UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 02

Quick thanks to Flynn for the raws! Didn’t realise it would be released today 😛



[Imgur] – hope it’s fixed…

[Google drive]

& and the zip file~

have fun and enjoy~! …Gotta go sleep now and prepare to umpire some table tennis is 7 hrs kek

Thanks to all the people who shared the first chapter as well :3

But always remember to check the official site and share it and buy (when it comes out heh) and all that cool stuff!

Character synopsis and previous chapter(s) here

Web Novel here!!

Random rant:

Typesetting is hard :L finding the correct font for everything is hard :v
And then at the end i sorta realised that there’s like a super miniscule difference between the characters fonts sometimes… but i’m too lazy and ceebs to find another good font…
Yolo and CC wildwords all the way lol

Also for any ryouriban readers, there’s been a change which i’m going to write a blog post about later

22 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 02

  1. This is way too cute. Over 9000 cute. I thought the LN already was fluffier than a pillow factory’s storehouse, but all those scenes with Latina smiling are just too much for my heart of stone to handle without starting to crack.

    Thanks for translating this!


  2. Hello, I am a representative of the team AkaiYuhiMun (translators of manga in Russian language). We use your translation of the manga “UchiMusume.” to be translated into Russian language. And we would like to ask you (if possible of course) to give us the PSD or RAW scans. Thanks in advance for the answer.


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