UchiMusume – Chapter 69

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(TL: Perspective changes a few times here.)

Young Girl, Thoughts.


I want to become an adult.


That’s what I think.

The person who had saved me, the one I treasure, and love.

In that forest I was scared, lonely, stomach growling, painful, and had thought that I would definitely die if that continued….

….However, since the last thing I had wished for was to 『live』, I had thought that I had to try my best. It was then.

The person who had saved me, the one most important to me.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 68

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Youth, A certain night at a corner seat.


The night was getting late, the customers were leaving. This was the time when all the bustle was dying down.

He took a sideward glance at the figure of the woman with slender shoulders coming into the 『Dancing Ocelot』 and once again returned his gaze to the glass by his hand.

“Were you meeting up with the men in your past again?”

“Oh my, are you jealous?”

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UchiMusume – Chapter 67

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Red-haired Youth, With the Young Girl.



“Speaking of which. Why do you have my 『Horn』 Rudi?”


Hearing Latina’s extremely sudden words, Rudi, Rudolf Schmitt spat out his lunch.

“Rudi…. That’s disgusting….”

Without even noticing Latina’s frown, he looked towards his other friends. The first one he looked towards, Chloe, also looked surprised. Next up, Silvia, was looking like she was saying ‘This is going to be interesting’.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 66

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Master, Being troubled at the Young girl’s story.


Since a while back, the person who Latina talked to about her troubles, was Kenneth.

It wasn’t Dale, the one publicly stating how much he “Loves her”, nor was it Rita, who was the same sex as her. It was Kenneth.

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Isekai Brothel – Chapter 4

Been a while, story is almost over, next chapter is last chapter and is quite short so it should be out soon, hopefully lol. Then the side stories. Last side story is quite long so…. uhh… 😛
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Fourth Story, Lady Lunamaria’s Circumstances




One of the top 3 within our brothel “Papillon’s Somnium”.

When I had become the manager of this place, the top 3 had already been established, but I heard that Lunamaria was the oldest since even back then.

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UchiMusume – Side Story

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Man 5 days passed, i don’t know how time passes… i auditioned to be a kpop star… kek. Also finished the isekai brothel chapter, should be out in a few hours if editing isn’t too crazy.

Side Story, Special Store Only Side Story


(Author’s note:
~『Daughter』 is making sweets. 『Parent』 is just like always.~
— This is a story during the year Latina had just come to 『The Dancing Ocelot』. A story where she’s making sweets for Dale while he’s away, working.)


Although the baked dessert that Kenneth had taught Latina to make had plenty of dried fruits and was sweet, if someone was to describe it, it would be classified as preserved. This was because even if the cake tastes good, if it’s made with a good amount of butter and eggs then when you travel, it can’t be kept for too long before you eat it.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 65

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Young girl, Seeing the Rose-coloured Princess


In the end, Latina lost against the temptation of being able to buy and eat immediately. It seemed like her decision to moderately restrain herself in the day and eat delicious foods at night was as painful as torture once she noticed the various fragrances wafting about here and there.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 64

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Many things happened?? Took the jlpt, didn’t win video contest :c and had a sad lonely christmas party… Read up a lot of novels. Spirit Realm is getting heated.

Young Girl, meeting her friends again


She felt embarrassed, seeing the 『Yellow god(Asfar’s)』school which she hasn’t attended for a few months. Even though it should’ve been a place that she had gotten used to, she was hit by a feeling like she couldn’t calm down.

In front of the school, Latina looked up at the door as if she was hesitating slightly.

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