Isekai Brothel – Chapter 5

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Final Story, Manager’s situation


I drank a little too much.


The three drunks weren’t stupid enough to do anything bad, but it felt like I let them go quite far this time, as I would usually stop them or tell them to behave themselves.


Three pieces of evidence was sleeping in front of me, in an unladylike manner, Lunamaria, Lady Ristia, and Lady Rola.


Although Lunamaria at least had clothes wrapped around her, she was on extremely thin ice, positioned in a way where any man would gulp, and want to take a peek.

Her enormous breasts, unfitting for her small frame, didn’t seem to follow the laws of gravity despite her sleeping.


Well, it’s not like I don’t understand what goes through the minds of men who are willing to pay ridiculously high fees in order to set those free.


No, but seriously, her hair was so beautiful I thought that her golden hair might actually be glowing.

As you might expect from someone in their own room, her four limbs were carelessly spread out on top of a luxurious bed.

When she was sleeping, the unyielding expression she had during the day disappears and my eyes are drawn towards her beautiful face, that looked like it couldn’t be real.


Lady Ristia’s clothes were a mess, but it wasn’t like she was in a particularly risky pose, as she slept on the same bed, almost as if she was leaning on it.

Nevertheless, she gave off a tinge of sexiness despite her elegant sleeping posture, perhaps due the slight wrinkles in her clothes, or her slightly opened cleavage.


The sight of countless strands of pitch black hair, laying across her bewitching lips, was also charming.


Her moderately large breasts, move up and down, matching her breathing as she slept, and together with her perfectly fitting silk outfit, worn to hide those, seemed to be inviting me.

“They do know that they’re drunk, and sleeping in front of a man, right?” were the type of beta words that came into my head, something I couldn’t help thinking about, as I was but a man.


The one who didn’t care that she was on the floor, sleeping, was Lady Rola.

This girl is really just… no matter how many times I tell her to hide them, she just won’t do it.

Since it was nothing but a benefit for me if she was completely naked, she was at least wearing something that looked like clothes, but it was like it didn’t want to cover up her important parts.


She had the most ridiculously large breasts and ass of the three of them, and she had let them free.


Her appearance and charm had no relation to one another at all, and without regards for what some consider healthy, seeing how unguarded she was, she was so beautiful that you would gulp without even thinking about it.

To be honest, if she was dressed just a little more moderately or was just giving small glimpses, I would probably have my gaze forcefully stolen from me by her.


Truthfully, there was no breaks as a prostitute, and the current situation with the three of them, who were literally pros, exposed and unguarded as they sleep, should probably be thought of as a side-benefit of the job.


And truthfully, he didn’t feel like denying this eye candy either.


There’s no doubt that our customers (the perverted bastards) who pay patronage to our shop, “Papillion’s Somnium” would pay anything to be in my current position.


The three of them, weren’t the type of people who could handle their alcohol in the first place.

After the talk I had with Lunamaria tonight, the conversation went into a ridiculous direction, which is probably why they went crazy with the drinking.


The conversation was of a most likely, no, of a future that would definitely never come true.


The mood was excited quite a bit with the talk of the three of them becoming my wives once they pass their peak, and retire from the shop, and they would use the money they earned when they were young to travel across the lands, or maybe live as they wish in the Royal capital, or pretend to be adventurers for a little while.


Wanting to tell everyone all the time about how they were so popular during their youth, well, it was just some boring talk about taking these three around, who would probably be extremely pretty even once they’re older, and being stared at by stupid men every which way.


Nevertheless, for Lunamaria, Lady Ristia, Lady Rola, and I, tonight was a night of fantasies and what ifs, like the first time we read an epic tale as children.


As a result, I think I got drunk as well, which was unlike me.

What I was most excited talking about was, describing a future where I became an adventurer, and I would be protected by the three of them, who would follow me for my, boring as usual, unique magic, and we all go on an adventure together.


Although the stage in which we enact our lives had changed, nothing about our roles have.

As usual, I would be relying on the three of them, and the one supporting the three of them in the background, would also be me, as always.


But it was fun.


Although you guys were extraordinary as prostitutes, there was no way you could be adventurers, I laugh.

Even as I was thinking that, the thought of taking quests from guilds, and going about our small, meaningless daily lives seemed fun, for sure.


I laugh out loud, imagining the countless scenes of our failures.

Without a doubt, even if I got involved with the guild, as long as I had my unique magic, all men would end up running away from me.


When something like that could become reality, the four of us would definitely already be old folk, but inside my head, was an extremely emotional picture drawn by the four of us.


When I suggested that we could add the Owner into this, the three of them gave me a strange look.

Well it’s true, there was no way such a great adventurer like him would join such a quack of a party.


With a bitter laugh, I cover the three of them with the luxurious blanket that Lunamaria had prepared.

Seriously, cover up a bit more guys.

Isn’t that your prided selling point? The selling point that has, in all honesty, a ridiculous price attached to it.


Besides, I’m a man as well, what would you do if something happened.


If, on the off chance that actually happened, I feel that even if they seemingly laughed it off and accepted it, they would definitely feel disappointed in me.


Even though they would joke about it on a daily basis about inviting me to bed.


Well, even if it was the truth, it would probably be the cliché where I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself back anymore and attack them, sort of thing.

I think that it’s fine when all four of us are together, but if in a one on one then, those girls’ sexual appeal and coaxing ability is really no joke.

The title of being the Top of the number one store in the “World’s most Sexual City” is not just for show.


However, at the very least, the one thing I would absolutely never do, is buy them with money.

If I really couldn’t hold it in then, they would let me do them if I asked them earnestly.


I would never deny the act of buying women with money.

If I blurted something like that out whilst being the Manager of a brothel, I would doubt my sanity.

Even for someone like me, I think that I could quite easily go up to another shop to buy a woman.

No, not that I’ve ever done it before though.


It’s not just these three, I just find it unpleasant to purchase the ladies in our brothel, Papillon’s Somnium.

I can’t really explain it as well. It was just a part of me that I don’t really understand.


In any case, tonight was fun.

Such a night would probably set soon.


The ladies who work at night, would get some proper rest from here on in order to be well prepared for the next night.


This was the same for the three unladylike people under a blanket in front of me.

They would be sleeping with someone tonight, and earning money for themselves, and us, Papillion’s Somnium.


A brothel is that kind of place, and prostitution is that kind of job.


I wasn’t so innocent as to think that it was sad so late in the game, but I wasn’t mature enough to think that was all to it either.

Her Highness, Princess Silveria had said some admirable words, and it’s not like I don’t understand where she was coming from.


Nevertheless, once night comes, the brothel will open and the ladies will take in their customers.


I will use my boring unique magic for these women, and above all, for myself in order to survive.


It’s not a bad life, truly, not a bad way to live.


There would be nights like this every now and then.


The words I gave to Lunamaria wasn’t a lie.


Thanks, Lunamaria, Lady Ristia, Lady Rola.

The reason I think that, is because I understand that you are, night after night, bustling for my sake.

It’s tough, but I hope for the best from here onwards as well.


As I was thinking that, I cast my unreliable unique magic on the three of them.

They seemed to be deep asleep, which was probably why they didn’t wake up.

I got rid of the alcohol that they could finally drink, but since they’re sleeping, there shouldn’t be any complaints.

Although it might influence their dreams somewhat.


Cleansing magic, Fatigue recovery magic, Odor removal magic, Fragrance magic, Rejuvenation magic.

As well as anything else, I cast all and any magic related to body management onto them all at once.


And finally, I didn’t tell any of them, but I also cast the Path magic onto them. I didn’t really know what it did though.

I’ve only ever cast this on this occasion, on the three of them who I’ve let my guard down against, and the Owner.

Just because I’ve cast it on them doesn’t mean that something was bound to happen.


It was just an illusion magic, that seemed to somehow make the person you cast it on closer to you.


Truthfully speaking, it was probably something like a good luck charm.


Only the Owner knows that I have this magic and, would faithfully come by once a year to have me cast the magic on him.


Geez, even though he’s older now, I’m still as “Taken advantage of” as always.


I quietly close the door behind me so that I don’t wake the three of them up.

Now then, let’s head back to my own room, and go back to sleep.


Oh wait, before that, there’s still a daily chore left to do.


I go out into the veranda from my office, and stretch my hands up into the air.

From there, an unseen magic was spread upon the entire nightscape of the city.


The effect was a lot less effective compared to casting it to each individual person, but if I do this once a day then, as long as no one incredibly sick comes into town, the town won’t be invaded by any diseases.


My professional rivals would ask me what the hell I was doing, but well, it was just a little something for my ego.

When it comes to my unique magic, my mana was equivalent to endless, was what the Owner had confirmed for me.

Truthfully, it’s not like I ever get tired anyway.


Now then, time to sleep for real this time.

After all, once night comes, the hustle and bustle would build up and come for us again.


Good night, Lunamaria.

Good night, Lady Ristia.

Good night, Lady Rola.


Good night, Owner, who was probably taking down monsters somewhere.


Let us once again wake up once the sun is up, and look forward to the unchanging nights.


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  1. This one is surprisingly my close favorite compared to food mercenary. Food mercenary pulls away since I try to make the food he’s making. This ones story grips me really hard. I don’t know why, but he feels very similar to me. Maybe it’s the whole passive thing and wanting to do what you can, also separating work from
    Personal. That’s what jumps out so much. I feel I could get along with this guy.


  2. Not bad story but not my cup of tea. I just feel the mc kinda have a mentally of eunuch here, he is matured enough he always think for the better of others before himself but he alway have his thought to his point of view, he should try to understand what other thinking also, he probably going to a lonely road if not for the girls liking him. I just dont see what the mc motivation in continuing doing this, I feel he always avoid some issue in his life and I think he give up accept things and having sometimes heartfelt conversation to the girls is good enough.


  3. Goddamn it. Now my curiosity’s piqued. Couldn’t read the ending and I found out there’s more too? Regardless, good work to you!

    Thanks for the chapters~!

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    • Honestly I was translating the final chapter but then I took a break and then went back to it and then someone said they would take over so I sent them what I had and then they never talked to me again lol


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