UchiMusume – Chapter 81

Chapter’s a lil late cuz I spent the day with my lil bro (cause it was his birthday :P)

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Rose-coloured Princess, Speaking of her encounter with the Second Demon Lord (Second Half)


“Keep it together.”

With the purple-haired woman’s scolding, Rose was somehow able to keep herself on her feet.

The surface of the ground was covered with so much blood that she couldn’t tell whose blood was whose. She would end up collapsing into that if she fainted right now.


“….hic, why, why did this…..hic”

Rose couldn’t help but mourn, not just for her own maid, but even for the bandits that harmed her, who had their lives stolen as a hobby. Looking at the cruel scene being shown to her, Rose moans painfully, and hid her face with both her hands.

However, the Demon race woman didn’t give Rose such time to grieve.

“You do not have the time for that right now. You must leave this place as soon as you can.”

Grabbing Rose’s shoulders, the woman strongly insists with a harsh look.

“『My Lord』 has a tendency to admire those with Magic Materialisation. However, that is at best, as a toy. It is nothing more than keeping a favourite toy by her side.”


Expressed in her unpleasant voice, were her true feelings regarding her displeasures of working by the side of the Second Demon Lord.

The reason as to why she showed Rose’s Magic Materialisation to the Second Demon Lord, was because she knew that the Second Demon Lord 『had an interest in that』. With that, the Second Demon Lord immediately lost all desire to kill Rose. It was only a temporary measure for the moment, but in order to protect Rose’s live, that was the number one guaranteed method.

However, even with that said, if Rose continued like this, and was 『caught』 by the Second Demon Lord, she would be subject to a punishment worse than 『Death』.

— Just like herself.


“It is yet 『time for you to die in this place』. Resist. If you persist, you should be able to escape.”

Rose was, again, a high ranking priest. She had noticed that the Demon race woman in front of her possessed an incredibly powerful 『Divine Protection』.

A 『Divine protection』, that even Rose would call 『Powerful』.

She could sense that she was the same ranking priest as her — possibly, even higher.

“….You, are you a priest of 『The purple god (Banafsaji)』?”


Those possessing the divine protection of 『Banafsaji』 had the powers of 『foresight』.

Since a while ago, Rose had felt something off from what the woman had said. Which is exactly why, she had to ask; To which the woman quietly nodded her head to answer.

“However… if I’m able to escape then…. What about you?”

Hearing the clear concern Rose had towards her, the woman relaxed her expression just a little bit.

“I cannot escape from 『My Lord』. These 『Shackles』 are its proof.”

Saying so, she touches the 『letters』 carved into her neck.

“This is the 『name』 that 『Demon Lords』 carve into their own vassals – By sharing their magic power, it is the proof that they are controlled by that magic power. For someone of the 『Demon race』 to become the vassal of a 『Demon Lord』 was the same as leaving their matters of life and death to their 『master』.”

“What then? What would happen to you… once she knows about you letting me go….”

In comparison to Rose’s painful tone, the woman said with a gentle voice as if she was warning a child who wouldn’t listen to reason.

“You saw what happened just now, right? 『My Lord』 would hurt you until you beg her with 『Please kill me』. I have exchanged an agreement of that sorts with 『My Lord』.”

And then she added another word.

“….And, that is something I 『always』 do. 『My Lord』 is looking forward to the day I beg for that.”


The woman softly pushed Rose forward, whose facial expression after hearing that terribly abnormal happening, turned even worse. As if to tell her to take a step forward.


“Why? Why…. is the Second Demon Lord being so cruel…..? Why? Although she is the Second Demon Lord, why can a little girl like that, do such terrifying things….”

The woman voices her rebuttals in clear voice hearing Rose’s voice filled with pained bewilderment.

“She doesn’t do it because she’s a Demon Lord. Only those who have the disposition, can have the 『qualifications』 to 『become』 a 『Demon Lord』. You cannot understand them.”


It wasn’t that the 『Second Demon Lord』 brought around slaughter and death. It was because that she had such hobbies from the start, that she had the 『qualifications』 to become the 『Second Demon Lord』, was what she said.


『Demon Lords』 appear amongst the Demon Race. They aren’t born as 『Demon Lords』, and they aren’t born with vast powers, leading to them being called 『Demon Lords』 — amongst the Demon Race, only those who are 『qualified』 can become 『Demon Lords』.

It was like how the 『First Demon Lord』 is 『 Someone with the qualifications to be king』, the 『Seventh Demon Lord』 is 『Someone who desires the power to bring forth war and conflict』, and how the 『Fourth Demon Lord』 is 『Someone who wishes to conquer death and bring forth fear with disease』.


The reasons as to why the 『young girl』 would enjoy listening to death wails, and slaughtering with a smile, was not something Rose could understand from the very beginning. The views they shared were just far too different after all.


The woman let out a faint smile, and pushed Rose forward once again.

Rose’s legs, which had been frozen, moved as if they were released from a curse. Although she wanted to mourn for her maid, there was no way she could do so in this situation. Rose quietly wished for her forgiveness in her heart.

After that, she ran away, without turning back once.


–Finishing her story, Rose dropped her thin shoulders powerlessly.

“….Just like she had said, I was able to leave that place and survive. On the way, I couldn’t feel a single presence inside that small village I ran away from…. So most likely….”

“…..There will probably be a need to go over and check after I report this to father. He would probably immediately assemble troops. I plan on having you go as well.”


Gregor muttered with a heavy expression hearing what Rose described. Dale also gave a short answer.


The reason why Rose headed towards Kroix, and decided to rely on Dale was because 『The Second Demon Lord was terrifying』. Rose had heard from Gregor, and knew that Dale was a divine being who was called a 『Hero』.


The 『Hero』 was known as the only 『Existence』 capable of resisting against the 『Demon Lords』.


Rose, who feared from the bottom of her heart the threat of the 『Demon Lord』, wanted to stabilise her heart with the 『Hero’s』 presence.

As a result, because she was in a situation where 『she was being protected by the Hero』 and came into contact with 『the Peace bringing Genius』, Latina, Rose had mostly calmed back down.

Dale, someone who doesn’t know her very well, didn’t realise this, but when Rose first arrived at the 『Dancing Ocelot』, she wasn’t her usual calm 『self』.

She had put up a bluff, acted strong, and could barely keep herself going.


After that, it was Gregor and Dale who continued to talk about the main topic.

For the moment, until they could clearly understand who behind that incident, Rose was to be put in the care of Duke Eldishtett.

It was decided that she would go to the Royal capital with Gregor, and from there, stay at the Duke’s house. It was a villa of a family with authority second to only Royalty. You could also say that it was a safe location, with far more secure defense measures than Rose’s actual home.


After hearing Gregor’s voice, someone who would worry for her, someone who would gently stay by her side — Rose was finally able to, from the bottom of her heart, feel the relief and reality of matters; That she survived.


This was something that happened a while after Rose had escaped the villa.


After her bath, the 『Second Demon Lord』, who showed herself after changing clothes, took a browse of the surroundings and seemed slightly disappointed that Rose wasn’t there. However, that was only for a moment.

Her young appearance, was only because that was the age she had become a 『Demon Lord』. To an eternally absolute existence like herself, who held an even more twisted view than back then, Rose was nothing more than something to spice things up, to divert her from the boredom that she couldn’t even control.

The reason she enjoyed the customs of 『the Human race』 was also because of that. With her lifespan, 『the Demon race (Her hometown’s)』 culture and customs, one that chose to work towards maintaining the status quo, was nothing more than boring.


“My, you’ve let her escape.”

Which is precisely why, the high-pitched voice she let out, seemed happier than usual.

“Even though she was so cute and beautiful, she also had fortitude. It truly is such a disappointment that she got away.”

With a pleasant chuckle, she twirled the purple hair of the woman in front of her around her fingertip.

It was rare for someone to not lose herself despite being shown such a terrible scene, and furthermore, to be even able to oppose her, and escape. In that sense of the meaning, the Second Demon Lord made a vaguely disappointed expression, that she had made a mistake in judgement regarding Rose’s capabilites.


“Truly, such a mean person.”

While letting out a sweet voice like she was talking to her lover, she looks down at the 『woman』 on her knees, kneeling by her feet.


Looking down at her favourite 『toy』 who wouldn’t let out a single scream even when her stomach was being pierced by her blade.


As vassals of the 『Second Demon Lord』, these 『Devils』, who possess an incredibly tougher 『vitality』 than their Demon race peers, won’t die with something of this level. They cannot die.

“Even though it would be so much easier if you just asked This one to kill you. You want to be released from this, right?”


Spitting out a clot of blood as she paused to take in a painful breath, 『she』 turned towards the Second Demon Lord with a gaze full of strong conviction.

“I believe the 『agreement』 cannot be changed.”

“Indeed. 『A game』 that cannot uphold its rules is boring after all.”

“In that case, forget it. I will not give in.”

Staring straight at the Second Demon Lord’s azure eyes, 『she』 smiles fearlessly.


“As long as I live, you cannot lay hands on my 『daughter』. ….As long as we have that agreement, I will never give in.”


Seeing the sight of 『her』 firmly continuing to exist for the sake of protecting the person she must, the Second Demon Lord smiled happily from the bottom of her heart and lifted the killing tool, wet with red.

The Second Demon Lord once again amused herself by 『playing』 with her favourite toy.


(Author’s note: The warning tag and romance tag is slowly starting to surface. As the 『daughter』 grows, the slightly serious scenes will also increase.)

(TL: Mind is blown :OOOOOO)

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      Maybe also she can see her own future, and she knows that if she endures, that one day she will be reunited with her daughter and possibly freed.

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