UchiMusume – Chapter 83

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Silver-haired Maiden, Going to the Red God’s Night Festival. (Part 2)


“Fufufu…. Chloe, this is pretty fun.”

“Right? You don’t get that many opportunities… to play with such a talent.”

“What? What?”

“I knew it… Latina looks better in pink than orange.”


“What? Hey, seriously, what’s going on?”


Chloe seemed extremely happy seeing all the kits Silvia brought with her. She had stocked them through Ahdar’s shrine, and moreover, these were the newest, most recommended make-up kits.

Included along with the information collected by the priests of Ahdar, was information about adult services and fashions. Also, half of all priests were women. Amongst all the shrines, Ahdar’s shrine would be the one most closely related to worldly matters, which is why naturally, they would also have information about the latest fashions etc.


Wearing her new one piece, Latina was in the middle of having her first ever makeup being applied.

However, she didn’t have a mirror to see what’s going on, and the other two were playing around (testing) with her a lot. For people like Chloe and Silvia, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to dress up a beautiful young girl as they pleased, almost like it was an extension of playing with dolls.


The two of them were young girls as well. They probably had felt some jealousy or slander when they stood beside such a gorgeous girl.

However, it becomes a different story when they’re 『on such different levels』 that even envying her is ridiculous. They feel like they had given up already. In addition to that, their childhood friend was a natural ditz. It was dangerous for her to space out and be left alone, and they would also hate it if anything went wrong.


And above all else, Chloe and Silvia knew very well that Latina has never changed since she was younger, earnestly looking at someone older than them.


Wanting to cheer on their childhood friend, someone who has always been trying her best, was something that came natural as a friend.




Chloe and Silvia, with a strange tension, high five, meeting their hands together. Latina, who had been left there like that, was staring at the two of them with an anxious look. She probably wanted an explanation.


Latina had started working from an early age, had a hard-working, reliable personality and had money to spare. Because of that, she was even able to put together her own makeup kit. However, the reason she didn’t do that, was because she found it hard to explain in front of Dale, who treated her like a 『child』, that she had those sort of interests.

She tried telling Rita indirectly. However, Rita was busy with working and looking after her son every day. She couldn’t make such a forceful request, to have Rita make time for her and shop with her. Even though Latina had the interest, because of such events, she couldn’t even make it into a makeup store.

Naturally, she couldn’t tell Kenneth this, the person she usually talked to about her concerns. Even if she did, Kenneth would probably feel troubled.


When she told her friends about that, it somehow came to the conclusion that, with the lead of a well-informed person like Silvia, it could be gathered and picked up today.

Silvia had some knowledge about how to put on makeup, and Chloe too, was much more informed in matters like this compared to Latina.

The two of them viewed their 『product』 in satisfaction, looking truly happy.


“Gosh, this girl, really is beautiful.”

“Even without our handiwork, this is just how she appears with her own particular features.”

“Come on, Latina, smile~”

“Hey, come on, tell me what’s happening…..”

She was finally able to grab a mirror from the grinning duo. Looking at it, Latina was so shocked she was speechless.

The eye makeup made her long eyelashes and large grey pupils, even more prominent. Because of that, the other sections had been shaded with restraint and, had a balance which made it so that nothing was too showy. A faint colour on her cheeks, made her look like she was blushing. Her slightly opened lips, had a light pink shine, and had a brilliance that was even more glamourous than usual.

She didn’t completely turn into an adult, but she had a face that looked like a lovely young girl trying to break into adulthood.

It was handiwork both Chloe and Silvia were satisfied with.


“….My…My face is so thick….”

However, the comment that Latina gave after a little while was one that fit her usual disappointing actions.

That disappointed quality statement seemed to be, most likely, influenced by the parent that raised her.


“Uuuu….. It’s embarrassing somehow….”

“Why would you feel embarrassed?”

“That’s just how she is after all.”

Noisily talking with each other, the three young girls went outside. Latina, coming out of Chloe’s house last, was looking down, with a slightly troubled look.

It was a 『face』 different to normal. She was feeling awkward, as if people were pointing their fingers at her. The people around her probably didn’t pay her any mind, but because she wasn’t used to it, she had a feeling of unease.

Her dear friends, knowing Latina’s personality, gave her a bright smile.

“Well, you might get 『seen』 by more people than usual, though”


“Yup. Which is why it’ll be a waste if you get worried about it right now, you know?”

“So, it does look weird?”



“Why are you guys laughing like that!?”

While the two of them were enjoying the reaction from teasing Latina, the three of them headed towards the center of the city, where Ahmar’s shrine was.


On their way, they stopped here and there.


Looking at the scene of all the shops promoting and selling their wares, targeting the crowds in the Eastern District, as well as the large amount of window-shoppers.

Even though they had no intention to buy, they would point at the items together and were enjoying the passing of time spent by just laughing together.

Although the accessories store was not a place you would normally be allowed to loiter around, Chloe stopped seeing that the items lined up, displayed in the storefront, were moderately priced. The three of them hesitated and bickered, trying to find the best thing within their budget.

In another accessory store, Latina got a ribbon and showed the two. It fit her usual sweet outfit as well, but the ribbon that the other two recommended was something that was a bit more mature than usual, a beautiful ribbon made of black fabric.


The three make a small detour and in front of the path they diverted to, was a tightly packed bakery. Although the inside of the store was also packed, the cart set up in front of the store was even more crowded.

The three laugh, seeing their childhood friend busily working that cart.

“Marcel, you seem busy.”

“Latina, Chloe, even Silvia. It’s been a while, Silvia.”

He had a gentle tone unchanged from his younger days, but he was moving his arms quickly, working.

He was selling some light bread with stuffing inside to the tourists who came to see the festival. Even while they were chatting, Marcel was quickly putting in the appropriate stuffing that had been ordered.


With a round face, and a short height, Marcel didn’t look like he had a single 『corner』 in his appearance. The food he was selling, while wearing an apron and a calm expression, somehow seemed to have a very delicious impression to it.

He also knew the influence his appearance gave. Which is exactly why, he was working outside on a day like this, instead of inside the store. He was an heir with great promise.


“Are you guys going to see the festival after this?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“You seem busy, Marcel.”

Hearing Silvia’s words, Marcel smiles bitterly as he spreads the mustard on the bread.

“That’s how it is. It’s always busy, but you see, a person who was working at the shop is taking maternity leave this year. We don’t have enough people…. Here you go, thanks for waiting.”

The bread Marcel boasts about, the one he handed over to the customer with plenty of vegetables and slices of meat, definitely looked delicious.

It was around the time their small stomachs were hungry. Going towards the main part of the festival stirred their desires, the want to fill themselves up.
(TL: 祭りの本番に向けて、それを満たしておきたいという欲求を掻き立てる。)

“It doesn’t seem like I can go watch this year. I wonder if Anthony will be there?”


“Yeah. Anthony’s father is working for the Mayor’s mansion, so they would probably be well informed about the progress of the festival. He should know well about the places to see….. And, here. On the house.”

Chloe casually takes the three breads Marcel hands them with a smile.



“Is this okay, Marcel?”

“It’s fine, go for it. But, please eat it close to the store if possible. Do you need anything to drink?”


Latina tilted her head in confusion, but as if the prodigal child’s judgement was correct, around the time the girls finished eating their bread in front of the shop, there was already a queue in front of the cart.


(Author’s note: Perhaps I forgot but. The girls looked extremely happy as they ate their food.)


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    • — “….My…My face is so thick….” —

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    “Wearing her new one piece, Latina was in the middle of having her first ever makeup.” Replace [having] with [applying].

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  2. Thanks for translating!! Aww latina is embarrassed by makeup, but that makes you more beautiful than the usual you know. Damn marcel sure know his stuff, using his 3 beautiful childhood friends as an advertisement.
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