Isekai Brothel – Chapter 4

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Fourth Story, Lady Lunamaria’s Circumstances




One of the top 3 within our brothel “Papillon’s Somnium”.

When I had become the manager of this place, the top 3 had already been established, but I heard that Lunamaria was the oldest since even back then.


Both Lady Rola and Lady Ristia, essentially listened to Lunamaria’s orders.

Although there are several ladies who are older than Lunamaria, if we leave the Owner out of the equation then, you could probably say that she was the leader of this store, rather than me.


There were no faults on her whole body which seemed to shine with an elusive gloss, in addition to her silky golden hair.

On top of that, she had heterochromia, with the same goldenness from her hair residing in her right eye and a red like that of the Gren Royal Family mixed with purple, in her left.


On her child-like figure, were large breasts unproportional to her figure.


Because of her constant confidence, she is often judged to have a strict looking face, but she most likely puts up that face on purpose.

I like the ones who have a vivid, lively will, but that face of hers when she goes expressionless all of a sudden, or her sleeping expression when she would fall asleep on my chair no matter how many I times I tell her to stop, was so beautiful it gave me the shivers.


Even a crude person like me, would think like that every time the moon passes a cycle.

Those Perverted Bastards have their souls sucked out of them, so much so that they well up even after they are swept away and thrown away. Well, I can only praise it.


The rumour that her technique is amazing was mostly a rumour anyway.


“Ahh, Your Highness, Princess Silveria. I sincerely apologize, but could we have this talk another day? And I would be very grateful if you would take away Princess Karin who’s twitching over there.”


“….Y-yes. However, I was serious about what I was saying before. For me, Manager is….”


The last part of that was nothing more than a mutter and I couldn’t make it out.


Some kind of playful and strange conditions were brought forth though.

If I was to forcefully become the princess’ royal consort, Princess Silveria would probably torment herself in thought, understanding that there would be no way the world she wishes for would come to being.


But I wonder what Her Highness, Princess Karin came here for?

Before she could even finish her very first words, she became Lunamaria’s prey.

There’s no way she could’ve gotten used to it, and came here to get tormented right?


For the big sister to be a Princess stuck in her dreams, and the little sister, a masochistic pervert, wouldn’t there come a day where His Highness goes bald?


“She’s come again huh, this Princess. I’m bored of her.”


Lunamaria muttered as she sent a sideward glance towards Her Highness, Princess Silveria who was leaving the room, depressed.


“No, before that, the problem is you, Lunamaria. Why did you come into my office at this time? What about today’s customer?”


“He’s sleeping in the VIP bed. He won’t wake up until morning.”


Lunamaria wouldn’t take customers into her own room as well.

Now that I think about it, none of our top 3 take customers into their own rooms.

Actually, with what our Top 3 earn, they should be able to set up an appropriate mansion inside the Kingdom, but instead they continue to live in the most elite rooms available ‘here’. That’s also strange.


“What, you’re saying they fell asleep? They bought you for a night….”


Because you’re doing a job, you should do it right.


Even if they’re sleeping, for the time that they bought you for, you should stay by their side and be next to them once they wake up.

That’s why the customers spent that much money to ‘buy you for a night’.

It doesn’t matter if they’re perverted or not, they followed the rules and paid the money so, we should also uphold our rules.


Something like this should be obvious though, for Lunamaria.


“I got permission. It was fine to just sleep for today, and that it was fine to leave, you see.”


“Today’s customer is….”


I had a few ideas about which customers would take a ‘Gamble’ like this.

On today’s reservation list, if I recall, Lunamaria’s guest is….


“His Highness, Prince Gaius.”


That’s right.

The hero of the ‘Tsunami Campaign’ that gathered up allied forces from all the countries and ambushed the Monster plague two years ago.

For three days and three nights, he desperately defended the gate of Azgalt Ravine by himself. Well, he was a kind of beast.

Although it was only three days and three nights, but all of the monsters he was fighting were Dragoneels and in the end, he felled the weakest of the “Eight Great Dragon Kings”, the “Water Emperor, The Glacius”.


That guy can’t be considered a person anymore.


“Don’t crush the Hero of the country so early in the night.”


Don’t just carelessly make someone who’s endurance was above the limits of humanity, fall into a sleeping coma until morning.

It’s ridiculous to even consider the reason to be solely due to alcohol.

Isn’t it almost like her techniques are verging on magic?


“The battlefield and bed is falsely similar, that’s why. This is what happens when I’m serious.”


Don’t stick out your large breasts.

Don’t just shake them for no reason.

Although you can say it’s unavoidable because it’s a business, the outfits you girls wear are poison for the eyes.

It’s marvelous, but it strangely stirs up vulgarity moderately.


Lunamaria probably drank as well, I could smell a faint alcoholic scent.

Actually, taking a closer look, she looks a little drunk.

How rare.


“But well, yea, that’s how it is. To go at it nonstop for 3 days and 3 nights, to sink a man who has laughed in the face of death before even an hour has passed. Aren’t you the real monster here, Lunamaria?”


“Do you want to try me? Even though I act like this, I’m quite docile in bed, you know?”


Well, you do look quite cute if you shut your mouth and just stand there like that.


It really is rare that she’s drunk though.

Rather, she said something really annoying again.


“Stop it. I don’t want to die from exhaustion, and I definitely don’t want my soul to be taken by you.”


“How stubborn.”


Be quiet.

Saying so I briefly cast my unique magic onto Lunamaria.


“Ahh, you ruined it, even though I was finally in the mood and got drunk.”


My unique magic, has an inconvenience, it basically reverts one’s condition back to default so, it doesn’t work well with alcohol or medicines.

On that note, if it was cast on two people who were getting in the mood in a room wafting with incense then, it would be a terrible mood killer.


I felt bad for Lunamaria who was giving a look like she was reluctant to stop being drunk, but there was no way I wouldn’t cast my magic on a lady who had finished their hard work.


If we had time after this then, it would be alright for me to go drinking with her as well.


After midnight, the job also calms down, Lady Rola would probably be finishing up around then.

Lady Ristia is also free tonight.

It might not be bad for the four of us to drink altogether. It’s been a while.


Normally, to wait upon our shop’s top 3 and drink with them, just that would be considered throwing money away, but I could probably accept something like this as a benefit of the job.


“So? What happened after winning over Sir Gaius?”


I can imagine but, I’ll ask first.


“Same as always. He told me to quit and marry him.”


“They never learn, not even Sir. He’s really fallen for you huh, Lunamaria. How many times has it been now? This kind of game.”


This wasn’t limited to just Sir Kaius. There were a lot of customers like this.

Lunamaria plays a game, and Lady Ristia makes a troubled expression, causing the customer to behave strangely and back off, while Lady Rola laughs it off and makes a serious face as if saying they’re annoying.

None of them succeeded in shooting them straight down, but there were a few of them who were so serious that you can’t just laugh it off.


If one day, these three come and say to me “I’ve decided to be with this person”, I would definitely feel extremely lonely.


It isn’t like me, but that’ll probably be how I see it.


“I can’t keep track of that. Well, it’s not like Manager can make fun of anyone either, right? How many times has it been now that her highness, Princess Silveria has come here saying that she has something to say? Tonight she had even completely rid her status and seemed to have come saying something like a marriage proposal.”


She pointed out the earlier conversation.


“Ahh, that thing. I seriously wonder what she’s thinking though.”


It’s true that we, “Papillon’s Dream” is the number one brothel, but a brothel isn’t a place where royalty can just come waltzing into in the first place.

It’s also true that thanks to our first-class ladies that, we also attract first-class clientele, however royalty is still too farfetched no matter how I spin it.

Furthermore, ignoring Sir Gaius for now, Her Highnesses, Princess Silveria, and the one always sticking to her, Princess Karin, are both women.


“A Royal prince saying he wants to accept a prostitute as his legal wife, and a Royal princess who wants a Manager of the brothel to become her royal consort, is this country alright?”


“You said it.”


I sigh as I smile unconsciously at the doubt Lunamaria expressed.

Well, maybe that’s exactly why this is a country that’s easy for people like us to live, here at Gren.


“I say, Manager.”


“What? Why are you being so formal?”


Without any sense of drunkenness, she looked straight at my face with her clear, normal eyes.


This woman’s eyes are really massive.

They seem like they’ll suck me right in, but seeing my face reflected in her golden, jewel-like eye and her red-purplish eyes, always ends up making me laugh.


“I-isn’t it rude to laugh when you look at one’s face, Manager. And to even laugh after closing in like that…”


“Sorry, my bad. I mean, it didn’t mean anything….”


For someone like Lunamaria who accepts it as normal for most men to look down towards her lips when she looks straight at them, it was probably humiliating to be laughed at a face-up.

Lunamaria, someone who was usually coolheaded, turned red as she protested.

I couldn’t stop laughing seeing how cute that was.


“Well, let’s drop it. This is how Manager always is. It’s fine for you to laugh.”


“No, seriously, I’m sorry. Un, I’ll listen properly. What’s up?”


You wouldn’t think she was an experienced prostitute at all.

Looking at her like this, being angry and pouting, she was no different to all the little girls around the place.


“It’s already been awhile since you’ve come here Manager. We’re thankful for you, but what do you think of all this Manager? Aren’t you disgusted to be taking care of all of us, day in day out?”


“What’s with that? It’s not like you. I’m being the Manager because I like it, don’t worry about weird stuff. It isn’t that all that bad to spend the noisy nights with all of you, you know?”


It really is an unusual topic that she’s brought up.

Of course there’ll be times when it gets annoying, but I’m acting Manager because I like it.

There’s no doubt about it.


“Really? Just like when you came here for the first time, honestly, weren’t you longing to be an adventurer or something?”


“Don’t say that. I was young back then. I don’t think about that stuff anymore. Just the fact that a useless and specific magic like mine is helpful to you girls makes me happy. It’s true.”


Don’t dig up my dark past like that.


It’s true that when I came here for the first time, I had admired that and had a moment where I despised my unique magic that was completely hopeless for that sort of job.

All the more since the Owner was, as I mentioned before, a “Magician”, someone I had admired….


Well, I really was just a kid back then.


“You’re not lying? Then I’ll believe you.”


“Ahh, go ahead and believe me. Why are you acting like such a little girl? It’s not like you.”


Don’t make such an anxious face, looking like you’re a small girl who was being hated on by her parents.

It doesn’t suit you.

Seriously, what’s going on tonight?


“T-there are nights too, where I feel sentimental. Like when I think about happened earlier….”


“Is that how it is….”


Well, the time has definitely passed and everyone ages.


Even though right now she was transitioning from her spring to summer, where she is being pampered and spoiled by men, Autumn will one day come, and Winter will arrive.

Even though she rejected him, it probably can’t be helped that being proposed to makes her think about various things.


That’s what being a prostitute brings about.


On the contrast, it’s strange that these girls are not jumping onto the so called “Golddigger” bandwagon, and going famous.


“I’ve got it Manager. Why don’t you take me as your bride? I’ve earned more than enough and, I think it’s okay to marry Manager.”


“Now there, isn’t that quite the demanding marriage proposal. But I guess I can see it, I doubt that we can let our greatest breadwinner to marry someone in my position. At the very least, there won’t be any way around that unless I quit.”


She’s talking nonsense again, this person.

I hope she wasn’t influenced by Her Highness Princess Silveria just now.


Actually, to take Lunamaria as my bride at the peak of her popularity, I don’t even want to imagine what Owner’s face would be like.


“Nuu, I would definitely like to avoid making an enemy out of all my ladies.”


Well, if I were to just say “I’m going to be Lunamaria’s husband so, I’m leaving the shop.”, Lunamaria would probably be hated on by all the ladies that rely on my magic.

And I know that Lunamaria really cares for the girls in this shop so, there’s no way that she would choose that option.


This was just a part of the conversation, just a time passing topic.


“Well, don’t worry about it. When the time comes and you girls think you want to stop earning and just want to live casually, and if you don’t have a partner then, I’ll take you, if you’ll take me. Although you should know that it might not be just you.”


If you say that having a safe mental state was a necessity then, I’m definitely a Manager that cares about that.

In truth though, I seriously don’t think that that’s a bad idea.


“To actually treat me as one of your harem members. Aren’t you the one, Manager, who’s having the high demands in a marriage proposal?”


“Even if you call it a harem… by that time, everyone will just be old though. Rather, it wasn’t a proposal. I’m just like hmm, a back-up.”


The two of us laugh and talk about some nonsense.

Most likely, no, that future will definitely not come.


I would probably stay here, working as the Manager until I’m an old man, and Lunamaria will probably at some point, marry into an excellent family.

The same for Lady Ristia and Lady Rola.


Say for example a prostitute marries a great man, it would appear similar to a Cinderella story, that wouldn’t be a bad thing in of itself.

You wouldn’t be able to get the main man, but it would still be an excellent view. (TL: 主役は張れねえが、とびっきりの観客席ではある。)


“Hmm, like you say, that may not be too bad. …I’ll take you by that promise, Manager. You won’t say that you don’t know about that once I get older right?”


Don’t pay too much lip service Lunamaria.

But I mean, it’s not like I hate where this is going.


“A man never goes back on his words, come at me. Anyway, you’re free during the day right? Lady Rola would probably finish by midnight and Lady Ristia is free tonight as well, so why don’t we all drink together. It’s been a while. For the alcohol, I’ll take out my treasured wine?”


I feel like drinking a little tonight.

I would be grateful if they would accompany me.


“Truly a blue moon, Manager. If I was the only one not invited I would be upset, but if this is the case then, we’ll be drinking till morning. Should we hold it in my room?”


Not limited to Lunamaria, but both Lady Ristia, Lady Rola casually invite me up to their room.

I wonder if those girls not consider me, the Manager, to be a man?


“As long as you’re fine with it. In any case, wait until midnight. We’ll head up when we’re ready so just wait, and take it easy.”


“Understood, should I prepare some snacks as well?”


Lunamaria’s cooking was top class.

It’s some hard earned alcohol, so I’m really glad about some delicious side dishes.




Now then, the working ladies have gone for one round.

It’s about time for me to show up.


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  1. Even if he’s surrounded by women almost every single day he should at least start to show some glares of lust at the girls because hell! He’s what? A teen or somewhere around a young adult now? So why not start viewing them differently as just friends and go past the friend zone and start showing interest!!! Don’t be like the other MCs who are docile….


  2. I wonder if his power drains his lust? I mean yeah I “Might” be able to resist the temptations in their if I take it as a pure job. He’s been there for what several years now, I’m pretty sure he thinks their like cousins or family or something. His magic though is pretty awesome.


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