Ryouriban – Chapter 26

13, Promise and Potato Chips


The magic of snacks is strong.

The allure of Junk food is amazing and even if you understand how chips taste like, you end up addicted just eating it.

Someone who can win against that allure doesn’t exist.

Non-existent, I say!

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Ryouriban – Chapter 25

sick qq, i want to finally finish little buster

12, Troubles and Butter Potato


The knack to jail lifestyle is to endure the coldness.

If you’re asking what I mean, simply speaking, under these medieval buildings which have no heaters or anything, it becomes intensely cold.

In addition to the structure which makes even sunlight hard to reach, the ways and places to become warm is staggeringly limited.

Basically, I really want to eat something warm, is what I think.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 22

(So I felt like it might be fun adding the princess’ emphasises
I’ll also be changing Hamburg Steak -> Hamburger Steak, don’t know why I was so persistent on Hamburg)

9, Curry Rice of Anger (Epilogue and Inside Story)


(Author’s note: I made a small mistake and posted it incomplete. Sorry)


I, Tebis Newbyst was seething. Completely seething with anger, ja.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 21

Anyway so I made a mistake with the authors name it’s actually Kataribito, derp, and so now I changed it

(Uses old people/royal speak)

9, Curry Rice of Anger (Part 3)


The Alturia that I govern, was originally an area of snowy fields which was hard to live in.

My great founder forged a path, somehow gaining the rights and excavation for magic crystals and mineral resources, and made it possible for people to live here. Because as long as there are magic crystals, making some home heaters and mining tools with magic engineering, you can build houses and families.Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 19

9, Curry Rice of Anger (Part 1)

(Author Note: It’s Valentines but, there won’t be much about chocolates. It will appear though.)


Cougar-san’s efforts were terrific.

On the battlefield he was like a demon cutting through the enemy’s swords and armours.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 18

8, Cheesecake of Attraction (Part 3)


I have a sweet tooth.

Because ever since I was young when my father would return from his expeditions, he would always come back bringing desserts from a well-known shop.

Father coming home safely, that was happiness.

Those desserts which served as proof was always eaten to the very last piece together with my brother.Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 17

GDI Cougar, this kansai-ben hurts me || New Best -> Newbyst


8, Cheesecake of Attraction (Part 2)


Recently the people who have been coming to talk with Shuri is increasing.

Under the orders of Ganglabe, I took to monitoring the subordinates. Some of them were also at such a blunt distance, and after I talk to those guys, there were those who wanted to secretly lure him away and handing money to him.Read More »