UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 07

Thanks Flynn as always for the raws

Man so much dialogueeeee

Also here’s the rest of the twitter pics as promised 🙂

Imgur Link

Google zip

Soz for delays, been reading ancient godly monarch. pretty good.

Like the fb page for quicker access of these, i just didn’t want to post these individually ya kno~ o3o (filthy reason kekkkkkekekeke)



12 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 07

      • literally i tought it was this part “ch-ch-check it out~” and i was like, this is from a rap…well, but ohhhhh it was the last sentence lol, one of the songs in mewtwo strikes back, shame on me ~Don’t say you love me, youuu don’t even know me, if you really want me…..Then give me some time~~

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  1. aaaah reading the comic makes it easier to understand the novel (not like i cant imagine it tho, but it’s always nice to see the visual representation). even more so since there’s still the fluffy latina mode lol.
    as usual, thanks for translating


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