UchiMusume – Christmas Side Story 2

Scheduled for christmas as planned heh
Merry Christmas~ and a happy new year 🙂 It’s been a little past a year since I started posting my translations on this site, since Christmas and new years is always the loneliest time for neets liek me ;-;

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Side Story, A Certain Snowy Day.

(Author’s note: Happy new year. Hope you have a great year.

It’s a side story. Based on the season. (TL: that I release on Christmas kek))


Kroix doesn’t get much snow. In a year, there might be, at most a thin layer of white snow. Furthermore, it was rare for it to be piled up high.

Nevertheless, this was Latina’s first snow since coming to Kroix and she was extremely excited. Which meant that her hometown was in an area which didn’t have much snow.


And that year. On the winter she turns 9.

It snowed so heavily that it was considered rare for Kroix. This is the story of that time.


Latina had been in high spirits since the morning on that day. A large snowball fight tournament was being held today for the children of Kroix.

The plaza in the very center of Kroix was an important playground for the children.

Just like right now, after a heavy snow, there would be quite a bit of uproar. Every single person wanted to play in the snow. The right to use that plaza was a major point of quarrel amongst the children.

This time, the children of Kroix came to one large agreement.

That is the 『Snowball fight tournament』.

It was a simple plan where everyone would be able to play together, with no one monopolizing the plaza, but reality somehow went down unexpectedly smooth.


–With the sudden heavy snow, most of the requests from the townspeople taken up by the adventurers were mostly to do with snow shoveling. And there was even a rumour that the 『Regulars』 scattered around the town, were wondering if they should try their best or not, seeing that 『Their Idol』 was looking forward to a large snowball fight. —


Yesterday, as Latina was shoveling the snow in front of the 『Dancing Ocelot』, she had also taken some special training. The large snowman that she had created in the midst of that had ended up falling apart this morning, and she was a little downhearted about that, but right now Latina was filled with unwavering fighting spirit.


“Today’s the day, I finish off Rudi!”

Dressed in her favourite fluffy coat, and the three-set pink woolen hat, muffler, and gloves, Latina showed her spirit in front of the 『Dancing Ocelot’s』.


For today’s snowball fight, the children were split into two different groups.

And thus, in a turn of events, Latina was separated from the friends she always played with. Nevertheless, she was in the same group as Marcel so she wasn’t overly nervous. There was also a lot of familiar faces in the group, and friends which she had made over this year and a half.

Latina was feeling excited, with a pfft, as she was forming a large volume of snowballs next to Marcel.

“You really wanna take down Rudi that badly?”

“Rudi always calls Latina weak, and small, and stupid, mon! Latina won’t lose to Rudi, mon!”

Although she was small, her pride was not. Be that as it may, in a normal, simple game of tag, Rudi tends to be the one who wins, as his physique and strength surpassed hers. This little girl could not tolerate that.

I’ll make him say uncle one day.

Unseeming of her cute appearances, she was strong-hearted like that.


However, the rules were quite vague.

If you’re hit with a snowball, you’re out. The team that takes the other team’s flag wins.

There were already shelters made, in the form of snow walls here and there around the plaza, and at the two ends of the plaza, a flag and wall which was considered the team’s headquarters.

The adults could only see that this game, with its scope and extent jumbled all together, would never end, but it didn’t seem to matter too much to the children.

There were quite a few children of all ages, who were eagerly waiting for the starting signal.



Latina ran out immediately, hearing the voice. There was still some distance between them so the other’s snowballs wouldn’t reach her. Her pompoms attached on her pink woolen hat shakes around and, she ran towards what she designated as a safe route.

Sliding into the shadows of the shelter she had aimed for from the beginning, the snows which hit it fell apart, bash, bash. She entered into the range of the enemy team.

(Rudi will, definitely come in from the center so, I’ll wait for him here!)

The reason she was holding onto her beliefs, was also because she knew her friend’s personality very well. He was a person wouldn’t care for insignificant plans nor tricks and push forward with his own power. Normally it was Latina who was pushed by him, but today was going to be different. Under the cover of her teammate’s snowballs, she takes a look ahead, looking for her target.


Latina, having confirmed her target, quickly put into action her 『Battle plan』.


On the other side, on Rudi’s side, he had also found Latina.

It was because there was a silhouette jumping out from the group right from the start, wearing a familiar pink hat and muffler, so it couldn’t be helped. Even a baby rabbit would be able to think of a better camouflaging colour right? Even if it looked good on her. He couldn’t help but unconsciously think of grabbing those large pompoms, seeing them shake up and down every time she took a step. It was almost as if something was stimulating his instincts. It couldn’t be helped. Whenever he did, she would glare over at him with an upward gaze, her eyes, slightly angry. Although that expression of hers was also really cute.

(You’re planning to hide over there after all, so stupid…)

From the shadows of the shelter, her pink pompoms were slightly sticking out.

Even though she studies well and should be smart, she would screw up like this every now and then.

Rudi scrutinises the opposing team as he moves.

Taking a detour and he went towards the shelter Latina was in.

(Let’s finish this in one go)

Once he decided on his position, he would then jump out in one go. It would be his win if he smashes her with the two snowballs he has prepped in his hands, without giving her a chance to counterattack. By the time she noticed him, there would be a mountain of snowballs already thrown at her from above.

Whack. The snowball drew an arc like that of a bow, quickly hitting the pink hat it was aimed at. Thinking of Latina’s frustrated face, Rudi peeks into the shelter.


Laying there, was a stick and a pink hat which had snow all over it.



The moment Rudi understood that it was a decoy, Latina who had shrunken herself inside the shelter, stood up.

From the corners of his eyes, a shining ball of light burst open.

“Wai….Magic is against the….”

In the middle of Rudi’s screams, he was enveloped in the avalanche that Latina had brought about.


Amongst the Holy element magic that Latina can use, whether it was forming a defensive wall or some sort of offensive magic, in the end, the difference lay in the way you use the power.

Using magic to create a shield is 『Defence』. Using magic to shoot a bullet is a 『Long Distance Magic Attack』. And thus throwing a lump of magic is a 『Close Range Magic Attack』.

And when it comes to Latina’s magic control, she possessed enough ability to make adults groan.

She had created a magic wall which expanded and formed under a layer of snow in one go. It was a snow table flip.


Once Rudi was trapped in the snow just as planned, Latina held up a particularly big snowball that she had made inside the shelter with both her hands.

Then she dropped it on his head, splat. It was the end. As long as she wasn’t hit by a snowball, the other person couldn’t get her out. Which was how she based her actions. She was honest in a strange way.


“Yayyy! I won against Rudi!!”

She raised both hands up, spontaneously cheering.

With so much happiness, she had a complete memory blank out.

That right now, she was in the middle of a fight.



A snowball broke, bash, onto Latina’s little head.

Bash, bash, bash. Immediately after that, she was in a concentrated fire of countless snowballs. In an instant, Latina screams were buried under snow.


“We took out the opponent’s magician! Attack!”

The one shouting out in triumph was Latina’s 『best friend』.

“Rudi was a sacrifice from the beginning! Now, let’s go!”

Chloe was merciless in that regard.


The results. The team lead by General Chloe won.

The adults who were watching the fight, came to praise that leadership instinctively.


“Yayy! Latina won!”

However, Latina reported victory back at the 『Dancing Ocelot』. She had lost the team fight, but she had won 『Her own fight』.

To stave off the hunger until dinner, Kenneth brought over some soft and flaky roasted sweet potatoes. After playing in the snow, with how cold it was, Latina came home with the tip of her nose red, but once she got changed and drank a glass full of hot milk with a little sugar, she went back to normal in an instant.

“On the way back, I saw someone who was becoming a snowman but, I wonder if they’ll catch a cold?”

Suddenly, she thought back to that, but then immediately switched her focus back to reporting her victory.

Eating the soft, fluffy potato and drinking another cup of milk. A victory toast, no, a victory glass of milk is always tastier than usual.

“We practised it yesterday after all~”

Seeing Dale smiling back, glowing, Latina smiled, looking even happier.


Dale wasn’t able to go and see, but a few of the shop’s regulars went to spectate, seeing her gallant figure, so he had already heard about it. Despite that, there was no way he wouldn’t hear about the heroic tale from this young girl herself.


Dale had heard a rumour that the naughty kids who had stepped on and destroyed a large snowman that some kids from the Southern District had made, were heavily scolded by some scary looking men, but it probably wasn’t a big deal.


“Next time, should we make a snowman together?”


If it’s with this smiling Latina then, there’s nothing wrong with tickling his childish heart and indulging in some snow play.

While we’re at it, how about we make a gigantic snow statue?

While he was thinking that, Dale tossed the piece of roasted potato he got from Latina into his mouth.



(Author’s notes: Right now it’s actually snowing quite hard and it’s quite troubling…. Please enjoy it as a fictional story.

Thanks for always reading.)


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