Ryouriban – Chapter 39

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18, Princess and Mizuwari (First Half)


It’s Shuri. It’s a Shuraba. (TL: Scene of Carnage)

It seems that right after I thought I could finally return back to everyone’s side, the main culprit was somehow arrested.

Renha Sounity-san.

The mastermind this time, and a Miss Savage who left behind her husband and children and ran away.

And it seems that Renha-san was captured by Princess Tebis.

It appears she is currently inside the underground dungeon, the place that I was locked inside.

Well, I don’t think I’ll go and meet her though. Honestly speaking, to go meet someone who could make such a mess of things would require quite a bit of courage and since they caused trouble to Gann-san and Ekress-san, there’s doesn’t need to be any compassion given her.

So, the problem is the person who captured her.


“Ohh! Long time no see, nou. Shuri!”

“Ah, yes. Long time no see Princess Tebis”


In the conference room are all the commanders, Gingus-san, Ekress-san, and me.

Meeting with us on the opposite side is Princess Tebis, a maid, and several guards.

On this side, everyone other than me had a frown on.

On the other side, Princess Tebis is smiling cheerfully. The others were expressionless.

What is this, I wonder. This difference in temperature. (TL: Can also mean enthusiasm)

It’s like it’s both Summer and Winter here. It’s as if snow is falling, even though the sun is shining down brilliantly.


“Good gracious, that recipe that you had provided us, that curry. It’s still has some way to go before it’s completed but, it’s becoming more and more producible, zo. The current product is also delicious. It’s terrific, no

“Eh, yes. Well, maybe the mixing of the spices is a little bit difficult”

“It’s probably not just a little bit. The imperial chefs in the castle are clutching at their heads, striving day and night to recreate your recipe”

“Is that so. Should I hand over the completed curry powder to you from now on?”

“No no, it won’t do if we are not capable of making it ourselves in the end. It shall affect the honour of the Gourmet Major Power, Newbyst.”



Why is it, I wonder? Why can’t I go along with this little Princess’ high spirits…. Was this girl really such a talkative person?


“Ah right, a dish that combines both Curry and Mapo Tofu is under development, jazo



N-no way? Mapo Curry!?


“It’s a dish that’s both hot and spicy. Although it might appear to be completely spicy at first glance, no. We were thinking, if you would create this supreme dish with us.”

“That’s amazing. Even for me”

“Don’t say that 『You can’t make it』 ok, Shuri? You are the creator of this dish. The truth is that you have the recipe for that inside your head right?”


No way, you’re overestimating me.

It’s true that I knew about the existence known as Mapo Curry. That’s because a long time ago, some Manufacturer from somewhere sold it as some collaboration product.

However I’ve never made it before. No joke.


“I seriously can’t make it. It’s something that I’ve never even tried making before.”

“Hmph. But if I was to say ‘Make it’ then, wouldn’t you make it?”

“Well…. I would need to trial and error it a bit though”

“That just fine. Come with me”

“Princess Tebis. I apologise for interrupting this pleasant conversation piece but, could you perhaps not do that”


The one who said those thorn filled words, was Ganglabe-san.

Underneath that happy expression of his, you could see an obvious irritation.

He probably wants to say something like this, huh.

‘Just hurry up and tell us your terms!’, and such.


“I have been rude, Ganglabe-dono. I’m quite indebted to you for the battle the other day, no

“This is merely another part of our job”

“At the very least, the truth is that it’s thanks to you overcoming that battle, that we were able to stave off that predicament, ja. You are even receiving praise from his Majesty.”

“That is my greatest pleasure”

“If it were not for a fortunate chance upon like this, I probably would’ve hired you fellows already”

“That is, merely a passing thought”

“Indeed, jano. It is worthless. It wouldn’t have happened even if I had asked of it”


Huh? They’re just chatting and not proceeding to the main topic at all?


“I wonder what’s going on, Ekress-san”

“Well you see, Shuri. In negotiations like this, you aren’t allowed to just say what you want right away. If they know that ‘that’s’ what you want then, taking advantage of that is also a role of diplomacy. If we are to say that what we want is Renha’s person then, Princess Tebis would probably attach lots of conditions to us”

“I see”

“On the other hand, if Princess Tebis is to request what she wants then, we can demand Renha… the lady, and be completely done with it. That is what a negotiation is.”

“Oh? In the end, if they have something they want then, wouldn’t it be fine to just suggest that from the beginning and finish this altogether?”

“That would occur in an equal negotiation built upon stable diplomatic relationships and mutual trust. It cannot be said that we and Princess Tebis are on equal footing. It will absolutely proceed in a direction of reducing the other’s request as much as possible before reaching a conclusion that both parties can compromise with.

Especially since we are in the weaker position. We have to reduce their demands”

“Then, isn’t it fine to just say that we don’t want Renha?”

“Yes. In the extreme case that’s what will happen. However our ideals are twofold. We will capture the lady and deliver punishment upon her. Maybe kill the lady by hanging. In any case, as long as the lady can no longer stir up the territory anymore. If we say we don’t want her, it would be terrible if she was to start up something from somewhere. Even though we are finally trying to lead the territory to a stable point, it would be intolerable if she did something strange right?

However, that person is a card of Princess Tebis’. Once she has no more use to Princess Tebis and she was to be thrown away to the side somewhere, who knows what kind of calamity she might bring about afterwards. Which is why, punishing the lady is something we definitely want.”


I see.


“Behind the scenes, something like that is….”

“Exactly. From here on, it would not be good if you don’t focus more on the external affairs as well”

“By the way, what is with those clothes that look half male, half female?”


Currently, Ekress-san’s clothes were clothes which were similar to an interim between menswear and women goods.

The top is like that of a female, the bottom are male-like pants.

It’s a little unbalanced but, somehow goes well with Ekress-san’s atmosphere, and strangely fits her.


“This? It’s because I was raised as a man after all. It’s fine to live as a woman from here on but it doesn’t feel right somehow. I had this tailor made quickly.”

“It looks great on you”

“You’re making me embarrassed”


Ehehe, Ekress-san is slightly cute, laughing like that.


“You over there, what are you talking about?”


Looking over, Princess Tebis seems to be in a slightly bad mood.

Ah, no good. I forgot where I was. Right now, I was in midst of a negotiation in the conference room.



“Well whatever. Shuri is as carefree as ever, jano. You haven’t changed since the first time I met you”

“Is that so?”


I had thought I had become a bit more manly after surviving through various battlefields but… I guess I’m still the same old frail kid….

Man! I think I’m gonna cry!


“However, Shuri. You’ve faced misfortune this time around. To not have changed even within misfortune, I can say that is a strength of sorts”


Eh? Really?


“R-really? Living in a jail was a little harsh though”

“Ohh, that’s right indeed. The reason that I’ve come this time is regarding your circumstances in jail, no


Oh? It seems that the flow of the conversation changed?

Somehow it feels like everyone is glaring at me with hateful eyes though….!?


“Um, you know… Shuri-kun… Even though she said it’s a misfortune, she never said anything about the jail, you know….”




“So? What is that about? Ganglabe-dono, Gingus-dono. The cook that our country is on friendly terms with, had been receiving unjust treatment and locked in a prison. What could you possibly mean by not contacting me until just now?”

“That was, unavoidable for the time. For us to go and contact Newbyst, and considering the time it would take for Princess Tebis to visit practically, it would only be natural that for both Ganglabe Mercenary Corps as well as Sounity to be late.

However, in considerations with the time that it would take for Princess Tebis to come all the way here, it’s actually strange that Princess would actually be this quick though?”

“Is that, suggesting that I had something to do with this incident?”

“No, I did not mean to suggest something like that. However, would it be alright if you were to explain that?”

“We are the ones asking questions here. Don’t you think that answering a question with a question is not merely a poor move facing royalty, but also during a negotiation?”


Guh, Ganglabe-san was made speechless.


“…What does she mean?”

“Shortly put… it’s preemptive negotiation. Using the natural flow of the conversation, Princess Tebis was able to be the first to raise her questions…..

Before, if she was to ask this question all of a sudden then, we could look towards Princess Tebis, the one with control over the lady, with suspicion. Something like, 『Since you were the ones to have arrested her first, doesn’t that mean you have some ulterior motive? Is that why you came to have this conversation with us?』. If we’re greedy about the lady in a poor way then, we would instead be the ones who suffer.

However, if you’re the one to speak of how you had lived in a jail then, she can naturally let out this question. If what Princess Tebis meant by 『Misfortune』 was about you living in a jail previously then we would be extremely suspicious about that. However you ended up saying it yourself.

From here on, no matter how we refute Princess Tebis, she will be able to lead by saying 『Shuri said it himself』.”


Ehhhh? She can take the lead with something as nonsensical as that?


“But, if it’s like that then we can just ask her questions in return”

“Shuri-kun, how would you feel if you were the one asking questions, and in contrast to that, the other party ignores you and comes at you with a different question?”

“Ahh….I’ll be a little annoyed”

“In regards to the art of conversation, speaking ambiguously by answering a question with a question amounts to disrespect. Furthermore, the other party is Princess Tebis. To ask questions without even clearly answering the questions of Royalty is not good during diplomacy. Isn’t that just much too rude?”


“Which is why, earlier Ganglabe-dono was looking for an exit to the conversation by evading her with idle chit chat. However, by changing the conversational point to Shuri-kun, Princess Tebis was able to find another opportunity, and picked at that”

“W-was that my fault?”

“Well, I guess it’s out fault…”


What a blunder. I shouldn’t be in this sort of place in the first place!

Looking at it from here, Ganglabe-san seems to be continuing the conversation with an awkward expression, and compared with that, Princess Tebis is just single-mindedly giving her demands.

It’s a vicious cycle…..it’ll be bad at this rate….!


“….So? Ganglabe-dono. How do you plan on cleaning up after this matter?”

“A major reconsideration over the management system of the territory. And perhaps a reorganisation of the army”

“Is that all? Wutin, bring that over”

“Yes, your highness”


The maid-san who had been waiting next to her, the person called Wutin-san took a step forward.

Wow, such a good-looking person.

A black bob cut do atop her cold looks. She was a maid-san who was shorter than me.

What that maid-san took out was, a stick looking thing covered in a cloth.

Taking off that cloth, a familiar sight was brought in front of my eyes.


“Ah! My knife!”


Yes, there within her hands is my knife. Ever since I had been locked inside the jail I had no idea where it had went, my cooking utensil.

Why is something like that here?


“I see, this was the knife that I had handed to Shuri as expected. Well well, isn’t this interesting, nou


Nn? Princess Tebis’ eyes sharpened?


“Isn’t that right Ganglabe? I had this carved with the emblem of the royal family, and bestowed. Why has something like that, come out from within your storeroom, noja?”

“That is-”

“Ahh, I understand. This was confiscated when he had been arrested right? However, from the time the riot started till now, to leave this alone in the storeroom is somewhat inappropriate.

Don’t you think so?”


N-no good. Somehow, the conversation isn’t going well.

I have to do something to change the flow of the conversation. But, what to do?

My inner heart is completely nervous but, I noticed, looking on the table.

The drinks, have become completely warm.


“Excuse me!”


I had shouted out in the spur of the moment. Everyone here was surprised, and looks at me.

Ugh, it’s tough being the center of attention. Furthermore with these members. My stomach hurts.


“Excuse me Princess Tebis. I apologize for interrupting your conversation.

However, if you would somehow hear me out”

“…I don’t mind, say it”

“It appears that the drinks on the table have become completely warm. I will go bring over some new drinks so, won’t you take a break?”

“Hmm, drinks is it. True, they have become warm due to the continued arguments, no.

However, there is no need for a break.”


Princess Tebis exchanges looks with Wutin-san who was standing behind her and Wutin-san takes out a bottle.

Something that is filled with a deep green liquid.


“I knew that something like this would happen, so I have already prepared drinks. Additionally, this is the best fruit juice our country has to offer. The brand is Nounels. Since it’s such a rare opportunity, I shall treat you all a drink”



I make a face as if I don’t understand, making the others surprised.


“Teg-san, is that really something that amazing?”

“It’s not just amazing, su. It’s a phantasmic fruit juice that even amongst the royalty of this continent, only the most exclusive can consume.

They were on the brink of losing it in the previous war though, su. It can only exist till now because we won that war, su.

Made from a fruit that grows in extremely miniscule amounts within the Holy Forest, crushing all of its skin and fruit, then squeezing it into a juice. That is, something that is filled with all of that juice, su. It has the dense fragrance of the fruit, with a strong sweetness. A most luxurious product, su”


It’s something so amazing it warrants such a passionate speech?

Wutin-san brings forth some fresh glasses, pours that in and distributes it to everyone.

Even I was given some.

The smell is amazing.

Rather saying that it’s sweet, it’s more sour I would say….. But it’s not an unpleasant smell. Somehow, it also has a herbal fragrance.

Looking at the glass, the inside of the glass is already completely green. It’s thicker than Aojiru, but it’s clear. (TL: Aojiru)


“Now, try drink it. It’s a luxurious product even in our country, ja


Hehh, it’s something that good?

I take a sip to try.




Inside the peculiar sweetness and sourness of the fruit, is a bitterness which is just right so that you couldn’t come to hate it. The passing aftertaste is refreshing like a mint, a delicious drink.

Delicious. It’s so delicious but….


“This is amazing, su….!”

“This is my first time but…. This sure is amazing, isn’t it” (Ahrius)

“S’also a first for I. So this is Nonels….” (Cougar)


Everyone unanimously says it’s so delicious. Princess Tebis also made a haughty expression.

But this is…. sigh.


“How is it, delicious right? Now then, there’s no need for something like a break”

“Ah, please wait a moment”


I stopped her immediately.


“What is it, Shuri?”

“No just, could you lend me that bottle for a bit?”


Wutin-san made a suspicious look then looks towards Princess Tebis.


“Fine. I’ll lend it to you”


Wutin-san handed it over to me.


“One thing. That, is precious. Breaking it, is forbidden”


Wutin-san told me with a slightly stuttering voice.


“No, I won’t be breaking it”


As a test, I took a sniff of the smell from inside the bottle.

Yea…As I thought.


“I get it now”

“I see, I see. Not just your tongue, but even your nose understands that it’s something great huh”

“Indeed, I do understand that it’s top quality. However, ah, please prepare some new glasses in the next room, enough for everyone. Also Ahrius-san. If I may have your cooperation.”


Saying so, I jump out of the room, rushing into the next room.

Ahrius-san followed behind me in a fluster.


“What’s wrong Shuri?”

“Ahrius-san. Can I ask you something?”


I asked Ahrius-san one thing in order to confirm something of mine.


“Yes…. magic is indeed capable of doing that as well”

“In that case, I ask of your assistance”


After some trial and error, I returned to the room, having them carry over the glasses that I had finally finished.


“I hath returned forth!”


Princess Tebis makes an inquisitive look as I go back to my seat.


“What did you do?”

“I sorta, came up with something. Now then, please distribute it”


At my signal, the people waiting came in carrying the glasses.

When they had finished distributing out all the glasses to the people present, everyone made a strange expression.


“This is… what is this? Hey Shuri”

“It’s called, Mizuwari”


Yes, what I made was a juice made with Nounels.

In front of everyone is, precisely ‘that’ inside of a glass.

Ice floating, it had been made into a beautiful pale green drink, almost as if it was transparent.


“Mizu…come again?”

“Well, please just try it”


I take the initiative and take a sip.

Yup, it’s delicious.

The strong taste and the minty fragrance have become just right.


“I shall also guarantee this. This is, much more delicious than the Nounels we just had”


Ahrius-san said as such and drank it.

Well, I mean, it’s delicious but… compared with what we just had…

The people who liked it, will probably like the one just now better anyways.


“Hou, you’ve said it now. The Nounels of our country. Luxurious even for us, the Nounels that even I have acknowledged. If you say that it’s of a greater taste compared to that than we must have a taste”


Saying so, Princess Tebis also drank it down with a gulp.

The others too, were drinking it.

And then, everyone was once again surprised.


“Indeed… it’s much easier to drink than the one from before” (Gann)

“That’s true. If I had to say, then I guess I’d like this one better” (Ekress)

“Ore-sama likes the other one better but…. For a palate cleanser, this would be good” (Gingus)


Ohh, I’m getting positive reviews from everyone.

And then, the person in question, Princess Tebis, also opened her eyes wide and was in shock.


“This is impossible…! This is indeed Nounels. Furthermore, it should be something of top quality. But, why is it that this is something greater than even that!?

The sweetness and the sourness are both just right, and there’s no bitterness whatsoever…! The fragrance of the herbs escape through my nose and mouth, with a refreshing aftertaste!

Why!? Shuri, how is it that you are in possession of this type of Nounels!?”

“This is, the Nounels I had borrowed from you just now”


In front of everyone who was in shock, I returned the bottle I borrowed just now.

Even after seeing that the contents had decreased, Princess Tebis still made a face as if she couldn’t believe it.


“That’s impossible! Just what did you add in order to be able to make a Nounels like this!? Did you add some kind of secret seasoning!?”

“No, Shuri didn’t add anything of that sort”


The one who declined that was Ahrius-san.


“Even I couldn’t believe it when I had first witnessed it. I couldn’t even in my wildest dreams believe that by doing something like that, it would create a drink like this.”

“Something like that? It’s the ice huh! That means that the secret is inside this ice right!?”

“No, this ice is, no matter how you look at it, just something to preserve the freshness of this drink.

What was added to this was, “

Taking in a deep breath, Ahrius-san told her.


“Just water”


Everyone here was taken aback by those words.


Yes, that’s what I had thought when I had drank this Nonels.

That it was too strong.

It’s true that it really is delicious. It was just a small discomfort so tiny that you wouldn’t be able to notice it if you weren’t actively looking.

However, once you notice it, you’ll be bothered by it….

For example, it feels similar to Calp*s mixed with the wrong amount of water?

Besides, I had noticed ‘that’ when I had heard the explanation.

A drink that the entire fruit.

In other words, it’s what the society of Earth calls 100% Fruit Juice.

However, although this is delicious, there are some people for which this isn’t palatable.

Why is this? It’s because it’s too strong.

You end up feeling an unpleasant aftertaste coming from the overbearing sweetness.

You can’t state that 100% Fruit Juice is delicious as is.

That’s where mineral water comes into play.

The juice that has been diluted down appropriately becomes delicious and easy to drink just like that.

All I did is apply that logic to the Nounels.

What I had asked Ahrius-san was, 『Can the water made with magic be both clear and drinkable』?

According to Ahrius-san, it seems that 『it can be clear and drinkable but, normal people don’t do it. It’s a waste of magic power』.

Well, since it seems that it could be done, I had her make it along with the ice.


After I had made that explanation, Princess Tebis looks at the glass with a frustrating expression.


“I don’t believe it…. That with just water, it can bring out the taste to this extent….”

“It doesn’t bring out the taste, it removes the taste.

To dilute and lighten what is hard to drink or eat. That is the basics of cooking.

Delicious and easy to eat. That is after all, the principle of cooking”


Once I had explained it like that, Princess Tebis immediately became quiet, looking grim.

Are? I wonder if I had done something wrong….?




Then, Ganglabe-san laughed all of the sudden. Did something happen!?


“Thanks Shuri, it’s a good hint”


Eh? What is?


After that, the negotiations came to a still, and was decided to be deferred for tomorrow.

Ganglabe-san had thanked me but, I wonder why? Even though we hadn’t won.


(TL: Mizuwari it really is just mixing concentrated drinks with water tho)

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