Normally I don’t do updates

tl;dr sorry no updates till ~November 11 😦

cause I usually won’t be gone too long 😉 from bed.

Anyway, I know I disappeared for like 2 weeks or more already but I’m gonna disappear for another month cause uni work is just really too much right now.

After my exams: November 11? I believe? I’ll be starting to study for N2 (cause I didn’t want to study hard) which would probably involve translating everyday. So until then i won’t be updating any novels.

i will still be translating the manga because that doesn’t take too long and cute pictures are nice.

So yea, sorry but there’all be no updates for at least another month.

Have a cake~



9 thoughts on “Normally I don’t do updates

  1. same here i’m study french and i had to leave my updates for every month, when in the begening was 2 or 3 per week…

    so sorry but when i need to do the TOEFL or IETL things will return to normal.


  2. That’s alright real life comes first, especially when it concerns your grades. Ultimately though it’ll end up benefiting us since all that work will help make it easier for you to translate. So we’ll see you when you can make a return.

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