UchiMusume – Chapter 65

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Young girl, Seeing the Rose-coloured Princess


In the end, Latina lost against the temptation of being able to buy and eat immediately. It seemed like her decision to moderately restrain herself in the day and eat delicious foods at night was as painful as torture once she noticed the various fragrances wafting about here and there.


Right now Latina was chew, chew. Chewing into a skewer of small shellfish with all her might, which was also one such dish. This normally well-mannered girl, seemed incapable of eating while walking. And, looking in from the corner of the street, she was having a real scuffle with its chewiness.

“Latina. I’m going to eat the rest.”


Since she had a mouthful of shellfish, Latina shook her head as reply to Dale. Her stomach capacity would probably already be quite full from just that one skewer. That would destroy the fun of this 『eating tour』 by half.

Latina was shocked to see Dale easily swallow up the shellfish that she had been at battle with, and was still chewing at.


Given that the marketplace the two of them were going around this time, was the same seafood stores as the last time they casually strolled around, their interest was slightly altered this time.

There were a lot of travelers in Cuvare. And amongst them, a considerable few coming for sightseeing. Because of that, there were many businesses that target tourists. The specialty of Cuvare, the seafood stands, was probably one of those businesses as well.

“Want a drink?”


Kokun. Taking the nodding Latina by the hand, he went towards the nearby stand with foreign fruits lined up. It was juice from an unknown fruit, but it was much more refreshing than he had thought as he gulped it down. Dale handed Latina’s drink to her, as he drank his own. A gulp came from her throat, as it seemed that she was finally able to swallow down the shellfish she had in her mouth.


It looked like she was just going to take a breath, but it seemed a sound louder than she had imagined rang out. Latina covered over her mouth as if embarrassed and looked up at Dale.

“It was tough.”

“That’s true. There are different kinds of shellfish, I think the wine steamed ones over there are softer. Want to try some?”

“Un. It looks good.”

On the next ones they purchased, the shellfish steamed in wine that gave off a garlic scent, Dale considered buying ones with alcohol instead of the juice. You wouldn’t find it in Kroix, but it was the standard snack in areas near the sea.

Being astonished by Dale picking out the meat from within the shell and eating it, Latina soon quickly started to imitate him.


The umami coming from the meat as she chewed on it, filled her mouth. The garlic flavour wasn’t too strong either, and it acted as a great highlight. Huff, huff. She opens her mouth, eating the still hot shellfish.

“Let’s take a look at some souvenir stores and we’ll have another bite if something special comes along.”

“Un. Having food like this is fun too~”

Latina smiled, truly having fun as she had her meal.


A souvenir store targeted for tourists was right ahead of the stand street.

It was a store which had an assembly of various accessories and such from foreign countries. There were also stores set up which had miscellaneous goods from Raband for foreign citizens and other tourists.

“In front of us are where the more high class inns are after all. That’s where foreign merchants and other prosperous citizens stay.”

“Is that so.”

“There are rarely even any nobles, actually well, I guess there are some low level nobles. And aside from stocking up, there will also be customers who say they want gifts or unusual items.”

“It’s fun peeking at the shops in the marketplace, but it’s also fun to look at all the shops lined up here.”

In order to prevent the exhilarated Latina from going all over the place as she pleased, Dale firmly held onto her hand.

“Since there are a lot of people who get excited like this, there are also a few pickpockets around.”

Having his finger being pointed towards her, Latina made an expression as if saying, “Oh no!”.


It was after they had been looking through several stores already, when they had just chosen an alcove for Rita’s souvenir, that it got somewhat noisy outside. Noticing the commotion, Dale and Latina exchange a look before heading outside, going towards the buzz.


Following the stares from the crowd, was a gorgeously dressed young girl.

Seeing what seemed like bodyguards and an accompanying maid, they could tell that she was a lady from quite an important family.

However, unseeming from someone of noble lineage, she was treading lightly, looking into the shops while walking. Looking as though she was playing a prank.

She was at a transition period where she still had traces of youth and using 『Young lady』 to address her was still appropriate. Her slim body dressed in an outfit that gave off a pure impression, though it was a bit short to be called a dress. Furthermore, with her tightly fit leather boots giving her a hardened look, she wasn’t one of those sheltered noble young women.

Her charming looks, constantly changed seeing each item. She was a young girl capable of captivating the public.


“….It’s the 『Rose Princess』.”

Hearing Dale absentmindedly mutter that, Latina tilted her head in puzzlement.

“Dale, someone you know?”

“Ah, no. I’ve never met her. Although I have heard of her…. But, there’s no doubt about it. There’s no one else… with that hair colour.


It wasn’t only due to the young girl’s beauty that she was attracting the surrounding people’s gaze.

Her bewitchingly sparkling hair, containing the sunshine — the sections hit by the light, shine with a pale pink, and the sections cast in shadow, further into a deep rose pink — was a vividness people could never obtain.

“…..Magic materialisation?”

The one who said that, was the small girl.

“You know your stuff… did Cornelio-sensei teach you that?”

“Un. Sensei told me. Even where Latina was born, there were people who had 『Magic Materialisation』. He said that 『Magic Materialisation』 comes easier for those from the Demon race.”

“Also, if you’re talking about the races then, it comes out often for the Fish Scaled race as well. Those from that race have strong water magic after all.”

“People who are born with strong magic have bright and pretty hair or eyes, right~.”

“….Is your hair different Latina?”

“My magic isn’t very strong. Latina’s hair is the same as Rag’s. It’s inherited.”

Latina replied quickly.


Similar to how wild animals with strong magic will transform into 『Magical beasts』, becoming incomparable threats, 『Magic』 influences many a phenomenon.

What people call 『Magic Materialisation』 was the vivid hue that stands out for Humans who are born with strong magic.

It often manifests in the hair or eyes, but sometimes it would even affect the colour of one’s skin.

It would be a colour completely different from the genes passed down from a parent to their child, or grandchild. Rather, the colour would be of a bright pigment that 『a person』 could normally, not ever have. That is the phenomenon known as 『Magic Materialisation』.


The 『Fish Scaled Race』 that Dale had given as an example, was a race that excelled in water magic. Which meant that a lot of them had blue or green hair.

The 『Demon Race』 were also prone to Magic Materialisation.

This did not mean that everyone with strong magic would have brilliant hues. It was expected that there is a huge difference between the races. For the 『Human Race』, it was 『A rare occurrence』.


“Even though she’s called the 『Rose Princess』, she is the princess of the local region. In terms of ranks, her family wasn’t that high.”

“What a pretty colour.”

“True, it should have manifested in her eyes as well. Indigo…. A symbol of the God, to which her 『Divine Protection』 belongs to…. She is a high rank priest of 『The Indigo God (Nili)』.”

“…..Dale, you sure know a lot about her.”

“She’s my friend’s acquaintance. Besides, I heard some stuff about her just from rumours.”

A picture of his overly serious friend popped into his head. ‘Alright, the next time I see him, I’m going to thoroughly tease him about this.’ He decides in his heart.


“Anyway…. Latina, do you know your magic capacity?”

“I can’t say for sure. But you know, Rag was good with magic. But, he often said that he didn’t have that much magic. Rag told me that we were the same in that sense.”

『Rag』 should be, if Dale remembered correctly, Latina’s father. Perhaps her excellence with controlling magic was something inherited from her father.

(That might be how it was…. No matter how ‘clever’ she is, Latina was so small before she met me… if there was a master who taught her healing magic and basic magic control then….)

That person was most likely quite strong.

“….Did your village have anyone who experienced Magic Materialisation? What were they like?”

“….Purple hair.”

At Dale’s casual question, Latina muttered as a response, with a slightly quiet look, like that of an adult.

“It was really, really, pretty purple hair.”

As if she was looking off somewhere, far off.



“I’ve heard about the 『Rose Princess』. That she possesses a powerful divine protection belonging to 『Nili』, and can heal severe injuries that even normal healing magic cannot.”

The one snapping her jaws at the topic of Latina seeing the 『Rose Princess』, was Silvia. Latina and Chloe nodded with a ‘Hehhh”

“So lucky~. I really do want to go traveling too….”

Hearing Silvia mumble that, spellbound, Chloe and Latina smiled at each other bitterly.

It was then,


A loud, hysterical voice sounded. They all look over, seeing the owner of that voice standing, delighted, unable to hold back his surprise.

“Long time no see, Rudi.”

“Yeah. Latina, when did you…..”

“The teacher’s here, so let’s talk later.”

Latina was smiling as well, but there was an extremely large divide between the two’s excitement.

Furthermore, with the sentence she casually added, Rudi stiffened and the people around him couldn’t help letting out a sigh.


Rudi was just like before, not quite getting the knack of these things.


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