Mini-update (Gintama is awesome

TL;DR: Translating is tiring, also been busy rediscovering my gaming and anime side.

Gaming-wise, I can finally play some games so I got around to finding the joy that was Dragon Age: Origins, Banished, and some less joy CS:GO o3o

Anime, really just Gintama, cause that can always make me laugh and holy fucking shit, I’m so glad I stockpiled my episodes otherwise I would’ve gone so mad with the previous arc. But damn the plot is moving fast now, all these fights, man I’m gonna have to rewatch them, too epic!

Translating? Hahahaha… I did like… 10 lines the past week? ˘\_( õ ‹3 ó)_/˘
Hopefully I’ll get a few chapters and might schedule them from now on, although releasing them as I finish is tempting, it does gets on my nerves when I don’t release regularly… despite all i’ve said that i’m only translating out of boredom and what not.

Also I ‘tried’ to make Hamburg… I looked down on cooking :<
Next time I’ll do better.
I yakusoku desu.
Was going to just put the image directly in but then I realised I don’t really want everyone to see my failure 😐

★☆My Friends☆★


“WTF the middle is still raw”

“Uhh… not all of them?”

“Oven time”
★☆My Friends☆★

“;-; Ok…”

On a sidenote, apparently ShindanMaker says that I’m 9000% lewd and 110% waifu material… 😉

17 thoughts on “Mini-update (Gintama is awesome

  1. seems like u re still in this world,great :v
    trans,no doubt,is tiring lol
    i tried trans-ing Shinwa densetsu once n im bored after 1 chap xD


  2. So you just watched the Shogun Arc? Yeah that one was crazy. I accidentally stockpiled episodes while I was busy with other stuff and I was glad that I could get through it in one sitting. But poor Sho-chan

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