yay rant. update???

TL;dr: I like volunteering and that’s a week of my break. I think I did well in finals. It’s cold and promises.
Also please try my maze game and r8 8/8 (I mean just give a review here somewhere :P) it’s only like 500kbs~

Oh man! I haven’t ranted in a while!

Hello~ I have a one month break~ in which I should be finishing off my resume, applyig nfo’ jobs and code games lol. Or even better create a really good search algorithm and then I can get >$100k said my algos lectuerer. What a great russian he was~ :3

So… the past 3 months I’ve been at uni obviously, which was why I haven’t been churning out chapters. Also translatings hard :c

I can’t type properly rigth now. It’s cold and my hands are shaking.

Ok, so schedule.

You think this is the novel trans schedule? no way man~ this is my schedule.

22nd – Karaoke, 24 someone’s graduating, 25th, 26th volunteering.

27th – Karaoke, 29,30 – Volunteering.

1, 3 July – Volunteering.

Yuo see, i like volunteering, cause it’s fun, and was pretty much my main source of wasting time before translating πŸ˜›

So I’m actually busy. So shush πŸ˜›

Also I’m moving houses relatively soon, and so that’ll be a train wreck~

Seriously the only happy thing that’s really happened recently is my exams~ I finished them, WASSZZUZUPPP!!! And I think I did relatively well :3

There aren’t any subjects in particular that I fear of failing this semester which is a first, I tell you that.

Studied my ass off over the period of a week and a half.

Man I swear I’m going to take photos of my notes and be like, rage! But like a happy rage~

More things I plan on doing:

Doing like some translating stream or just have a google doc where people can comment as i translate or something~ might be fun

Oh right, I’m buying a new computer as well heh… to play overwatch on heh… I got criticised by my friend for buying a $60 game when i have no job heh… ;-;

Man my life is boring. The next thing…

Well to be honest i’m just sad that I can’t release ryouriban faster… i can’t find out what’s going on cause i’m reading as i translate D:

Also holy shit ISSTH is freaking amazing rn like hot damn! Meng hao why u so cool meng~

Also Richard Buckland for life, without him I would not be able to solve one of my questions in the exam and thus ❀ Best lecturer I’ve had. And at this point I realise, awks. You guys have no idea who im talking about. Should youtube him~

Right nex thing: Planning on writing a review about the Grave Robber Chronicles based on what I’ve read. just something silly. And then put all the fan art of the hot guys and attract all the female readers and then my friend will be happy cause more people like the fanbase hah.

If you made it this far you deserve a reward! Since I’ve finally finished my exams. I can finally release this game of mine! Super proud… although our team still only got 11.5/15 for it >< But anyways~ download here

And please please please!!! Give me reviews and feedback ❀


More things I plan to do… go to melbourne and visit friend. Go to friends house and have fun. DDR to have fun and excercise πŸ˜‰

And ab excersices cause I need to get fit~

Also placing this little footer promise. I promise to release ryouriban and isekai brothel within…. im scared… what date should i set…. uhhh a week…? Alright

Within one week there’ll be a ryouriban and brothel. Both of them are at 50% point, it’s just that UchiMusume is so much easier to translate~ It’s easy to read, and I usually won’t get stuck at a sentence for hours on end.

Currently Playing Million Arthur 2, there’s a godzilla event going on hahahaha

Also I need to catch up with novel reading…. *cries*

Man this was a shit rant. I want to cry about everything that happened over the semester.

Ok here we go!

So my 4th level japanese course in uni was absolute pretty crap. Didn’t really learn much at all, so I wasn’t very happy. Easy marks sure, but come on man~ doing the japanese to learn and study :< Computer science is where I just want to pass… mai gawd computer science kills me. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the course, and i love being able to program. But the problem is I can’t program. I’ve been getting carried by my team mates for every single project. And I feel so bad for my OS partner, but he is the best guy ever!

TBH I found this semester quite tolerable. Except Algos is hard. Got 0/10 for the midterms. Hah. Even debated with our russian lecturer and then he explained it to me and I went… oh yea. fuck.

Next semester I’ll be learning C++ rippppp, all these object oriented languages~.

Should also start my criminology minor soon lol….

Gonna just image dump~ πŸ˜› of Million Arthur that is πŸ˜‰

thiefu waifu~

O~ sore ha no sankyuu desu~ πŸ˜€

Should catch up with youtube and sleep….


12 thoughts on “yay rant. update???

  1. T.T
    Sorry, I can’t access your game… Apparently the address is invalid or something…

    Well, I wish you good luck in your life!


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