UchiMusume – Chapter 96

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Silver-haired Maiden, Being Depressed.


Once she returned back to the 『Dancing Ocelot』 with Rudolf, she caught sight of Wind, who she hasn’t seen in a little while, in front of the entranceway. Although he had been casually sprawled down in one corner of the shop, he notices Latina’s presence and, swung his tail back and forth, puff puff, as he went out to greet her.


Wind, seeing Rudolf, stops moving.

Latina tilted her head curiously, seeing Wind’s reaction. On the other hand, Rudolf put himself on guard, sensing the strange pressure that the animal in front of him was emitting.

Wind stops to think — whether or not he should attack — and reached the conclusion that he should ignore this 『unknown human male』. Passing by Rudolf’s side, he went to rub his head on Latina.


The people around them were telling Wind that, ‘It’s fine to attack him’, the 『Unknown human male』 near Latina. However, if like today, where Latina was being so friendly talking to the other person, and he tried to attack, then he would be reprimanded by Latina. That was something Wind understood clearly.

Above that, for some reason, he could sense Latina’s 『smell』 from this 『unknown human male』.

When you’re troubled about something, just let it go.

That was the conclusion Wind reached.


“…Latina…what is that….?”

“Eh? Wind is… a dog?”

“Why are saying that as a question?”

“Hmmm… because, he’s a slightly strange dog?”

Hearing Rudolf’s natural questions about Wind, an obviously strange animal, standing in front of him, Latina hastily answered, as she fixed up the clothes hiding Wind’s wings.


Saying goodbye and her thanks to Rudolf who had sent her home, Latina headed up to her bedroom in the attic with Wind.

After a week’s worth of brushing, Latina inquired Wind about why he was away.

“Where did you go? I was worried because you disappeared so quickly.”

“I went to, Daddy’s place.”


“Daddy was bitten by Mummy and got beat. Mummy strongest.”


The language culture of Mystical Beasts is actually particularly developed, and even Latina, who used a week to be able to speak most commonly spoken language of the 『Human race』, the Western Continent’s language, found difficulties in learning this. It was understandable considering that there were no words or expressions to be used for comparison.

Even though Latina would tilt her head every now and then, she managed to guess that Wind had somehow returned home to visit his parents.

There was no way that the chief of the Heaven Soaring Wolves would know that the details of their couples spat would be exposed to their cub.


Latina tightly hugs Wind, whose fur had become soft and fluffy, and buried her face within.


“….I’m sorry, Wind…. Can I stay like this, for a little while?”

Being relieved that Wind didn’t dislike this, and was swinging his tail back and forth, Latina once again, brought her face to the warmth and sensation of Wind’s fur.

“….I wonder, why can’t I, say it properly….”

Within her muttering words, was a hint of sorrow that couldn’t be hidden.

Although she had tried her very best today, as soon as she let herself go, and had those timid words leak out, her vision blurred up. She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the prickly sensation in her nose.


When she was little, all the adults around her, everyone, they all looked like they knew exactly what they were doing. It looked as if they could do anything easily.

She had wanted to grow up quickly, and be able to join that group of people.

Growing up, and becoming Theo’s 『big sister』; She had thought that she had gotten a bit closer to becoming an adult than before.

However, it seems that she was still the same old, 『His little daughter』. Not even being able to take care of the house while Dale is away, and even crying; I haven’t grown up at all. It’s natural for me to be treated as a child.


I’m sure, if I could become a proper adult then, I would be able to easily say it to him.


“I wonder when… can I, finally….become an adult….”


Hearing the tender voice of her 『friend』 calling out to her, as if quietly comforting her, she rubbed away her fallen tears, and stopped moving for a little while afterwards.


“That idiot. How does he want to die?”

Coming down from her room to the first floor, Latina’s eyes had reddened and that was the first thing Rita said seeing that.


“….I do indeed think that, his actions were unspeakably stupid but…. That guy, it seems he has his own way of thinking of this too so…. Give him a little bit of slack.”

“It’s fine. No matter what you say Kenneth, you’re soft on that idiot. It’s fine even if I’m the only one on Latina’s side.”

After saying that to her husband, Rita skillfully moved one of her eyebrows upwards.

“It would be the perfect chance for me to yell at that idiot to my heart’s content, including all the complaints and everything else that Latina couldn’t say to him.”


“Yeah. Theo thinks that as well right~?”

As Rita asked her son, who had cut into the conversation, as if seeking out his agreement, Theodore, who only understood matters that related to his favourite 『sister』, repeated after his mother.

Although Kenneth had a rather complicated look on his face, he couldn’t say anything to support Dale’s actions.


“….Rita? Kenneth? What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. Wind, you’ve become so fluffy.”

Without the redness in her eyes, Latina, made a face just like always, and tilted her head, puzzled at Rita’s sharp atmosphere. Hearing Latina’s question, Rita waved her hands left and right, with a smile.

Although Latina was a little curious regarding Rita’s reply, she looks up at Kenneth, and said, pretending to be casual.

“Kenneth, do you need help for the night shift?”

“It’s fine if you just come back tomorrow morning. Working in an unfamiliar environment should have tired you out more than you think. Rest properly.”

Hearing Kenneth’s reply, Latina looked like she was a little down.

Kenneth sighs and continued talking to his 『disciple』.

“Don’t do something as reckless as to 『Work, to the point of thinking about nothing at all』, Latina.”

“……I’m sorry.”

“You shouldn’t be…. apologizing.”

“But you know…. Um, you know…. I….”

Kenneth placed one of the palm of his hand, which was larger than Dale’s, onto his 『disciple’s』 head, who was still trying to talk back. It’s as if he’s been doing that since she was young, patting her with a force stronger than Dale’s.

“This will be Rita’s last night on the floor as well. Because of that, could you pamper Theo a lot for me? Since we can’t pamper him as much as you can.”


Somewhat understanding his father’s words, Theo shouts out happily. With a trot trot, he rushes up to Latina, and looked up at her with expectation.



“It really helps that you’re here, Latina.”


Hearing those words from Kenneth, the tears that should have stopped, gradually started running again.

Her current self, who had lost all her confidence in both her identity, and actions, had wanted to stay positive above all else. And that had been noticed.

She had wanted a reason, for her to be able to stay here.

“Thank you…”

With a choked up tone, Latina muttered, not 『Sorry』, but the word she needed to say.


The 『difference in Latina’s enthusiasm』 towards Rita and Dale, was probably something rooted in Latina’s very personality, is what Kenneth was thinking.

To Latina, 『Dale’s existence』, above all else, is what stabilises her spirits. When Latina is by Dale’s side, she would be able to forget all her worries and everything else, as she gets sweetly pampered by Dale.

When Latina would be unstable, when she would be so depressed that she would be like a completely different person compared to how her usual bright self was, was 『when Dale isn’t here』.

That was the sight of her that everyone knew, except Dale.

No matter how much he hears about it from the people around him, it would be rather difficult for him to imagine it without seeing this sight of hers for himself. That was just how big a gap there was between the 『normal』 Latina and her.


If he was to know of this side of hers, not even Dale would be able to leave her feelings alone, and flying out.

It was precisely because Dale, who 『treated Latina like a child』, was being 『spoiled』 by her, who had been much more responsible for her age than her peers ever since she was young, that he wounded up 『depending on her without knowing』.



Wind enviously circles around, watching as Latina tightly hugs Theo, who innocently yearned for her.

Kenneth watches them, pondering over what he should do from here on.

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