UchiMusume – Chapter 55

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I’ll just try to be fast lol… ryouriban is long as usual so maybe next weekend??

Young Girl, In the village decorated with flowers.


Dale’s brother, York’s wedding was approaching and all of Tisroh was feeling somewhat restless.

This village, out in the countryside, didn’t have many forms of entertainment. Which is why a big event, outside of the norm, would be a 『Ceremonious Day』 bringing all the villagers together.

Furthermore, the main lead this time was a person from the head of the family. It was obvious it would become a grand event.

Every family in the village, were airing out their best clothes, starting to prepare for gifts, which in turn lead to an atmosphere of brilliance that could be felt floating in the air.


Latina’s best clothes was a modification of something from Dale’s home.

Originally, she wouldn’t normally fix them up, and would try to adjust based on her body’s changes and growth. So although the blouse was changed quite a bit to look more formal, everything else was just shortened slightly.

With a prick, prick, prick–.

Latina, innocently weaving her needle, was in Wenn-baa’s room today as well.

At night she would either be in Dale’s room or spend it in the living room, but during the day it seems she’s adjusted so now she normally stays in either the kitchen or this room.

Incidentally, right now, Latina sleeps by herself in the room next to Dale’s. She would move over to her room right before she would sleep, and had established a lifestyle where she would fall asleep in 3 seconds.



“Let’s see now…”

With a pleasant face, Latina showed Wenn-baa the skirt that she had finished sewing. Wenn-baa checks her sewing work and with a hmm, gave her a pass.

“Not bad.”


“Yes. Who taught you this? It probably wasn’t my stupid grandson right?”

“It was my friend’s mum.”

Latina smiled nicely with pride as she had her hair ruffled up.

Wenn-baa pampers her and in a certain meaning, was more lenient than even Dale, but she was someone who was strict when it came to it.

Dale would basically praise anything she did. With applause. That in itself made her happy, but it seems that Latina, overflowing with ambition, was happier to hear praise from Kenneth and Wenn-baa who had stricter qualifications for a passing grade.

She was a child who wasn’t arrogant, and could pass down level headed judgement.


“How’s the bride coming here?”

“After coming up from the lower villages, they’ll borrow a house near the entrance of the village and start the preparations. We have our own way of doing things here. Since she’s going to be becoming a part of our family, they must stick to our ways of doing things.”

“Oh that’s right. I saw it once at a Korumozei(Orange god) shrine in Kroix.”

Latina traced her memory back and looked a little distance away.

The main deity of the country of Raband is 『The Red God (Ahmar)』, but since 『Korumozei』 is said to be the god that governs over good harvest, it was also the god for prosperous children. Because of that, it can also be considered the god that governs over childbirth and marriage.

Even though there aren’t any priests with divine protections here, that was the reason why almost all the villages and towns were preparing objects of worship for Korumozei.

There was also a wedding establishment.

“It might be a little different from the ones in the city.”

“I’m looking forward to it!”

Latina looked happy as she brought the skirt that had received a passing grade towards her chest.


Tisroh has a unique culture.

Not just their customs, but even their clothes reflected that.

On the hems of their thick skirts, an embroided decoration ribbon was sewn on. And apart from during the ceremony, it was common to wear an apron on top of that.

Both the men and women wore a vest on top of their blouse or shirts, and wore a sash which had been decorated with delicate embroideries making it look formal.

Since they were citizens who worship the god of the land, the embroideries on their formal clothes were obviously designed with flowers in mind. Since they weren’t things which could be done in a day, there were hand me downs in each family, and mothers who would spend a long time to finish up one for their child.


It seemed that just putting on clothes that she wasn’t very used to, was one of her joys. She was a 『Girl』 who liked dressing nicely.

“Does it look good on me? It doesn’t look weird?”

“It’s because you’re so cute Latina-chan. It looks fantastic.”

There wasn’t a great difference in that comment when it came to the grandmother and grandson.



“Latina, you’re so cute~”


“When you wear our clan clothes, it makes it look so special~”


“You look more like the main lead than the bride herself~”


“Stupid big brother of mine and granny. Both of you should stop.”

It was finally the wedding day when York had retorted at the grandson and grandmother mutual comrades.


Latina was wearing a full set of Tisroh clothes that she had fixed up herself. Furthermore, to make it stand out further as formalwear, there was a large gemstone brooch attached to her chest. For a clan of craftsman like Tisroh, jewelry was something they were familiar with. Obviously, that was something Latina borrowed, but it was magnificent, and fitting of the head clan.

Unwedded men and women were further decorated with fresh flowers. Most of the women stuck it in their hair, whilst the men put it in their hat. The difference between those who have yet to wed and those already married can also be seen in the sash wrapped around their waist. Those yet to wed have a flower design, while it was decided that those already married had a fruit design.

The main lead of today, York, from just the look of his clothes themselves, didn’t look much different to the rest of the men. Having jewellery to keep the stole in place, as well having a knife on the waist was fitting of Tisroh’s style.

The only thing that would let you know that he was the main lead today, was the pattern on his sash. Only the groom would have that design, of both a flower and a fruit, sewn on.


“You still only have a 『flower』 huh. You’ve been beaten to the punch by your little brother.”


Referring to the brother of today’s lead, Dale, who was receiving congratulations today.

Latina was so cute, to the point he started saying doting parenty stuff.

She looked particularly beautiful with a fresh flower in her platinum silver hair. And even though you could say that it was due to the unfamiliar clothing of the Tisroh people, she still gave him a fresh sense of surprise.

“Dale is cool as well.”

“Although it’s sad I’m still just a 『Flower』.”

They were only able to chat casually until the ceremony began, and then once they head a bell-like sound ring to announce the other’s arrival from afar, the atmosphere completely changed to a slightly nervous one.


The one who rung a bell signalling their arrival as they walked, was the bride’s family.

Those people, being unfamiliar with the traditions of Tisroh, looked extremely nervous and responded with an awkward shaking of the bell, as they were greeted by the people of Tisroh on the sidewalks of the street scattering the path with petals.

Wedding ceremonies could be held without a problem in all seasons except when they were shut in by the snows of winter, but as one would expect, having a ceremony in spring is the most brilliant. In this time of the season when they are genuinely welcoming the arrival of spring, there were a lot of flowers in full bloom, and thus there were also plenty of petals which could be spread out to account for their happiness.


Once the announcements arrived in front of the groom’s family, the ringing of the bell sounded even louder. And at this time, when the family of the groom came out, Latina opened her eyes widely, seeing the vivid path drawn in the center of Tisroh.

Yellow, red, pink, white…. And when the light and dark shades of colours blend together, it couldn’t be described in such simple words, and with the plethora of hues, the path that the bride will pass through, had been repainted over.

As the wind blows up the flower petals, a sweet fragrance wafted into the air as well.


“So pretty….”

A sigh left her as her gaze was drawn towards a certain direction.

The men of Tisroh held up an ornamented seat hanging from rods, which was where the bride was sitting.

The bride, decorated with extravagant ornaments and beautiful clothes with complex embroideries, was wearing an orange hat on her head. The colour of Korumozei. It was also decorated with an abundant amount of fresh flowers.

Swinging side to side. The palanquin the bride was riding in, continued into the path of flowers.

From behind, several people dressed in clothes different to that of Tisroh’s, continued through. Probably the family of the bride.

“The bride…. Is so pretty….”

Latina’s cheeks were dyed in shades of rose colour, and looked over with a gaze of admiration.


Speaking of Dale, he was slightly projecting himself onto the 『Father of the bride』, who was behind the bride, looking joyous because as their village head, it was an auspicious event for their village to have a wedding ceremony with Tisroh, and yet as the 『Father of the bride』 he had a complex look on his face.

(What would I do if Latina ended up yearning to be a 『Bride』? If she was to bring home some random dumbass from off the streets and say that she was going to marry him then, I probably wouldn’t mind literally making him a part of the streets. At the very least, I won’t allow for it, if that someone wasn’t at least better than me. But, if I was to be against them then, that in itself would probably make Latina hate me.

What do I do. I’m gonna cry.)


“Why are you making that face?”

Randolf’s retort hit him right where it hurt.


The bell that the announcer was holding was accepted by Randolf, and they both greeted each other with a bow. The gates were thrown open and the palanquin the bride was on, was lead inside into the family of the groom.

There wasn’t a trace of dirt on the cloth shoes that the bride was stepping into the manor with. For Tisroh, the land was a frightful being, as well as a god. This chain of ceremonies was so that the bride was able to be safely escorted all the way to the groom’s house without being snatched away by the gods.


After that, the banquet began.

In front of the newlyweds who were next to each other on a platform, the villagers came by one by one to express their blessings. The adults would bring a celebratory gift, but apart from them, everyone else came bringing a ring of the flowers.

Latina was also holding a peach-coloured flower in her hands, shyly greeting them.


The bride received the flower that was handed to her, responded with a tense smile then placed it on top of the stand behind her. Which, as if evidence of the great number of people who had come by, was piled up to the point of almost overflowing.


Finally, offering these flowers — the proof of the blessings from their surroundings — before the altar of Korumozei, signalled the end of the ceremony.

In Tisroh’s culture, flowers were regarded extremely important.


(Author’s note: Im still busy with various things, and i can’t say that the update rate will go back to normal but, at the very least I’ll release every saturday)
(TL: maybe i should stop confusing people with these author’s notes lol)

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