the 「Continent’s Home of Dreams」, directly called the 「The Number One Sex Capital of the Continent」, 「The Lewdest Capital in the World」; In this district a manager runs the brothel which takes the number one name, 「Papillon Somnium」 all by himself.


That is me.


The Owner of the store is naturally someone else but, even I’m clueless as to where or what he’s doing.

Since it’s already good if we can meet once a year.


Anyway to maintain the number one spot here, where it can said that 「In this district, there isn’t a race of woman you cannot buy」is tough in it’s own way.


Built upon a mercenary corp of old who had conquered the continent, the Kingdom of Gren, even after several centuries since being established, leaves behind their most prominent characteristic, their army is luxurious as well, and even ruffians such as mercenaries and adventurers choose to live in this district.

There were many who aim to come to the 「Continent’s Number One Sex Capital」.

Those who have their heads in their pants, those who are suspiciously rich. Thus there’s no problem with the customers.


However that being the case, rivalling shops are a dime a dozen as well and the replacements were intense.

Assembling a large amount of good women, they can’t survive without promoting a cheap, safe service.


The word, 「Good woman」 is simple to say but, when it comes to actually gathering them it’s quite difficult.


When it comes to buying women collected from all over the continent, the perverted bastards gathered from all over the continent have infinite varieties when it comes to race, figure, age, and play style. To be the one looking at them is fascinating but, you can’t just use any old method when it comes to meeting that demand.

Once again this world does not stop at the annoyingly standard humans, even Therianthrope and Demi-Humans actually exist.

You might think that the demands for the same race is higher or so we thought but, the truth is that humans are still the ones who lighten up eyes and are bought even at higher prices. I can only agree as they are the most populous in the world after all.


Naturally 「Good women」 are high in demand even from other stores and even if you can hire them, they are very costly.

Well of course since what 「Good women」 means for us is, earning more than what they cost. That’s why they are 「Good woman」, there’s no problem with that.

Because an idiot who loses customers with just their appearance is not fit to work as a prostitute.


The problem is that those so called 「Good women」, in other words those working ladies, are in the position to choose the shop.

Those girls also have goals and reasons, since they are marketing the techniques they have learnt, their charm, body and time, it doesn’t go selling cheap.

With top quality appearance as well as techniques in bed, like a fine jewel which already comes with customers, they won’t go to a shop just because the money there is good.


It’s natural that they can earn that themselves.

It’s obvious that what conditions the shops will also provide for them as a bonus becomes important.


By the kingdom’s law, they can’t be publicly showy since it’s guaranteed that prostitutes have the right to select their shops, be that as it may, the large boxes are mostly directly managed by the underground organisations.

You might say that it’s normal on the days that they transfer their popular goods, they would come around, harassing the shops as well as the ladies physically and mentally. And it’s a normal operation in this district for the officials we rely on to turn a blind eye.

In order for them to properly manage things, they even have to give some money in a steamed bun to the officials. However with those dealings, an independent management like us shouldn’t be able to rival those large boxes.


So how can 「Papillon Somnium」 come to maintain the number one spot despite that?


That reason is largely related to the ability I hold.


I am a so called Other World Traveler.

I can vividly recall back when I was a kid, I was suddenly and without reason tossed into this world


Tossed into this world where monsters and magic exist, and amongst all that, fellow major powers would repeat wars without tiring of them, I wasn’t given a 「Power」 which would allow me to survive doing whatever I liked.

Even if I could use powerful attack magic, it wasn’t like I was given a weapon which even an amateur could use to cut a monster in half with.

I was just as I appeared, a powerless kid who was merely born on Earth.


If there really were gods then, I want to beg them to carefully inform me for once, why I was tossed here.


If it wasn’t for the Owner of this shop coincidentally passing by, I would’ve ended been beaten to death by an insignificant Orc, without even noticing the existence of the unique magic given to me.

Although that’s the reason that Orc was so thoroughly burnt with the Owner’s flame magic that not even a trace remained.


Damn it, if only I had overwhelming magic power like Owner.

I think I would live out a brilliant life as an adventurer, or as a imperial magician.


Well, it’s not like I hate my current lifestyle that much though.

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23 thoughts on “Isekai Brothel – Prologue

  1. Hoo, interesting. I thought this is just going to be a lewd story on seeing the title (who doesn’t). Well, it still possibly going to be a lewd story, but It is possible for the story to develop in a more mature/serious way and less hentai-like.

    I say this because I actually come up with similiar idea once or twice before 😛


  2. What is his talent?? Sex positions? Lol xD … kindda remindes me of that slave shop owner novel (forgot the name). This seem interesting, thx for the translate 🙂


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