UchiMusume – Chapter 90

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Silver-haired Maiden, Coming home from working at another shop.


Somehow, Latina was able to weather through the busy peak hour of lunch.

Marcel’s mother and the woman working as the salesperson were alone. Originally, including the other woman on maternity leave, there were three people on duty during this busy time. Latina couldn’t compare with the veteran’s performances, but considering that it was her first day, Latina had worked quite hard.


“You tired?”

“I’m a little fatigued, but I’m alright. It’s different to what I usually do, so it’s quite fun.”

Marcel’s mother called out to Latina, seeing that she was having a late lunch now, after the lunchtime peak, and Latina answered her as so.

Her round bread had plenty of cheese and smoked meat inside, with a little bit of onion, and Latina looked delighted with just one bite.

“Latina-chan, you’ve always eaten so happily ever since you were young~.”

Marcel’s mother says then grins, and Latina reciprocated that smile.


The working hours of 『The Alley’s Bakery』 ended before the sun came down. Even if the store stayed open past the time when normal families would buy bread for their dinner, there won’t be any customers, and it would be dangerous even considering crime prevention rules. Above all else, they needed to start working early the very next morning as well.

As she watched Marcel’s parents prepare for tomorrow, Latina asked several questions, looking like she couldn’t hold back anymore.

What interested her the most, in particular, was the essentials to making bread, also known as the method to make yeast, and how to use that yeast to make the different kinds of breads.


Latina, on a fundamental level, enjoyed 『Learning new things』.

Which is exactly why, when she was coming home from 『The Alley’s Bakery』, she was feeling a little bit better.


She wasn’t able to get involved in the process, but just being able to watch on the sidelines the bread making process of making bread, managed to completely satisfy her curiosity. And it wasn’t just that, but the customers and work, was different to normal when she served customers at the 『Ocelot』, and was a really fresh, new experience.

She had to get home before it got dark, and since they start early tomorrow as well, they promised Latina that she could watch them make bread. Normally, she would be working together with Kenneth during the night shift, but it seems resting earlier might be better today.

As she was thinking that, she arrived back at the Southern District’s 『Dancing Ocelot』.

The regulars who saw her, looked slightly awkward as they smiled, somewhat bitterly, but she continued into the back, ignoring them.


“Kenneth, I’m back.”


“You seem busy. Should I help out after all?”

“No, a break is a break. You should take care of yourself.”

In the kitchen which was welcoming the busy peak of the night, Latina apologized to Kenneth, who was fighting all by himself, but Kenneth just smiled.


Kenneth was relieved to see Latina calming down this much, and coming home with such a refreshed look on her face.

To think that her way of refreshing herself was also working, ‘Just how much does she like working’, he was astonished, but then again, he saw cooking as both a job and a hobby, so it might not be that different.

“Are you going to eat dinner here?”

“What about Theo? I’ve caused trouble for Rita…. I’ll take care of Theo during the night at least.”

“Then, I’m counting on you. Theo is being taken care of over at my mother in law’s. He should be back soon.”

Rita’s parents, Kenneth’s parents in law, seeing the opportunity given by the young couple taking over the shop moved, to live in the residential areas of the Southern District.

Normally, they don’t show up in the shop, but when Kenneth and Rita had no hands to spare, there were many times when they would look after Theo, and help out with 『(Green God)Ahdar’s Message Board』.

Since Wind wasn’t home today, they left their son who was at the height of mischievousness to them. Although, if this occurred every day, Theo’s grandmother, Rita’s mother, would run out of energy, so this was a method that could only be used every now and then.



Theo, who came home shortly afterwards, rushed over to, not his father or mother, but Latina’s side.

Seeing his grandson running straight to Latina without even turning back, the previous generation who sent him home — his grandfather — looked a little disappointed.


“Theo, have you had a bath?”

“Not yet~”

“Then, let’s go take a bath before we eat.”

After seeing the previous generation off, Latina took Theo’s hand and went into the kitchen.

“Washing head, nooo~”

“Nope, I’ll wash it for you, so listen to me okay?”

Even as he said such words, Theo was acting like a spoiled child, sticking close to Latina. It was as if he wanted to regain an entire day’s worth of being spoiled, since he wasn’t able to get spoiled by his 『Beloved Big Sister』 since the morning.


Looking over at his son in his spare time at work, Kenneth smiled bitterly.

His son seriously seems to 『like his sister way too much』. It’s just that, he was also thinking that an existence that spoils him like Latina might be good, considering how strict they were, as his parents.

In any case, once Latina came back, the air, or rather the surrounding ambience calmed down. As expected, this natural born trait of hers, could be said to be a hard to come by virtue.


After getting Theo’s change of clothes, Latina headed towards the bathing area in the back. Likewise, by her feet, Theo was following her, toddling along.

Theo, hating soap getting in his eyes, and having his head washed, makes a big fuss whenever Kenneth would say things like washing his head to him. In Rita, his mother’s case, he would be severely scolded, and oftentimes start crying. Compared to that, when it comes to Latina, the person himself would obediently have his head washed, and as well as that, it seemed like she was extremely good at doing it.

As parents, it made them feel extremely at ease.


“Theo, you took off your clothes all by yourself. Good job!”


Kenneth had a loose expression on his face, hearing Latina and Theo’s voices coming from the back, who could be said to be even closer than actual brother and sister.


Taking Theo who had finished his bath by the hand, Latina heads towards the guests in the 『Ocelot』, and among the faces of familiar customers, was the sight of Rita busy at work.

“Rita, I’m back. I’m sorry for taking a break.”

“Welcome back Latina. It’s fine, I have to do my share of the work around here sometimes too, you know?”

Rita, who placed down a beer mug with a thud, was a lot rougher than how Latina served her guests, but this was originally how this shop served customers from the start.

“Theo, can you be a good boy and sit quietly?”

“I am good boy, mon

After having Theo sit down on a chair with a boastful face, with a Hmph, Latina heads for the kitchen. Plating up the food that Kenneth had prepared for her while she was in the bath, she once again returned to the shop.

Seeing Latina take care of Theo, a regular, Gilbester, looked slightly strained, and smiled considerately at them.

“Girly, you’re really good at taking care of that sonny huh.”

“You think so?”

Latina didn’t say anything about Gilbester’s awkward look, and smiled. Even as she did that, she was casually lending a hand to Theo, who was eating.

“Ahh…. Girly….. You know…..”

“Gil-san, um, you know….”

Interrupting Glibester who seemed to still be thinking of what to say, looking like he was having trouble saying something, Latina’s smile looked slightly troubled.

“Please, just wait for a little bit. …. I don’t think…. That I can, right now.”


Nevertheless, Latina smiles with a Ehehe.


Gilbester had also heard of the details of the 『Great tragedy』 that occurred here last night. He himself had not been in the shop, but the main topic in the shop today was how confused and panicked Dale was acting, and also, the absence of the 『Poster girl』.


Gilbester had watched over this young girl ever since she was little, and had always noticed her directing her feelings of “Love” to her own guardian.

If he was talking to Dale then he could tease him as much as he wants, but he was very considerate towards this little girl.

He was scared of stepping on a landmine and being hated by her.


“I’ll probably be able to get back to normal soon, so for just a little while, I want some time to organise my thoughts.”

Gilbester sighs, and changed up his feelings. Purposefully changing both his facial expressions and voice to a happier one.

“If you’re in trouble, I’ll gladly help you. Even an old man like me should be able to do something.”

“Un, thank you, Gil-san.”

Latina answered as so, with smile true to her heart, making Giblester feel at ease.


Latina was lulling Theo to sleep in the family’s living room, and seeing him doze off, snoozing, she quietly left the room.

She closes the door without making a sound so that she doesn’t end up waking him up.

And it was when she turned around.

She suddenly chanced upon Dale, who had just returned home.


Latina notices instantly that he wasn’t wearing his usual outdoors outfit, and just as she was thinking that he didn’t go to the 『Forest』 today, she quickly turned around.

She realised that, her 『Heart was still not ready』, more than she personally believed.

Right now, she couldn’t even look at Dale straight in the face.

Her heart’s beating was noisy. She knew that if she was to put her hands onto her cheeks, they would be warm. They would probably be red to her ears.

Forgetting to even quieten down her footsteps, she ran up into the attic.


Seeing her actions.

(To think that…. She couldn’t even…. Look directly at me…. This rebellious phase is just…. sigh)

She had not noticed Dale, hanging his head lifelessly, dejected. His eye’s leaking out the sweat of the heart.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

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