UchiMusume – Chapter 50

Btw something extra, the manga is monthly and next release is scheduled approximately around October 20th? iirc.
Also made a movie this week for a contest kek. Wrote a script on Monday (Super sappy), filmed on Tuesday and Wednesday, Edited Thursday and Friday, and submitted today. Work ethic 😛 (PS: Starring oblueknighto and iFailbot :D)

Youth, Speaking with his Teacher.


“Speaking of which, I hear there was a certain incident that happened in the city.”


“It’s about that child. I hear that it was related to a child from the Demon Race.”

After Dale realised what Cornelio was referring to, he smiled bitterly.

“Sensei truly has sharp ears. Where did you learn about that matter?”

“『Shrines』 have a small world. A scandal like that which people try to cover up, ends up becoming quite well-known.”

Cornelio enjoyed the smell of the tea at ease with a calm expression.

“Furthermore, it was because the one involved was special, so I immediately knew it was about you.”

“…I’ve troubled you.”

“No. I’m not saying this to condemn you. It’s good for those 『shut-ins』 to take a look outside every now and then.”

Dale was greatly thankful at how casual Cornelio referred to it. Of course he didn’t have the tiniest bit of regret for his actions, but it was embarrassing to think that his teacher had learnt of something like this.


“Those 『Priests of Asfar』 who leave for the 『outside』 like sensei, are probably in the minority.”

“That’s not true. There are two extremities to those who belong to 『Afsar』. There are those who seclude themselves, stubbornly dedicating themselves to the teachings of the 『shrine』, and then there are those who, for the sake of pursuing new knowledge, would venture 『outside』”

After saying all that, Cornelio takes a sip of his tea.

“Well. Those narrow minded people who become interested in dedicating their lives to study despite only knowing of the 『shrine』 are probably those who, if chased out of the 『shrine』 wouldn’t know the slightest bit of survivalism. It’s still quite a 『devastating』 punishment, despite only being a side effect.”

In contrast to what he was saying, it seems as if Cornelio was amused.



“….! Latina…. Cornelio-sensei. I didn’t come visit you today just to say hi, I was thinking about having this child learn from you…”


Cornelio also seemed to follow Dale in suit seeing how he abruptly changed the topic like that.


It wasn’t only because he — didn’t want Latina to think back to “that incident”. He never told Latina that he had utilized 『his authority』 to act out revenge on the other person.

She was a kind child.

If she knew that she was the reason as to why someone ended up being hurt, she would probably be extremely saddened. Even if it wasn’t her fault. Even if it was against the person who had harmed her.


If that was the case then, he didn’t want her to know.

It wouldn’t make sense to make Latina upset for someone like that.

To Dale, Latina’s peace of mind was his utmost priority.


Just as Cornelio had stated, those with the divine protection of 『Asfar』 lean towards either of the two extreme groups, 『those who further themselves for the sake of gaining knowledge』 and 『those who obsess themselves with studies for their entire lives in the shrine』.

The latter only know of their world as the 『shrine』. Given that many of them would have been studying earnestly at the shrine from a young age, they don’t know much of the 『world』.

Despite that, if they stayed only within the 『shrines』 then they could probably survive.

However, in addition to losing their 『divine protection』, the 『power』 that they had been using as if it was natural, the 『priests』 who are chased out to live in the 『outside world』 by 『shrines』 are followed by difficulties. Since they had been living a life where they’ve never done any manual labour before.

Even if they looked for a job related to education, there are no employers who would like to hire those that had created a scandal, and as a result, chased out of their 『shrine』.

If this had been for example, someone who belonged with 『Ahdar(The green god)』 then, even if they were chased out from their shrines, they would probably still be able to survive one way or other.


The revenge that Dale brought upon was something, when used against 『that particular priest』, someone who was bound by restrictions, something much, much worse than even torture.


Dale showed a bright grin towards Latina who looked up at him with worry.

“Clarissa-nee’s cooking is only up to here for now, but her tea cakes are famous within the village. Are they good?”


Being a clever girl, she probably understood that Dale didn’t feel like talking about it any further. She didn’t seem like she was satisfied yet, but she obediently nodded for him.

“‘Only up to here’, that’s so mean.”

“I’ll apologise though, if you’ve gotten better that is.”


“Latina might be better than Clarissa-nee when it comes to cooking you know?”


Latina looked up in surprise at Dale who boasted about her all of the sudden.

“Oh my, is that so?”

“I think it would be good if Sensei, you would have Latina make something for you next time.”

“Dale, Dale. Latina, I’m still not ready, you know?”

“Look at that, even though she’s so young, she knows how to be humble! She’s such a cute and amazing girl right?! Coming to sensei’s place to broaden her views is all because I’m thinking for Latina’s sake. So please, I’m begging you, sensei.”


Turning serious, Dale bowed, making a face like that of a 『parent』.

As a result of him living with Latina these past few years, he had completely become the dictionary definition of a 『parent』.

Cornelio smiled with satisfaction at the sight of that.

As one who was being called Sensei, he was happy for his student’s growth.


“We ended up getting some cakes…”

The left over tea cakes were wrapped in paper and given to Latina to hold.

Latina who was carefully, one step at a time, climbing down the slope in front of Cornelio’s house, had a mixture of troubled and glad expressions as she called out to Dale who was walking one step in from of her.

“Was it alright to take it?”

“It’s probably because… You were eating them so happily.”


After that Latina ate some of the cakes that Clarissa freshly baked and smiled so brightly that it made those looking at her happy.

It was a reaction much more than the maker deserved.

“Is it good?”

And to what Clarissa asked,

“Yummy….Super, yummy….!”

The sight of her smiling, grinning face as she happily ate the cakes was a powerful weapon. Even Clarissa, held down her own chest, blushing.

“If the children of this village…. seriously if they were as well-mannered as her then….”


“You can have the rest as well ok? Eat them slowly.”

“Is it ok? Thank you very much.”

Just like that, she got some souvenirs.


“It’s because Latina is cute.”


Tilting her head sideways, Latina may not have realised her own 『charm』 yet.


Even in a large city like Kroix, Latina was a young girl with an appearance that surpassed the masses. She was a beauty this village in the countryside had 『never seen before』.

She’s honest and well-mannered.

Furthermore, she’s a child who eats happily.

Maybe it can’t be helped that you would subconsciously, want to take care of her and feed her.

As a result by the time Dale finished going around greeting people, she was holding a mountain pile of sweets and cakes.


“Latina, you’re not going to have to worry about sweets for a little while huh…”

“Why is everyone giving me so many? Is this alright?”

“It’s fine.”

The two talked as they walked and after coming around in a circle, came to the back of Dale’s home.


The path that stretched into the middle of the mountains, despite being small, had been completely and meticulously repaired. The rays of sunlight passing through the leaves drew complex patterns onto the path as they continued at their casual pace.

Eventually the sound of water reached their ears.

Why something like that resounded in such a distanced location, was understood when they reached the end of the path and their field of view expanded.


A waterfall.

The space which opened up all of the sudden spread out into a semi-sphere shape and, from the bedrock making up the surroundings, countless streams of clear water was flowing down thinly. By itself it made little difference, but the abundance of clear water flowing down the many waterfalls, filling up the basin, gave off a mystical impression.


Latina let out a sigh of admiration and Dale smiled, satisfied.


Dale went up to the edge of the basin, extending his arm out to support Latina since the rocks were wet and easy to slip on.

“It’s amazing. So pretty, right?”

Coming to the edge of the basin, she happily put her hand into the water, and was astonished by the cool temperature. Because all the water here was spring water, it doesn’t warm up according to the season.

“So cold~”

Despite that Latina happily put both of her hands into the spring water once again.

“It’s so pretty! It’s like a 『shrine』 here, right?”


Dale was slightly surprised at that impression of hers.

Next to the waterfall, a small shrine of 『Korumozei』 was set up, but it had a simple and humble appearance.

Despite that however, it seemed Latina was able to see without much trouble that, this was a place 『rich with the power of god』.


“…Do you feel it? Latina, you don’t have a 『divine protection』 right?”

“Un. I don’t. Latina just thought that it’s sort of like a 『shrine』~. Somehow, I get the feeling that it’s more of a 『shrine』 than the 『shrine』 at Kroix.”

“It’s because the 『shrines』 in the city are places where they worship god 『for the sake of the people』….there’s no way that it’ll be as 『powerful』 as the one here.”


“To actually feel it 『somehow』, Latina, you sure are strange…”


Dale smiles as he says those words.

“You might be loved by the 『gods』 huh….”


After those words, he ended up continuing with “You’re so cute after all, alright! It can’t be helped!” and the 『good mood』 which came about somehow was ruined.

All because of his terrible decisions as always.


(Author’s notes: In the reviews, regarding 『that incident’s revenge』, since there were some guesses around, I gave some extra information.

Since the teacher is someone who migrated there, he’s not part of the clan.)

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  1. Thanks for the second chapter. I hope you do well on all your classwork.

    “After Dale realised what Cornelio was mentioning to, he smiled bitterly.” Replace [mentioning] with [referring] since with the original it sort of interrupts the flow of the sentence.

    “There are those who seclude themselves, stubbornly dedicate themselves to the learnings of the 『shrine』,” Replace [dedicate] with [dedicating] and [learnings] with [teachings].

    “The rays of sunlight passing through the leaves, draws complex patterns onto the path as they continued to walk slowly.” Replace [draws] with [drew].

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  2. The first half of the chapter is unnecessary
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    • Eh? Eh? What event are they talking about? I forgot about it already. And since they took out (deleted) the first 25 chapters of the novel I can’t re-read them.


  3. Thank u always for ur great work…

    So, Dale really had made her meet “her hell” huh…
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    — As a result by the time Dale finished going around greeting people, she was holding a mountain pile of sweets and cakes. —
    Latina got her big haul…

    — “Un. I don’t. Latina just thought that it’s sort of like a 『shrine』~. Somehow, I get the feeling that it’s more of a 『shrine』 than the 『shrine』 at Kroix.” —
    Will it become another ability that later Latina mastered?


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