UchiMusume – Chapter 63

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Been reading up a lot of novels. IRAS is great heh. Also I’ve been feeling lazy :v sorry. Started spirit realm as well 😛 Starting the retranslation of ryouriban current arc. There’s actually quite a bit added, mainly talking more about Ganglabe and Ahrius’ marriage. Gonna take a while.

Youth, Trembling in front of the young girl.


Latina was pouting a little in silence, but it seems she noticed something. Getting down from the chair, she trots over to Dale’s side, faces him and hugged him tightly.

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UchiMusume – Christmas Side Story

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Earlier than expected but I’m stuck on this next chapter so I’ll give this one to you guys instead 😛 See if you can decipher the jibberish heh
Also check out the teaser I translated yesterday 🙂

Side Story, Christmas extra.

(Author’s note: It’s a funny story this time around, so I hope you enjoy reading.)


The last day of the year was called, the 『Holy Night』.

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Crying in the night, unseen. – Chapter 1

A random teaser thing cause I’m not in the mood to finish up the uchimusume chapter.
In other news, I watched ‘Your name.’ yesterday and it was great. The ost is amazing and the story is lovely. Definitely recommend if you haven’t seen it yet.
My favourite song from the movie
Also this story is just a teaser, and although there’s only another 6 chapters, I’m not thaaat interested in continuing it.

Crying in the night, unseen.

A story between a middle-aged woman and a hot young man.
Author: Nakame

Forming tears.


I wonder if I missed the timing to get married.


Or maybe, that sort of timing didn’t exist in the first place.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 43

Finally an update kek. So like I posted before, this story has been restarted from this chapter up. I haven’t read the previous chapters and though I said I wanted to do the old, deleted chapters, that’s difficult :c
I do still need to reedit some of the older chapters though.
btwubbs~ Gyoza is dumpling for u fools who don’t know 😛

Edit: also it seems some chapters got their paragraph stuff erased… what a pain :v wordpress is being a pain

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Chapter 21, A Present and Gyoza (First part)

(Author’s note: Long time no see)


“Shuri-kun. Let’s go somewhere.”


This was, in the morning.

Ekress-san, who had come for her breakfast, said to me as I was setting up the tables.


“You’re probably working all the time right? Why don’t you let your hair down and have some fun?”


Hmm, have some fun, you say?

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UchiMusume – Chapter 62

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Ryouriban is getting delayed rip :v Gonna go volunteering for the next few hours~ cya soon :v Will work on it tonight and aim to finish it… which means there might be no uchimusume tomorrow….

Young Girl, Becoming unpleasant.


“Speaking of which, that’s quite a cute ribbon.”

“Um, you know? It’s a charm. I was told to put it on during our trip.”

Rita stared at Latina’s ribbon which was tying up her hair and asked, and Latina answered happily.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 60

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Volunteering stuff again, quite tiring for this next week. On a side note, I watched Chihayafuru and that was pretty good 🙂 Arata was hot 🙂

Young Girl, Being Fluffed.


“Kenneth, I bought some fish, and spices from Cuvare.”

“Fish…. You mean alive fish? It’s not dried?”


Kenneth looked surprised after checking the bag that Latina gave to him. Although it couldn’t be said that it was the very definition of fresh, but a large fish that didn’t look any different to normal was trapped inside a box of ice.Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 59

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Edit: Thanks to King of the End for the edits 🙂

Young Girl, Going back to Kroix.



When the two of them returned back to Kroix, it was roughly just as they had planned, right after the beginning of Summer, and into Summer itself.



“I’m home!”

Latina hands Braoh’s reins over to Dale and rushed over to 『Dancing Ocelot』 the moment she saw it. Slipping under the entrance of the shop with a face full of smiles.

Rita who was working on paperwork at her usual station, stopped her hands and looked up. Forming a smile with both shock and joy.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 58

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Hey~ just found out I got 100/100 for my c++ assignment😀
Fun chapters are fun and fast😛

Young girl, Saying goodbye.


The finished leather coat, didn’t look much different from before. He had told them several of his demands and had it improved, but the design was more or less the same. And to change this, which had become half of his trademark now, was somewhat embarrassing.

He had seen through his little brother’s wedding peacefully and his goal that he had come for had also been accomplished.

Which basically meant that it was almost time to head back to Kroix.

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