UchiMusume – Chapter 54

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I’m writing this 30min before the next day, but i want wordpress to record it for the next day so…. ur gonna be waiting 😛
There’s a christmas and new year’s chapter next which I’m planning to release on the respective days since they aren’t really related to the main story that much anyway.
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Young Girl, Even More Fluffy Daily Life

The biggest difference between 『Wild Animals』 and 『Magic Beasts』 was whether or not they could use magic.

As time passed, 『Wild Animals』 that learnt how to use magic came to hold a large amount of power. Using the exact, delicate amount of a cry to cause a 『Wind』 magic phenomenon. Strengthening their bodies with magic. Supporting their ginormous bodies which couldn’t be compared with normal beasts.

And since such strange and magical phenomenons were occurring, they started calling them 『Magical beasts』 thinking that 『that(Magic)』 was the cause of it.


And in addition to that, there is an existence above that, 『Mythical beasts』.

Mythical beasts are 『wild animals』 which, not only possess magic, but also possess high intelligence.

Having their own language and culture, it is said that they even have their own independent societies. And they say that some amongst them even understand the human language.


Dale had once faced off with a 『Mythical Beast』.

Mythical beasts, with their high intelligence, can even become one of the 『Demons』. Not as one of their servants but as an 『existence』 which the 『Demon king』 welcomes as one of his followers.


They have ability above 『Magical beasts』 of the same lineage.

Unconsciously, Dale reached out for the sword by his waist.


The other perhaps also noticed Dale’s reaction and with a puff, it’s hair stood on end and entered into a state of intimidation. The tense atmosphere on both sides continued…


“Puff puff?”

Looking at Latina who was hugging and burying herself in a face full of fur sticking out, that atmosphere was broken in a flash.

“What’s wrong? Are you angry? Did Dale do something? I’ll apologise.”


With an obvious huff, the tense atmosphere and intimidation state was dispersed.

Incidentally, the Mythical beast was in Latinas arms the entire time.


“I’m sorry for coming out here to play on my own….Granny said that…. this place is a secret… but Latina is sorry… for coming….”

Latina dropped her head down crestfallen, and the Mythical beast once again shook its tail in an annoyed manner.

“Bully you, beat him up?”

“Dale is just worried about Latina. He’s not bullying me.”

“…so it’s that old bat’s work after all…”

Dale sighed deeply and then once again looked at the beast in Latina’s arms.

“To think that there was actually a Mythical beast so close to the village…”

“Does it not happen much?”

Latina tilted her head to the side.

“Normally….Mythical beasts don’t come near places with humans….”


Latina looked more confused as she tilts her head to the side.

“But this child’s family is living nearby?”


This time it was Dale who called out in shock.

Inside he was shouting with anger. And of course the one he was directing it to was his own grandmother.



As if it was a dog that had been trained well, that Mythical beast was walking in front of Latina a few steps.

As Latina was walking next to Dale, she started revealing what she had heard from Wenn-baa.

“She said that they’re called 『Heaven Soaring Wolves』. And that they live in packs.”

“A pack of Mythical beasts…. Living this close to the village….”

“Granny said that it was a secret reserved only for each generation of clan heads. Your father knows of this as well.”


“She said that York-san is still a trainee of a clan head trainee so, she couldn’t tell him.”

From what he could speculate from what Latina said, it seems each generation of clan heads in Tisroh have had an agreement between the 『Heaven Soaring Wolf』 Mythical beasts.

That was, to not intrude on each other’s territories.

The Heaven Soaring Wolves were not allowed to assault the village and were not allowed to enter either. Whilst the people of Tisroh were also not allowed to enter into the mountains where the territories of the wolves lay.

Heaven Soaring Wolves hunt magic beasts and wild animals as food. There was a lot of those raised in these abundant mountains. It was probably an effective way to avoid having Tisroh being attacked by magic beasts.


That assumption of Dale’s was confirmed by the other.

Latina had called it a “cub”, and it seems that was correct.

The 『Heaven Soaring Wolf』 in front of Dale, easily laid down it’s large frame. The presence exerted by such an enormous carnivore, would probably make a weak hearted person faint. It was a tenacious beast with the flexibility belonging to that of a lion or tiger. If it’s folded wings were to expand out then, who knows how wide of a wingspan it had.

“Indeed. We, the Heaven Soaring Wolves, have a lasting contract with Tisroh since a distant past. For as long as neither side breaks it, it remains effective.”

It smoothly spoke the words of human with a deep and solemn voice.


‘I wonder what sort of contract the past persons of Tisroh exchanged.’ Dale thought of his distant ancestors and arrived at a complicated state of mind. He had never ever heard of anything like this. Having a treaty with Mythical beasts and being their neighbours.


–There was another reason as to why Dale did not want to avert his eyes from this and immerse himself in thought regarding this current situation.




“What about here?”

“I see, it’s not bad.”


Those 『Heaven Soaring Wolves』. Mythical beasts, an enormous rare existence capable of wielding massive power.


However, the sight of them lying on their backs unguarded, and relaxing.

At first, they were cautious towards Dale who they were meeting for the first time, and didn’t act like that.

But then, when Latina took out several brushes from within her rucksack and started to brush them, they slowly changed into that.

(No, normally, wouldn’t it be weird that, a Mythical beast would let someone else touch it’s own body so easily!)

Dale’s retort was held within his own heart.

Maybe it’s because wolves were also canines, but with the sight of them being restrained by Latina’s brushing, making them swinging their tails around, they gradually changed into a position which allowed for her to brush them easier.

Eventually, they arrived at this state.


(A Heaven Soaring Wolf waving its tail around…. A Heaven Soaring Wolf that would roll onto its back…)


This was done without Latina having 『Control』 magic. It was purely from her own talents. (TL: Center attribute just doesn’t really make sense to me now that it’s been explained….)


“Latina…. You’re amazing….”



Latina, forehead sparkling with sweat, turned towards Dale with a curious look at his murmurs.


Furthermore, it seems that 『he』 who Latina had won over, was like the leader amongst the Heaven Soaring Wolves.

This small, young girl had unknowingly, gained a friend who had enough power to fall a city.


“This child is the friendliest.”

The one Latina was smiling and talking to as she hugged it was, the cub that Dale saw before, the child of the 『Heaven Soaring Wolf』’s leader.

Apart from its ears, tail and paws which were spotted with black fur, it’s grey fur was exactly the same as the 『leader’s』.

“His stomach is the fluffiest, nano.

As she says that, she snuggles up unguarded towards the giant carnivore’s belly. 『He』, who is technically the leader of the 『Heaven Soaring Wolves』, completely approved of the bold actions of that small, young girl.


In a certain way, the way how Dale was reacting, looking on with distant eyes, unable to accept the reality, could be considered an extremely normal reaction.


And the sight of that grandmother of his, the one who orchestrated this spectacle, holding onto her sides, guffawing at the outcome of putting Latina out there, and that being above and beyond her assumptions — easily floated up into his mind.



“I like animals but, I don’t really get along with cats, you know?”

On the way home, Latina says and looked up at Dale.

“I go up to them and I want to get along with them, but they always run away, nano.

“I see….”

“I like petting them, nano. They’re so soft and feel so good.”

“….I see….”

The scene of the young girl playing around with animals — It should have been a charming scene, but anyone who honestly believes that would probably be 『Abnormal』. No matter what it is, it’s not good if you go too far, thinks Dale, who up till now was still half turning away from the truth.

“Even though I’m already getting along with all the dogs in Tisroh.”

“….I see.”

He had been hearing  that from her the entire time, but the fact that the situation had been quite a fair bit off from what he had been thinking, made him sigh deeply.


(Latina, will probably continue to grow from nowon…)

Even though it wasn’t how he thought it would be, she seems to have potential.


(Author’s note: With this the fluffiness will end.

Next chapter, there’s gonna be a little bit different.

Thanks for always reading.)

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