Isekai Brothel – Chapter 1

this story is damn hard to translate, cause its all casual talk and i can’t rely on the kanji… so glad theres only 6-7 chapters left :/

 First Story – Miss Rola’s Circumstances


“Manager~ I’ve finished the first one~. Give me cleaning magic~”


The one who came into the manager’s room without even knocking, was one of our Top 3 most popular, Miss Rola.

Blond hair, azure eyes. If I drew a picture using my sensations, she was similar to a western beauty.

Her breasts are ridiculously large, yet they don’t follow the laws of gravity for some reason, and her similarly large butt.

I want to ask how her thin waist is supporting that but, it’s extremely popular with our customers (perverted bastards).

Especially from what I see, Oriental types can boast of overwhelmingly popularity too but, it seems that no matter which world these bastard’s desires are relatively simple to fulfill, making me feel strange.


“Like I thought I said, when you come into my room, hide the parts you have to hide, you stupid girl!”

“So mean~ Manager. There are also customers who’ll pay just to see my body you know~ Aren’t you luck just being able to see~”


Geez, no matter how many times I tell this girl, she doesn’t listen.

You would think that she’s really a stupid girl just listening to how she extends her syllables when she talks but, she thinks fast and the customers she brings are top class as well.

Her dayface makes the good customers who are doing nothing but stiff work love her without fail so there’s no way she’s stupid, I think.


However in front of me, no matter how I look she’s just an idiot.


Never mind that, hurry up and cover those expensive breasts and butt.

If I can’t concentrate my mind, I can’t activate my unique magic.


“Yes~. Manager is a closet pervert as always~. If you ever feel like it just say so anytime~”




Despite saying this and that, since we both understand the requirements for my magic, she covered up what needs to be hidden for me.

I’m already used to this but, compared to before her current appearance is more sensational.

Maybe putting everything out there isn’t erotic.


“Geez, Duke Astria licked around my whole body so it feels weird wa~”


Don’t say that kind of customer’s fetish in front of me.

Something like that, go tell the staff who specialise in that.

Since it’ll definitely be money.


While thinking about useless things, I activated fivefolds of magic to Miss Rola, Washing Magic, Fatigue Recovery Magic, Smell Removal Magic, Fragrance Magic and Skin Rejuvenating Magic.


Washing Magic, is a magic which removes all of the unnecessary impurities to Miss Rola.

Fatigue Recovery Magic, is a magic which allows Miss Rola to recover from physical fatigue.

Smell Removal Magic, is a magic which erases all smells apart from Miss Rola’s original smell.

Fragrance Magic, is a magic which causes a smell to come about which brings out Miss Rola’s charm to it’s maximum power as a living being.

Skin Rejuvenating Magic, is a magic which rejuvenates Miss Rola’s skin and every other part of her, returning it to it’s best condition.


There’s also various other things but, the unique magic, the power that I received being launched into this world, is a magic which specialises in physical condition management and a little more so to speak.

What’s really vexing is that my magic power regarding this sort of magics’ usage is almost limitless, which is what the Owner said.


That’s useless!


Although if it was flame magic which could even burn dragons to nothing or freezing magic which can even freeze a demon into ice then, I might have started my grandiose heroic tale.

I do approve that it is indeed a convenient magic but, on the battlefield it’s damn useless.

While I was making her body all pretty and clean, I could smash my head open and it’ll end.


“Thank you~ Manager~. I’ll go work hard with my next job~”


She smiles softly as she says she’ll be going to her next customer’s place.

「Papillon Somnium」 has a completely reservation based system and the limited interval of time between customer and customer is the shortest possible.

We aren’t like those shops who use 「Good women」 to their every last bit for the sake of earning money.


“Oi hey, how many times have I said it. This magic of mine isn’t perfect. It’s only supplementing your basic stamina with magic. So that means it’ll use your strength only when you are really tired and above all my magic has no effect on the spirit. It’s alright so until the prescribed time, you should go relax in the bath or eat something good. If you’re worried when you go out in front of those perverted bastards then, I’ll give you the magic again. Understood?”


“Ye~s, sorr~y”


Sticking her tongue out, pero, she returns to the room she was assigned.


It’s strange, she never tries to take customers into her room.

Regardless of the fact that if someone like Miss Rola with her good customers then, with one person a night, there’ll be more than enough customers who’ll pay out to stay.

There shouldn’t be a need for her to sell her time like a novice though.


Like Venice during the Renaissance, like the red-light district during the Edo Period, the prostitutes of this country have been sorted into a class system.

The reason is that in accordance with the information from the shops, the country carefully assigns ranks.

Since one of the top three in our shop (Number one in the country), naturally Miss Rola is at the very peak of class five, as one of the 《Quinke・ Forumfloriss》 (five petals). (TL: Quintet Forum Florist?)


What’s laughable is that, that’s an official court rank.


You hardly hear high class prostitutes who can even attend evening parties held in the royal palace, to sell their time.

Moreover their customers exclusively all of those important people who seem to have never done something like buying time before.

(TL: I’m assuming buying time and selling time is… actually i think it’s obvious (0//^//0))


Well, the way those 「good women」 profit for me, I’m not boorish enough to poke my nose in that.

I should just do my thing and the missies just have to be watchful in order not to destroy their own body as well as each of their method of doing things, and their way of earning.

(TL: missies = jou-chan, which would be like Miss-chan, since i’m translating jou as miss~ is that fair? :3)


This is one of the reasons that 「Papillon Somnium」 can stay number one.


A large reason as to why that a lot of those working 「good women」 come and say that they want to work here at 「Papillon Somnium」, is because they are aiming for this magic of mine, which is well known in this neighbourhood.


It’s not like we can hire everyone, and those who are chosen here, it’s an inexcusable situation.


Although my magic and magic power is unlimited, thinking about the time and effort involved, there’s no way the number of people can be unlimited either.


If it’s other shopkeepers then, becoming number one at that shop while being employed is a dream. After all there seems to be quite a few missies around.

It’s a thankful thing but, I think that to immediately earn the target amount, washing feet is better but, I guess that’s uncalled for.


Even if they become a favourite like Miss Rola, to be honest I’m thankful they are friendly with the girls who are selling their time.

There are also newbies who rush to popularity in one go with the new customers who get introduced from Miss Rola’s good customers.

I have to be thankful that a top ranker like Miss Rola is concerned with not only her own matters but also the other girls and even the shop, and continuing to sell her time.


Constantly exposing her breasts and butt, and coming to play in the office, might be something cheap.

Although I do want to say ‘No, cover it then come’.

I guess it’s better to say it, even if it’s a sight for sore eyes.


Now then, time to work.


It’s still early in the evening, our time to earn has just begun.

Because each time the customers change, my magic is necessary.


The girls are wholeheartedly trying their best, so there’s no way I can be slow either.

The night is still long but, I should try my best too huh.

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18 thoughts on “Isekai Brothel – Chapter 1

  1. He’s so not honest with himself don’t he… “A sight for sore eyes” huh… Welp, it’s his preference, no one can say a thing ’bout that~~ I think his fetish is kind of like ‘being hidden is better than exposing it nonchalantly’? Welp~~

    Thanks for the chapter~~


  2. It’s only me or someone have a feeling he have a important flag with the top one prostitute in the country? Thanks for the chapter


  3. again an idiot who is all about flaming sword and aventurer guild:/
    would be better if he was not a trash like that…well,maybe i judge too quick here,so i continue reading


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