UchiMusume – Chapter 67

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Red-haired Youth, With the Young Girl.



“Speaking of which. Why do you have my 『Horn』 Rudi?”


Hearing Latina’s extremely sudden words, Rudi, Rudolf Schmitt spat out his lunch.

“Rudi…. That’s disgusting….”

Without even noticing Latina’s frown, he looked towards his other friends. The first one he looked towards, Chloe, also looked surprised. Next up, Silvia, was looking like she was saying ‘This is going to be interesting’.

Anthony was also surprised, but he wouldn’t betray him on this in the first place. That was the trust he held after being friends for so many years. Marcel was smiling happily. Well, this was just his usual expression though.


As a result, Rudi turned as red as his hair, making insensible noises


The Yellow God, Asfar’s school in Kroix, only had to take responsibility for the children’s basic education, which meant that there was no way they would be studying such difficult subjects for a long period of time.

The basics were reading, writing and math. Finishing off the curriculum was, the history of Raband and the geography of the surrounding countries.

Depending on the family, children were also a large part of the labour force. There were also families that weren’t glad about being restricted by the length of study. Because of that, for those who wanted to further their education or had a more easygoing family, the choice to advance into higher education was available after finishing the basic education program.

It wasn’t like they had their entire day taken away from them either. They would go to school in the morning, and come home a little past noon. There were a lot of kids who would eat lunch after going back home, but normally, Rudi and friends would get together and eat lunch with each other.


Or rather, in order for that to happen, Rudi had to convince all of his friends.

You could even say that he had openly begged.


For the sake of practicing how to cook, Latina had been preparing her own lunches herself.

She had been training herself by helping Kenneth at the 『Ocelot』, but she couldn’t really get the time to allow for her to cook from start to finish in such a busy kitchen environment.

Due to that, once the morning’s preparations were finished, she would take a corner, and by making her own lunch, she would diligently progress every day.

And now that she’s made it, she worries about what others think of it.

So naturally, Latina decided to show her lunch to her best friends, Chloe and Silvia.

Rudi, having noticed that, tried to somehow talk Latina and the rest into eating lunch together.

In exchange for the hopeless, lukewarm gazes, filled with tease from his other friends, he gained the chance to taste Latina’s handmade cooking every now and then.


“Hm? Why?”

“‘Why?’…. A-aren’t you just seeing things Latina….”

“Hm? But that’s Latina’s. It’s obvious.”

Latina tilted her head sideways, puzzled, as Rudi grabbed onto his necklace by reflex.

Right now, the black fragment hanging from his neck, was something that would make others think it was just a well-polished jewel. Which is why Rudi made light of it, thinking that people unfamiliar with it wouldn’t know what it was and ask 『What is that?』.

However, to actually have been so quickly seen through by Latina, the person he didn’t want it exposed to the most, and with such timing, he was trembling.


“You know just by seeing it, Latina?”


Silvia asks curiously. Latina made a face as if she didn’t know why everyone was looking puzzled.

“You guys don’t know?”

“It looks like a stone. It’s even darker than an animal’s horn, it’s such a blessing.”

“Hmmmm…. Um, well, you see, I can see something like the presence of magic. You guys can’t see it?”

“I don’t know.”

Silvia and Chloe say unanimously, and the puzzled Latina looked up as if saying, ‘Now that you mention it.’

“Um, you know, Latina was told this by Dale. That what Latina sees, and what everyone else sees, might be a little different.”


It was what Dale had determined when he saw how easily Latina was able to differentiate between people at the Beastman’s village. The 『Demon Race』 are generally a race with higher capabilities than others. And that they may be able to understand some things that 『Humans』 cannot.


“Wow, that’s amazing.”

“Really? Anyway, why do you have that?”

Rudi, who had been praying for the conversation to get muddled up and just keep going on like that, realised that his prayers didn’t come through and sighed as he looked left and right, seeking out something to talk about.

“That’s… because…..”


Seeing Latina cutely tilt her head sideways, Rudi gulped.

“….Because it’s unusual.”

And answered.


His friends were looking at him with eyes, that told him he was hopeless.

Yes. He knew this as well. That this is not the answer. It’s because he knew that, that right now he just wanted to be left alone.


However, the cute girl in front of him, went above everyone’s expectations.

She smiles, and said with a pleasant look.

“That’s true. It really is unusual, isn’t it”

(She actually…. agreed….)

Each and every one of them, in their own hearts, thought the same thing.

This young girl, despite being so smart, was slightly off in strange places.

“You have one as well right, Chloe?”

“Un. Latina’s horn is so pretty.”

“That makes me happy. Thanks Chloe.”

Latina laughs, slightly embarrassed, and seemed to swiftly conclude that there was no other reason as to why Rudi had her horn.


Anthony and Marcel, slap, hit Rudi’s shoulders at the same time.

Please, just leave me alone right now.


The topic for lunch changed to Latina’s recent 『natural enemy』. She was able to easily complain to her friends about things she wouldn’t discuss with even her 『Guardians』.

“She al~ways says that Latina is 『So small~』, and 『It’s because you’re so small』! She’s so mean!”

Puff. Her sulky face was already one that Chloe and Silvia had gotten used to.

“Even though Latina is working as training. Even though Latina was praised by Kenneth that Latina is getting better. She still says that I’m just a small kid!”

It’s true that from just Latina’s handmade lunches, you could understand that her cooking skills have indeed been growing. Being a working person, Latina was an infinitely more reliable worker than lazy adults. She would finish 『Ocelot’s』 work as well as housework every day. Just on that point, she was more than independent enough for her age.

“….Latina, wants grow up soon….”

Saying so, she becomes sad. Doing this, and looking down were actions she frequently did after 『Her natural enemy, Hermione』 had come.

“If I was an adult, then I wouldn’t have to stay home all the time…. Latina would definitely be able to help Dale a lot more… would definitely be able to 『understand』 Dale more….”


Her unpleasantness, as well as her crestfallen feelings, were all for her 『Guardian’s』 sake.

She was frustrated because『She was a child』, because she was recklessly trying to compete with an adult woman.

Rudi didn’t realise that the murky feeling he had in his chest, was the same as Latina’s, and voiced out that 『murkiness』.

“I mean, you are small, Latina.”

“Latina, is getting bigger, mon!”

“See, it’s because you keep saying your own name, even though you’re speaking for yourself. You’re like a baby.”

Although he did think that habit of hers was lovely.

The second he thought that, the words opposite to what his heart was thinking came out.


However, those words of Rudi’s caused Latina to take quite a lot of damage.


“Fuehh….? Eh…? Like a baby?”

She staggers, and takes a little while to ponder.

(….Rita, and Clarissa-san…. Granny is a little different though….)

As she went round in circles, she thought of all the adult women she knew. And then looked around, meeting her friends’ face.


What did this mean! He might be right about this, even though it’s Rudi!

At long last, she recalled her cute, young friend.

“Latina is the same as Maaya-chan!!?”

The person she was talking about, was just an infant.

Even though he’s Rudi, he’s right!

Thud. With a clearly shocked expression, Latina fell over with no strength, heartbroken.



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