UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 03

Thanks to Flynn again for the raws~



and download here

Also the manga’s previous chapters, character introductions and synopsis here

My rant time:

Many spoilers on the net kek

Also I have 3 uchimusume chapters translated but unedited cause right now uni is super fucking busy so uh… yea. I’m constantly translating on transport these days once I go through ISSTH and some others, so maybe there’ll be a massive batch release of like… 10…

Also trying to translate a new short: The Dragon’s Bride 😛

For people who ask me about what happens later on in the novel, I don’t know.
I haven’t even seen the pictures lol, and they’re located on this site.

Anyways back to C++ and python… out

PS: I’m procrastinating with Million Arthur again… rip :v

PPS: Finally caught a dragonite the other day ❤


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