Tiny update (might as well rant a little(a little, lol ok then))

Holidays are busy times, and although I have a few chapters of uchimusume translated already, I haven’t been in the mood for translating lately and so the quality suffered a bit so I need to rigorously edit them. Hopefully time frees up soon, but I’m not too sure. In any case, the silver lining will be that, once I get the time to edit them, there’ll be at least 4 chapters in a row :O

Edit: please use adblock on this site lol, i’ve seen the ads and they’re disgusting. I was thinkin about just buying the domain, but like… ugh :v what for? just to stop the ads? No. There are apps and plugins for that. Enjoy your enjoyment better pls. ❤ santa.

Just jump to image dump at the bottom lol

Also, I’m still working on that Dragon’s bride thing i was talking about month’s ago lol. Haven’t made much progress still, cause focus on Latina :v

Started the last chapter of isekai brothel as well. It’s only a line, but I mean. Good enough?


I drank a little too much.
The three drunks weren’t stupid enough to do anything bad, but


literally all i have at the moment lol.

Also I’m trying to catch up with Ryouriban edits now, but damn, I hate Riru talk ;-; *cries in cantonese*

A friend linked me this and I’ve been listening to this on loop for the past 3 days now

And I watched S1 of Mr. Robot. Pretty trippy shit. I appreciate the terminal commands that I understand though, I guess. At least.

Back to ryouriban, but it’s long. There’s a lot of edits regarding Ganglabe’s wedding that I didn’t want to read in Riru talk so I paused it and focused on uchimusume instead kek. Sigh. work business is so boring.
Yet speaking of work, I have none. I’ve been applying, trust me. (Maybe not as much as I ought to) but I have, and no ones replied. The human ones without auto genereated emails, replied and tell me to wait. And after waiting an entire MONTH, I got some advice that I should email them back. Yet another month passes and I don’t because I’m dumb.

Pros and Cons with Coolizer~ (that’s right, i’m cool, not konobuta D: I’m not a pig, even though I am, since that’s my zodiac… and all. I’m like 9 or something)

Pros – none really.

Cons – I don’t really talk to people much, unless they initiate or I’m feeling ridiculously bored.

  • I live in my past. Past glory is what I indulge in, and that’s a disgusting habit.
  • I’m pretty dumb. I don’t seize any opportunities that come to me, literally because, ‘I don’t think I’m worth it’ and yet I understand that at that moment in time, it’s not me that determines my self worth, but the people that want me, yet i dismiss myself. Heavily.
  • The things I do are stupid. Why I haven’t contacted any of the authors yet is beyond me. You know the saying, better late than never? I feel like, never is a great solution as long as no one cares or knows. Like, why show up to something where no one would care if ur there or not. Like this internet trans thing, as long as no one finds the translations everything is cool? But then, I’m also trying to promote it.
  • Above point is inspired by licences I guess. I mean, I don’t really have any power here. People could easily say stop doing what I’m doing, and I’ll have to. And that’ll just lead to a year of wasted work. Lol. The lol is sarcastic and supposed to be full of self contempt.
    • I’m about to get super salty.
    • u were warned. (but why would anyone read anyway)
      • We get nothing, even though we promoted it, and get talked shit on by “official” translators (OT). <– ok I can’t actually say that lol.
      • Sigh. I can’t even be salty. It just feels like these OTs are those dudes in xianxia where they’re born in sects and are arrogant fucks. Which I understand, they are not lol. I’m just being super salty here. Because I’m dumb.
    • I feel like I end a lot of my problems with the deux ex machina of myself being stupid. Kinda sucks.
    • Anyway, salts over. Cause I realised I can’t salt. Otherwise I just hurt people, and that’ll hurt me in the end.

I thought of a Pro maybe:

  • I live on the moral rule of “Don’t say anything if you have nothing nice to say”. It’s an absolutely stupid rule to follow on the internet. But it’s also why people think I’m quiet, and why I don’t participate in forums but merely lurk. Because theres really no need to spread negativity.

Although I feel that just ends up as a con, since people will think you’re not assertive. Truly a complicated situation.

Merry christmas. My present to you, my mountain of problems lol.

Speaking of which, I might add a credit page at the end of manga now, seeing that 80% of the manga sites don’t mention me at all :c (How dare they after my 5 hours of work /s) (for the less internet smart of you, /s = sarcasm, because sarcasm on the internet is dumb)
Also because, especially in the batoto comments, there has been a ridiculously amount of misinformation about Latina and Dale, and personally, having translated the story up to here, I feel that the story is good enough that it isn’t worth people missing out on it because they hated “Usagi drop”. Like, usagi drop was literally a SoL with a very, VERY simple backstory. But we don’t see that here, there’s a lot going on, as people who’re up to date know. Also, Latina is and has been, VERY VERY clear about her feelings. AND she’s even grown up FFS. And its even talked about how they’ll probably never have children, and even if they do, Dale will die and Latina will be like that one lady who has LITERALLY chosen to be forever alone. There is no good ending here. Dale is human, and unless there is more disposition from the author (which there definitely will be… like omg, a lot of the annoyed people are like that because the author just does things before explaining them. Which is a style i like, but it seems people are… not fond of it, for a lack of nicer way of saying thigns), there is no happy end. The foreshadowing in 69 especially. sigh.

So… that was a story and a half. To summarise. I’m salty. And sad. I am literally tears.

You know, I’ve been thinking of becoming a net idol. Been using that japanese snow app, and damn I look fine 😉 (self complimenting, the true sign that I have fallen)
I really shouldn’t have a problem of sending my pic out to the internet, considering that there is so much about me on the net… lol. (including this dumb rant of mine)

Also been thinking about writing my own book. It’s been a dream ever since I was small, to be an author. And now, I think, just having my own book would be cool. I have ideas, but sharing them is a scary thought.
I think that’s one of the most difficult things to do. It’s what holds most of us back. From sending a selfie out, to publishing content. You know, I can’t even send a selfie to friends just cause I feel embarrassed, but i did it just to be ‘normal’ and they just gave me a haha emoji. So basically what I’m saying is, do whatever the fuck you want, cause no one gives a fuck anyway. (I get one swear a day :c pls mother)

Oh, I’m not saying I’ll share my photo with you, cause I want to remain a hot whatever nationality guy to you. Or pig. Idk. Maybe I’m female in some of your eyes. I don’t mind.

You know, one day I’m gonna cosplay. I’m gonna be so hot. With a fat stomach tho, cause unless I meet some crazy friendly motivational cosplay friends who like me, I doubt I’m gonna gym. But, my face is good. At least my mom says so D: (My little sister says I’m creepy but eh, she smiles when I smile, so that’s good enough)

I’m gonna need a bunch of photos to offset some cuteness into this depressing post lol.

BTW, I also need to add the prev/next on old uchimusu chapters, which mean I’ll probably edit them, so that’ll also take a few days I think. Like, I believe I can finish it in a day, but I procrastinate, and still need to watch S2 of Mr. Robot so… :v yea.

So back to me (cause I’m an egotiscal douche), but I’m a dick which is why I don’t have many friends. Wish I could be a master manipulator like Elliot.

I also have a terrible sneezing problem atm. Nose is swollen a bit ughhh. Hate hayfever, or dustmites or whatever. sucks. Health is not overrated. But although I believe that, I don’t follow it. So hey, another reason as to why I’m stupid.

I should be a comedian. I like making people smile. But, writing jokes, especially good, not too overly racist or sexist ones, is extremely difficult. Which is why most of my jokes are self depreciating, but heck, if people enjoy it and the person themselves don’t mind, who cares right?

I think i’m running out of topics to talk about :c
I need to change my sidebar. I want a job. I want to be able to freeze time.

I really do. I feel like time moves too quickly. Which is why I enjoy isolation i think. When I’m isolated, it feels like time has stopped. It hasn’t, but nothing changes when you isolate yourself from people, from the world. Maybe from even yourself. Change is important, i know, but… sometimes I just want to appreciate. Just want to take a breather. To understand?

I wonder if being a philosopher would bring me money… people must study philosophy for a reason right?

One last pro: I keep a notepad of ideas. It’s really cool. Also had a dream diary. My dreams are amazing man. Like theres recurring ones, where my little bro turns into a zombie and I have to protect my family, and my little bros somehow.
Don’t get many romantic ones… had a gay dream once, that was fun. It was actually a trap. And it was from that dream that I truly, wholeheartedly accepted traps. Like I’m not even kidding. Before that dream I would only accept the opposite sex… (gotta keep the pig-senpai dream alive right ;)) but after that dream… traps became okay too. Kek. Man I liked that dream.

Pig-senpai’s dreams(at least what I remember of it):

  • Excavating pyramids for something.
  • Cute trap with group.
  • Save trap many times, cause I got to~
  • Almost die many time
  • Safely get home, party.
  • Trap reveals, and says if I accept them.
  • After all we been through, I say yes. 🙂

One of the more terrible stories I know. But hey, no one, literally no one cares about this piece of rant so everything is good 🙂

Sigh… anyway. Time for a pic dump hah.


kairi_stamp01omakeShould play MA2 guys 🙂

img_2779I don’t even know what this is from, but it was the first time I found the meme.
And it fucked me up. cause i was in class.


tbt that time I ate an eighth of a watermelon for breakfast cause I was late to school

the more you know


“Super moon” the only thing super about it was my disappointment :c

Just some good shit ❤ artist in the tiny tiny letters under the time of day


constructive comments 🙂img_2294

end it with a grill~ 😉

17 thoughts on “Tiny update (might as well rant a little(a little, lol ok then))

  1. >Edit: please use adblock on this site lol, i’ve seen the ads and they’re disgusting. I was thinkin about just buying the domain, but like… ugh :v what for? just to stop the ads? No. There are apps and plugins for that. Enjoy your enjoyment better pls.❤ santa.


    And no offense man, but trim your fingernails?

    Also, whats MA2?


  2. Happy Holidays. Of the few things that I am grateful for in this year, it is finding your site and finding all the stories. Thank You


  3. After you apply, you wait two weeks and then call HR “to check if your application has been processed” or “to find out the status of your application”

    I’ve had them pull up my app and then they give me a phone interview right there. And then if I pass the phone interview, they schedule me for a face-to-face.

    Best of luck!!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and enjoy the holidays~~~~

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Writing a book? Which kind of genre? Is it gonna be fluffy?

    Jokes aside, good luck finding a job

    P.S getting stuck in the past is something I do as well
    Looking forward sometimes isn’t that bad, if you are as naive as me ahaha


  5. A dream made traps OK for you XD? I laughed so hard, that made my day. Not that I can’t understand though… Totsuka in SNAFU is fine in my books, well it’s an exception.

    Wish you best luck for your job hunting !
    Happy new year’s eve!

    Liked by 1 person

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