Quick Announcement (Ryouriban)

Essentially Ryouriban is caught up right now. But in a not so good way.

The author has decided to rewrite this entire arc “Me and the Bride”, and only the first 6 chapters are the same (i.e. up to the Ladies arc) with some extra edits.

So I’m in a slight conundrum here. I have two choices (and although I’ve technically already decided) but, to either leave it as be (but of course add the stuff he added to the previous chapters) and wait till the next new chapter or to also translate all the chapters he deleted. The latter is my choice just cause it’s some extra story.

So what I’ve sorta decided is to translate the old chapters and when the new chapter comes out I’ll switch my focus to that instead.

For now I need to go back and add some more content into the first 6-ish chapters.


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