Isekai Brothel – Chapter 2

So, the author decided the continue this series under a slightly altered name and removing the last story and side stories of this original series, so depending on whether I’m still interested in this by the end of this I’ll decide if I’ll continue.
Also I watched Lady Maiko the other day, and Kansai-ben is frikkin funny, it’s a sweet movie, so if u like seeing modern-day maiko & geisha, cute girls/old ladies, and musicals be sure to watch o3o


Second Story, Miss Ristia’s Situation


A loud sound was made outside the room.

Yet again, there’s a quarrel tonight huh.

Aye, who is it tonight, the men who are worrying about Miss Chloris, being pulled by her touching story or is it, although rare, the customers (perverted bastards) who are fired up for justice, objecting to the shop concerning Miss Asfi about how fearfully young she looks, despite her actual age.


After doing the deed the perverted bastards would say 「What is the meaning of making such a young child work」. I mean if they had come to say it before they had done it then, we would respectfully and thoroughly explain the situation.


Or rather, don’t you agree that you’re the one who chose a girl who looks like that.


Geez, I don’t really understand the thoughts of men who have entered sage mode (TL: aka came o3o)


“Manager, I apologize for the disturbance. A S rank adventurer Rajuris-sama and Duke Ruvranse’s eldest son, Luzafu-sama are dueling!”


Why are such fellow important people coming to start a duel, and cause a disturbance!


If the 「Dragon Killer」 Rajuris-sama and 「The Young Genius of the Kingdom’s Sorcery Army」 go for it for real then, let alone this store but, this entire neighbourhood would end up blowing away.


Or rather, those two, if I recall…


“They are the dear customers of Miss Ristia”


…Same as Miss Rola earlier, one of our top 3s.


Uwah, she’s guilty again, that wicked woman.

Well no, that’s just how things ends up, it’s not that Miss Ristia herself is wicked.


I think, definitely, most likely.

—-It’ll be good if she’s not.


In any case, she is lovely to the eyes, black hair, black eyes, a beautiful girl who appears weak.

From how I see it, it’s exactly how an ideal Japanese woman would feel.

It’s not ridiculously big but, it’s where it’s supposed to be, and above all her skin was smooth and charming to a frightening degree.

Around this area, there are many similar customers who fall into those constantly teary black eyes and, her glamorous hair of the same colour.


The person herself innocently says to me 「Hey we match」and was delighted with me but, the gazes from our dear frequent customer’s hurt so please leave me alone. (TL: 勘弁してほしい: please forgive me; sort of changes meanings depending on context)

Amongst those there are also idiots who misunderstand that me and Miss Ristia are younger brother and older sister.


Well it can’t be helped though, since it’s true that in this world, you rarely meet those with black hair and eyes.


However this occurs at fixed intervals naa, messes that occur concerning Miss Ristia.

Miss Ristia herself absolutely only serves the customers that bought her for one night but, the men always end up firing up all by themselves.

They get it into their heads that other than themselves, the others are abusive, and terrible customers who treat her like an object.

Why are men creatures who get it into their heads that anyone other than himself is wrong, I wonder.

No, I don’t know if women are like that too, in that front.


However for the 「Dragon Killer」 and 「Sorcery Genius」 to end up like that, did you not release some electromagnetic waves to brainwash them or something, Miss Ristia?

Anyhow right now, she’ll probably just be all flustered being between the two’s conflict.

Despite her having no bad intent whatsoever, her natural disposition is much worse.


“Got it, I’ll head over. It’s the hall on the first floor right?”


Leaving behind the shop assistant who was nodding with a pale face, I quickly hurry over to the hall.

Speaking of combat power, even if I went, I won’t be a match for the two but my unique magic demonstrates quite a broken power depending on how I use it.

Even so, it’s so bad for my heart to stop the dispute between those two monsters, and if it wasn’t this kind of situation then, I wouldn’t want to do this voluntarily, you know.


Please just leave me alone, seriously.


As expected in the hall on the first floor, Rajuris-sama, who had already drawn his 「Dragon Killer’s Magic Sword」, and Luzafu-sama, who had enlarged an enormous layered magic circle behind him, were glaring at each other.


From the glint in their eyes, they were both serious.

No one could even get close to them.


Please stop yo boss, I feel like right now you guys could even subdue an enemy of the world.

Ahh, maybe the two of them, think that the other is like the enemy of the world.

I wonder if men who have blood rushing to their heads truly, make no difference between hero or genius.


“Ah…. Manager. Sorry, I bet it’s my fault again. Don’t be mad, I’m sorry, really…”


Miss Ristia, who had noticed me change my facial expression to anger as I came down to the first floor, apologized to me, her pretty eyes  full of tears.

That weak expression and that tone which makes you think that you’re guilty from the bottom of your heart; Biologically if it was a man, then they’ll end up saying 「I’ll forgive you!」 unconditionally, because that’s just how much of a destructive power it brings with it.


No wait what, are you just going to ignore those two releasing their murderous intent due to your manipulation?!


It’s not a joke, right now it’s as if Miss Ristia is afraid of me with all her heart, doesn’t this look like I treat her quite horridly on the daily?


Stop it, no, please stop it, I beg of you.

Till just now, both of them were monsters glaring at each other like they’re mortal enemies but, isn’t that gaze which seems like it can kill as is, turning towards me?


With that timing, from her eyes that flicker of a black shine, a transparent tear falls in one long line, drip.

Ah, it’s over, both of their hostilities are without a doubt being directed towards me.


“Manager! I’ll apologise for making a mess but, won’t you please stop making my beloved cry? Even if you’re the manager I’ll chop you!”


“This is, Manager. Afterwards, after dealing with this mess together with that barbarian, I would definitely apologize. Which is why, won’t you please refrain from scaring my dearly beloved… my magic might end up running wild you know?”


Saying things like this despite starting this mess, these two fuckers.


No, tolerate this, me.

Even here, these two are quite good customers who go into the higher ranks.

Besides, these two’s combat ability are ridiculously high; I’ll be in accordance with my responsibilities and just be patient.


“My deepest apologies, Rajuris-sama, Luzafu-sama. As the two of you know, in addition to our Ristia being a kind hearted girl, adding with the situation of our two guests seething with anger, since I showed up looking angry, she was probably trembling to her limits. If our two guest are worried about Ristia then, won’t the two of you please stow away your swords and staffs?”


You guys were seething with anger so, you scared our Miss Ristia.


To Miss Ristia, someone like me is just something like a convenient body management tool, and I’ve never been angry or made her cry before.


However Miss Ristia standardly only takes one customer a night, and for some reason just like Miss Rola, doesn’t go up to her own room but should be spending the night with the customer in our finest room.

Why are these two here.

Person in charge of reservations, you shall give me an explanation.


“If the magic using little master takes away his magic then, I’ll put away 「Dragon Killer’s Magic Sword (this guy)」 anytime, ok? Since today is the night I’m spending with Ristia-chan.”


“If you take away the barbarian who only killed a big lizard and pretends to be a hero, my magic circle will immediately disappear, yes? Since this evening is the date I will share a night of dreams with Ristia”


Ugh wow, I’m seriously getting annoyed.

Did these guys just rush off away somewhere after buying their women with money?

If you’re going to say it like that then, the one you’re paying, Miss Ristia, did you see her head nod in confirmation.

Let alone refuse, she had only just smiled with a troubled expression and mumbled.


“I well understand our two guest’s points. However, no matter what this shop is a shop which sells dreams.

Which of you gentleman had originally reserved Miss Ristia for today?”


Here with accordance to the general rule, I can only put up the person who had reserved first.

Whether it’s a misunderstanding or my mistake, at any rate the one who had reserved first in person will go through.


The shop assistant who had guessed the meaning behind my words, quietly whispers into my ears.


“Today’s reservation was for Viscount Quazasu but, an important matter came up which he couldn’t step away from no matter what so he cancelled in tears. I don’t know how they came to know of this but, I think that both Rajuris-sama and Luzafu-sama came in at around the same time and are both free tonight, in which case I….”


These perverted idiots, knowing that today’s reservee can do whatever he wants to my position, Viscount Quazasu, isn’t gathering the both of them here to our place just giving us the final push?


Sensing that I had heard the information from my shop assistant from, the two of them looked away.


My patience is at it’s limits, you bastards.


“Oi dear customers. According to our shop’s rules, a lady who has been cancelled upon, becomes free that day. It would’ve been fine if you were invited by Miss Ristia herself however, did you think you could just intrude as you please, and go start some nonsense of a duel, you fucks. Argh?”


At my attitude which suddenly changed, the 「Dragon Killer」 and 「Genius Sorcerer」 were both taken aback.

I’m fully aware that this isn’t the attitude you deal with customers with but, tonight, you aren’t my precious customers who abide by the rules.


I activate my unique magic at the two idiots who were saying “Wh-” and “Uu…”.

Idiots like you, who tend to use your power and authority to do whatever you please in our line of work, have a taste of the second reason as to why our shop is able to maintain our number one position for so many years.


The two of them reflexively try to guard against my magic with their 「Dragon Killer’s Magic Sword」 and, giant magic circle.


It’s impossible, I mean it’s far from attack magic, it’s a magic which doesn’t belong to any category as you all know.

No matter if it’s a magic sword or an absolute defensive circle, you can’t defend against it.


Since it’s a simple body maintenance magic.


Even though it hit them directly, the two of them felt confused as nothing happened even after some time.

Obviously, since it’s not a magic which inflicts damage.


“Oi, every word you say from here on, be careful about it. Because the two of you, depending on my mood, for the rest of your lives might never, g e t  h a r d, again ok?”


This is the other reason why 「Papillon Somnium」 can continue to maintain our number one position.

My unique magic which is able to conduct every kind of body maintenance, can even control the male function.


Thanks to this magic, from royalty to wealthy merchants, and even to, I can’t say this out loud but, the popes of large religions, these granddaddies are patrons of my side business.

The fellas who can always do it whenever they like probably won’t understand but, to these granddaddies, it’s an important problem which distinguishes them from being a 「Man」 and a 「Former man」.


If I use that magic in reverse then I can even make the formerly healthy 「sons」 of those fellas into a mere excretory organ.

With this, as long as it’s not something extremely major, the 「Men」 who know of my unique magic will not defy me, it’s the reason they cannot defy me.


Honestly it’s nothing to that extent but, once a person who I had cast this magic on, the moment he told me to die, I threatened him that he’ll never have an erection ever again.

My life is equivalent to their 「manhood」 when it comes to those fellas who have had a taste of this magic.

It’s slightly unpleasant but, for self protection, there’s not much which can exhibit an effect greater than this.


Even the 「Dragon Killer」 and 「Genius Sorcerer」 who knew the rumours of my magic to a certain degree, froze in place at my words.

Well of course, despite being just over twenty years of age, if they were threatened that it would become useless for the rest of their lives, I would expect them to be frozen.

None of this has any relation to status, honour nor combat ability.

If you don’t like it then, abide by my rules in my shop.


Despite that, maybe because they still have their prides as 「Dragon Killer」 and 「Genius Sorcerer」, the moment they tried to say something, showily opening the main doors of our shop’s pride, the shadows of two people jumped in.


“After I received your message I rushed here, you shithead, didn’t I tell you that even if you want to start a fight in the royal palace, the only place you can’t is Papillon Somnium, HUUUUUHHHH”


One of them was the Guildmaster of the adventurer’s guild, Old Galzam, 「God Killer」.

As soon as he jumped in, he said something like 「Right?!」 and barehandedly knocked down and fainted 「Dragon Killer」, dragging him along towards me to apologize as he held onto the nape of his neck.


“Manager, I apologize for our idiot. We’ll definitely put in an apology later so, would you please forgive us. There’s no value for these old bones to show you his bald head but, that’s how it will have to be”


Saying so, he deeply bows right in front of my eyes.


The other one who jumped in was the commander of the royal sorcery unit, the marshal of the kingdom, 「Great Sorcerer」 Sage Ryfaru.

This side, without even letting his personal disciple to speak a word, reaped him of his consciousness with a skillful electric shock magic, and threw the 「Genius Sorcerer」 right in front of me, body convulsing.


“Manager-dono, I heard that my unintelligent disciple has stepped on your gracious shop’s rules. Although I had favoured him as I raised him, it probably cannot be made up for with this one’s life. I wonder if you would please be at ease somehow with this wrinkled old man”


Saying so, next to his convulsing personal disciple, he falls to his knees and droops his head.


As expected of these two cunning old foxes, they’re well aware that if they do this, I cannot help but back down.


“Please raise your heads, you two. Your heads are not ones which can simply be lowered for a humble manager of a brothel, don’t you agree? If you wish for me to pull back, then on behalf of the shop, I will not plan to pursue this matter any further. However I wish to request that you severely reprimand the two of them”


“Thanks fer the face. I owe ya one, Manager”


“I thank you for your tolerant measures, Manager. If you are ever in trouble, feel free to call”


Answering like so, the two VIPs who are important even for this country deeply bow and drag along their respective disciples and leave out the door.

No matter what they say, in the end these two probably think their two beloved disciples are precious.

The reason I’m no match for masters who dote on their disciples is because I too have a memory of being helped just like that.


Well I got it cheap, since from this one incident, two prominent members of this continent of Teravick outright stated out loud that they owed me.

Something like this too, is important for the sake of protecting the shop.


Besides, those two are also very much so my frequent customers, as well as a patron to my side business.

Maybe it’s due to their age however they don’t have any interest in our shop’s top 3, one of them favours the oldest nee-san even within our shop, while the other favours our shop’s youngest newbie.


Who prefers what, I probably shouldn’t tell.

Even at that age, or maybe precisely because of their age, their thing becoming unuseable is still scary as expected.


Although they are connected, of course, as patrons to my side business as said, I think that the reason they lost their cool, coming flying in was because they were scared, in the unlikely event, that this disturbance would reach the Owner’s ear through me.


I don’t think that the Owner would get mad over something like this but, in the unlikely event it does happen, it will be the end even if the 「Dragon Killer」 and 「Genius Sorcerer」, well, describe it calmly.

I don’t think he’ll kill them for sure but, they’ll probably never be able to stand on the battlefield ever again.


It seems they partied up with our Owner back in their younger days and they are scared of our Owner above all else.


Seriously, I wonder what kind of person the Owner is.


“Umm…. Manager, are you… angry?”


Miss Ristia, eyes red with tears, tugged on my left sleeve apologetically, looking up at me as she clings on.

I wasn’t angry in the first place but, when she does this sorta act, no matter how mean the other is, no matter how angry they are, they’ll probably end up responding with a sunflower smile, “I’m not mad~”.

Well, this time it wasn’t Miss Ristia’s fault at all though.


“I’m not angry, not angry. Since this incident is completely due to Rajuris-sama and Luzafu-sama’s rampage. Miss Ristia did nothing wrong. Besides, thanks to you, I was able to get quite a big favour from to two VIPs.”


“I did well?”


Showing a smile at my words, she asks happily, hugging my right arm.


“Well, I guess. I suppose it can said it’s because of Miss Ristia”


“Will you, give me a reward?”


Saying so, she closes her eyes and sticks out her tongue slightly.

She sure likes kissing, Miss Ristia.

I’ve actually never done it before but, she badgers me with it at every given opportunity.


“Idiot, isn’t that more like giving me a reward”


Like always, I lightly flick at her beautiful forehead.



“Come on. I’ll even send you your favourite dish to your room later. It’s your well deserved rest day, try to relax. You slept during the day so I think you’ll have trouble sleeping though”


I cast my magic towards Miss Ristia who was sticking her tongue out like a child.

As I cast magic to her, I promise her that I’ll send her, her 「reward」 to her room later.


“Is Manager going to bring it up?”

“I’m busy after all. Someone else will go”



Geez, she doesn’t look like the woman of the night that those two VIPs were scrambling over for at all.

Which is exactly why I think she’s popular though.

Women are to be feared, literally, prostitutes, and even young girls will end up having their moments.

They’re beyond the control of a boring man like me.


Well fortunately, I don’t think tonight’s uproar will get any worse.

The evening is still opening up, however after an uproar from VIPs as big as this, I doubt those other idiots will annoy us much.


It seems tonight will pass peacefully.

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  1. I would’ve opened a Beauty & Vitality Clinic and Spa Resort rather than a brothel if I were him.
    He could probably manipulate the body so you can have the ultimate superpower, eating whatever as much as you want without gaining a single gram.

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      • I know he’s the manager not the owner. What I meant was I’d have opened my own business rather than working in someone else’s. That way he’d gained monthly profits rather than monthly salaries.
        That ability of his is women’s dreams personified.
        Limiting its usage to only girls working under him, is such a waste and a capital offense, no, crime against the heavens.
        Do you know how much we pay for beauty products and treatments every month?!
        And not all of them works, dammit.

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      • I know what you mean. Its better if he open salon and open other bussines than he inherited his owner’s brothel… (better is not something lewd in social story)
        But… its not like he will open a cheap offer who just he ONLY ONE can do that magic you know… Imagine it he Only One in his bussines that he can do that magic… it must be so busy…
        And the worst is he cant pay the owner kindness


      • Yup, it’ll be a pretty high-end facility. Which means exclusive and expensive as hell, but I’ll pay for it if it means I can eat whatever I want (mainly cakes, steaks, and bacons
        lol). I’ll save up money like mad if I have to.
        For all the glorious food in the world!! Hail food!!
        (You can probably drink however many alcohol you want without getting a beer belly too..)

        He’ll reap profits like mad and be super rich yes?, he can pay the owner’s kindness with gifts or something. Letting the “girls” periodically stay at the facility for free, for example.


  2. The author took the last story down? But why?! I was so looking forward to that conversation where the girls are complaining that they still can win from their biggest rival in the manager’s affection — Mr absent Owner-san~

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  3. I like that this is a story with a brothel that isn’t R18+. Even in periods of European history, brothels used to be considered legitimate businesses. Heck, I’ve even owned one in Fable! (lol) It’s a bit curious that he’s not interested in any of the ladies, but I guess it’s his sense of professionalism.

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