UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 04

Next chapter planned on Nov-22 (Yes it is monthly, i literally translate it on the day it comes out) Thanks to Flynn as always for the raws~

Read chapter [here on imgur]

or download, idk :v

Raws here

Now that all that’s done~

Hello~ it’s me :v Been listening to this song non-stop cause I need someone to like me i guess :c

Also been listening to chinese songs cause ikemen voices come from china too 🙂

I just finished my graphics assignment 🙂 But come on who the hell still uses OpenGL2… #unrelatable, both what i’m ranting about and the software.

Also another thing, if you’re still reading, mind checking out one of my other assignments?  Edit: Fixed the bug!! Sigh… encountered some bugs 😦 You can still check it out if you like, but the site is full of bugs right now… If you have anything to say, do it via the about page please.

It’s called Cloudfic [http://cloudfic.herokuapp.com/]  and I wanted to spam it a little since me and my team spent… well I can’t say it was an insane amount of time, but I think we’re pretty proud of it 😛 (and before you say making a website is easy, it’s not ><, we didn’t know python and learnt it just for this, which is all done from scratch!) It’s due tomorrow, and we want some real user testing i guess heh. So if you feel like checking something out, there’s that.

What else… my first exam starts on Nov 5th, and last one is on Nov 10th. But the same as literally a year ago now (haha sad life, sad me) no job(I do apply you know :v), and continue to volunteer cause why not~ Also got JLPT test in december which i should really start studying for…. not sure if my friend who passed was a genius or my other friends who failed are…. not as genius.

Sigh… finding a bug sure dampens the mood especially when you can’t even replicate it… time to get a new laptop it seems… Yay fixed the bug heh, time to do my Japanese presentation due tomorrow lol…

14 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 04

  1. A bug I saw is on the user page.
    The ‘Last Log In Time’ is rather wonky, seeing how I created an account a few seconds ago, and it’s 4:18am here on the 23rd, yet it displays the 22nd.
    The real problem is how other people can somehow time travel and log in on the 23rd.


  2. Mashed potatoes can give diabetes.

    Proof: Potatoes contain starch, and starch is broken down by the body into reduced sugars. This is then either used in respiration for energy or is stored as fat for later use. But if there is too much sugar (which came from the starch from potatoes), your blood sugar level will increase beyond what is normal, and you will start needing extra insulin to turn the excess sugar in your blood into fat.

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  3. When I was in uni they still taught ‘immediate mode’ OpenGL (although they acknowledged newer opengl), since there wasn’t enough time in the course to teach us OpenGL properly….


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