I miss ranting (And like always I’m extremely reluctant when posting rants ( 〃..))

tl;dr – I rage about my complex – and there are pretty pics at the bottom-
3:17am when I finally finish this rant wow

I want to rant sometimes, but I feel like the amount I have to say is not worth a post, so i made all these stupid side widget thingies and pages:

  • That progress thingy on the side? Just a way of complaining about pages and why people didn’t like the prologue of that 8 chapter brothel story (just the novelupdates ratings thing) (which tbh idc about h8 cause it’s 8 chapters lol)
  • The new distractions thing? Just another way to say why I’m not releasing chapters… it’s a lie, i’m actually translating while watching youtube/listening to music. However, this slows down my pace by at least 4x, however i get bored while translating
    • However, because of that, I’m not concentrating 100% and i have to go through a second translation, which is my second-pass, and i count that as my edit.
      • Like I could go for a third-pass but DAMN! I don’t want to read my translation I just spent 1-5hrs translating and another hour re-translating, just to edit it again! tbh I have a friend whose the best english writer i know but… he’s busy… cause he’s a law student… and i don’t wanna trouble my friends
  • The himatsubushi page? I wanted to rant there. Out of sight. But… I don’t know. I need a stylesheet. that damn page is a mess. everything’s outtawhack.

So that’s what’s been happening.

It’s february. What do. It’s 2am. I’m still watching cry’s streams of bloodborne.

I just went through a few japanese translator blogs to see. IDK why i do this. it’s probably cause of my inferiority complex.

^ That? right there. it’s a reason i don’t show this blog to my family and most of my friends. I don’t want to seem emotional. My username? Coolizer. I’ve had it since I was 10. I’m 20 now. But I still have the same ideals from back then, I have to be cool. as a cucumber. hue.

But whatevs, I want views, to show that I existed on this earth or whatever. They’ll know about it oneday.

On another tangent, my 11 year old brother got into reading web novels as well. Started from coiling dragon… not too sure that’s good for him, in case he can’t distinguish between reality and starts fights because people aren’t giving him face. That’d be funny. But I can’t show him this blog. not just yet.

Anyway…. back to the topic of checking out other jap translators, tbh, despite me being at N2 level, i really suck.
I feel like I’m not good enough, especially when I compare myself to like that oniichanyamete guy. Like damn. Distinguishing between the term monster in japanese? That’s something I never realised before. I mean, in english we call people monster, and we call monsters monster. But we sorta know the difference?

I swear. this is what happens when you spend your entire high school life reading manga/ watching anime/ playing games/ reading light novels, and not concentrating in classes, and not reading english novels even though I love reading.

Sigh. <– I actually say sign when i sigh sometimes, that’s how retarded i am.

I’m going to talk rant about my translations for a little bit now.

Concerning UchiMusume, the terms of “Demon Race” or specifically “Race”, is used quite a bit. But then in the chapter where the demon lord/magic is explained, I use the terms demons and demon race as if they’re different(, at least that’s how i remember it from when i translated it.) But because I don’t want to integrate the race part of demon race into every other sentence, I change it to just Demon. Sigh.
I need to edit my works better. However it’s just tough. You tend to have bias towards your own work, and also even when I sense the flow or grammar is wrong, I can’t really fix it because I can’t find another way without adding an excessive amount or losing something.
For example, in the raws, they might say something like… oh fuck it, sorry to disappoint but i can’t think of an example, just trust me on this.
A major problem in my translations is that, no matter what, I want to keep as much of the original “words and flow”. Which is why sometimes the flow sounds weird. It’s because the word is there, and the commas are there.
As for words, it’s just like how oniichanyamete says it, I’ll use the kisama example. Up till now, I’ve been using just, “you”, or “You bastard” (I really didn’t want to use that, despite it being sorta accurate, but they aren’t really personally insulting you, it might even just be how their speech manner is, eg. that Alturia king) But they instead say that use adjectives, for example, narrowedly looked or whatevs. But because the original doesn’t have that, I don’t add it in, which makes it lose meaning.


Fuck, no one’s gonna read this blob of text. Anyway, like I butcher the works, and I can’t handle criticism, but i need to. Like I said I want to transmit the meaning behind the words, but I also need to transmit the meanings OF the words too.

I think ^ that’s what I want to say the most. I need to transmit meaning, but I consider the words more important? For example in many wuxia, i see the translators do (like the Mt tai thingy) and then giving the meaning of the idiom afterwards. I realised that because I didn’t realise they were idioms, I just googled them, and got the meaning, and translated it, which if I was the reader, I would get slightly annoyed. I mean the meaning was conveyed, but how the writer wrote it got broken.

Fuck it, happy rant time. Ryouriban is only 12 more chapters till we catch up! I should really email Kataribito-sensei though. Ugh, what if he rejects me… he’s a hardworking salary man :C … well this got depressing.

Well back to depressing then. I don’t want donations. (Because I don’t think it’s cool, but I want money) I shouldn’t have a problem with people taking donations. Oh… i see. It’s the sour grapes situation. Fuck my jealousy.

Speaking of jealousy.

Latest ryouriban chapter… deep jealousy. I had wanted to change this. BUT I DON’T KNOW ENOUGH ENGLISH. SO I COULD ONLY TRANSLATE IT LITERALLY FUCK ME!

I don’t want this rant to end. I want to rage more. I don’t say enough of my inner feelings. Also I like to talk to random japanese people on twitter. I… just wanted to share that.

I feel like I have to satisfy people. It’s really not a good feeling. I know as readers, I, we, you, all feel that translators should take a rest when they need it, or that they should just translate at their own pace. But I can’t. I feel so guilty. Maybe this is why I have commitment issues. Oh btw everything I say, is self diagnosis based on my behaviour in the past. ain’t i just the coolest dude.

But yea, i feel bad… ima spam this area with pictures now. I don’t even know who these pictures belong to anymore… my picture library is just full of pixiv and everything.

Also I play Million Arthur. It’s another way I waste time

Maybe people should link the original source if they know it, i mean i know i could reverse image search… oh fuck it, i guess I’ll just post a small amount, no spam

Couldn’t find pixiv sauce :c
This is some fine art ❤
This really should be the picture for this rant
A treat for people who can read chinese/japanese

Random tidbit, googling pixiv gives the artwork that i seriously love the most. Like damn that Kano!

28 thoughts on “I miss ranting (And like always I’m extremely reluctant when posting rants ( 〃..))

      • I suppose another reason is I don’t want to burden people with 9000 words of edits, i mean if even I find it tough, then making other people do that is sorta bad, at least that’s how i feel, i’d just be glad if u comment anything (ANYTHING) u find in a chapter, and i’ll try my best to change it~ adieu


  1. I love reading your rant lol~~~
    let me rant a bit.
    btw, at least you could Japanese, till N2 to top it off. Damn it. So jelly. I just learnt the basics of basics in 2 years as foreign language. NO KANJI AT ALL tho most of it’s just me taking no effort in remembering them but the simple, common ones and due to my sensei’s kindness not to add more burden to my poor schoolmates since our schedule in boarding school was as pack as canned sardines. We just learned a bunch of simple grammar and sentence structure plus some random vocabs from the textbook.

    Ah thanks. I’m losing my sleepiness ’cause of this.

    Again, I read all of it and I love it. The rant I mean. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well I’ve studied japanese for roughly 4 years now, doing professional japanese at uni right now, but it’s just translating is different I guess? because understanding the language is one thing but, giving it a smooth conversion to english is another, you know? And thx :3 I feel my rants are embarassing >n<

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I sympathize with the editing. After writing a chapter, I’m always reluctant to edit it and have to force myself. Though I only have enough patience for a first pass and don’t have the motivation to do a second read through for my editing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You know you can recruit people to help you, right? I do, and have done, various proofing/editing for different translation groups :O If you post a recruitment, there should at least be a few more than willing to help out as much as their schedule permits. Just a piece of advice ;3


  4. i just finished ryoriban—i stayed up all night just to read it,lolol! wait, ahem, i should be addressing the rant, yes? i don’t even know if i should be replying seriously to this, but i’ll do it anyway! just delete the comment if it’s overly serious, ahaha!prepare for my response—! brace yourselves!

    let’s see–! being calm and cool is a good thing to aim for! wahaha! like a commenter said, if you want help in terms of editing/proofreading, putting up a ecruitment page should work! oh, your brother’s reading coiling dragon? i completed reading the translated one—! it’s one of the better xianxias to start with, certainly! it’s not as bad as the rest though, with the enemies and their ‘face’! rofl! i like most of the stories from that author!

    i think comparing yourself with people is not something you should do! acknowledging that you have weakness is fine, most important is to improve and get better at it. i mean, no one starts out being totally great at a language, after all! effort, go—! lolol!
    reading manga/light novels and watching anime helps improve your japanese though, lol! well, english novels…you could read news too, or something?? -shrugs- beats me! there’s always room for improvement though!

    the problem with phrasing and idioms is a common problem for translating, regardless of whatever languages.different readers do have different preferences, though! if you’ve noticed that you sometimes leave out the idioms, you can start putting them in when you notice them, if you want to! never too late to start, right?

    yes, 12 more chapters until ryouriban chapters are caught up, woo—-! yes! do it, go email kataribito-sensei! just send him a fan letter! ok?!ok—! i’ll be here hoping for good news! i don’t how him being a hardworking salaryman comes in to play, though?
    regarding satisfying readers…chill—! the guilt may come, but don’t let it win! you must fight and achieve victory over that guilt! wahaha! …ahem, yes, just chill…what was it? oh yes! :keep calm and translate:

    well then, this is the end of the shockingly long response! -gives ice-cream cakes- all the best, and take care of yourself—-!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, haha thanks for all your long comments, they were fun to read.
      Lil bro finished cd and is moving onto st now, i think he’s going to go thru all the wuxiaworld stuff, I think i will email sensei when I get up to date, which I hope is before february ends.
      Thanks and keep reading pero~


      • right—! they’re fun to read, right!? tell me more! rofl!
        ah—! st, huh! tell him to also read desolate era and swallowed star at the same time! lots of pretty good novels around—!
        well, ok, i’ll be hoping for the best from sensei!hm—you provided the raw link…i made a syosetu account! wahaha! anyway, when you send kataribito-sensei the email, you tell me ok—! i’ll write a review(comment) for the novel too at syosetu! ’cause when i do, i’ll state that i read the translated version…of course, i’m going to use the japanese dictionary ahahaha! we’ll use a two-prong approach! kekeke!
        thank you for translating—! all the best!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, thanks! I liked those novels too, need to catch up with desolate era though. And that would be pretty funny, having a Japanese review saying u came from the English translation xD


      • lol, i really would though! kekeke, it’s a two-prong approach…you go by email, i’ll go by the review section—


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