UchiMusume Manga – Extra Chapter

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Some fluffiness in between everything happening.

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UchiMusume – Side Story

Feel like it could be a bit better edited. Need more human interaction to improve english ughh. Playing Last Remnant, pretty fun 🙂
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Side Story, A Summertime’s Test of Courage-like Recollection.

(Author’s note: This around when she has become a 『Young girl』 but….
For those who imagine that the 『Daughter’s』 actual mom is a lovely woman, please beware)


Latina was bad with 『monsters』.


“You’re not that scared of 『Magic beasts』, so why?”

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UchiMusume – Chapter 88

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Youth, and then Silver-haired Maiden – After the tragedy.


Dale had thought, the moment that he had been fearing had finally come. He had been thinking about when it would come, and it had end up coming.

He was thinking that that wasn’t it, but Latina’s recent actions seemed to be distancing from him somehow, which could only be thought of as an omen.

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Isekai Brothel – Chapter 5

Two side chapters left… and yet they’re like 4-5 chapters :c rip me
Ps. wasn’t edited that well 😛 but hek~ also continuing on almost tradition
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Final Story, Manager’s situation


I drank a little too much.


The three drunks weren’t stupid enough to do anything bad, but it felt like I let them go quite far this time, as I would usually stop them or tell them to behave themselves.


Three pieces of evidence was sleeping in front of me, in an unladylike manner, Lunamaria, Lady Ristia, and Lady Rola.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 87

I need to get in the groove >:C Gonna translate like mad tomorrow… is what all procrastinators say
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Silver-haired Maiden, After the Red God’s Night Festival.


“See you next time.”

“Yes, come by the shop as well, okay?”

The newcomer troops who heard that Silvia was the daughter of the vice-general, became extremely stiff. Taking those attendants with her, Silvia calmly headed home with a smile.

It seems that she felt like going straight home today.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 86

I’m playing shadowverse too much… i need to be more productive :/ Japanese/Korean variety shows aren’t helping either
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Silver-haired Maiden, Going to the Red God’s Night Festival. Five.


To close off the festival, was a large-scale 『firework show』 made with fire magic. Fitting of 『Ahmar’s』 festival, the colours were limited to only red, but the large ring of fire flowers colouring the night sky was a spectacle that couldn’t be seen elsewhere.

The enormous amount of people, everyone, were all looking up at the sky.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 85

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Silver-haired Maiden, Going to the Red God’s Night Festival. (Part 4)


The main event of the Night Festival came around as the sun came down.

It was because that was when the colour symbolising 『Ahmar』 was the most beautiful; The visualisation of the natural world — In other words, Fire.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 84

Finished translating the arc got a ton of editing to do tho 😛 Not terribly smoothly edited, i’m sorry :c
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Silver-haired Maiden, Going to the Red God’s Night Festival. Three.


The trio left Marcel and were finally getting to the central plaza of the city. As expected, there were a lot more people than usual. The day was starting to dim, and the sky with its sunset glow, was chasing them behind their backs.

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