Editor Wanted

So I didn’t end up talking to any old friends about my editing.

Anyway, to all interested parties, please send me an email at: konobutatrans@gmail.com

or contact me through the other social media stuff.

No experience is necessary, but I need my editor to have at least my level of english, so there will be a small test. (It’s the first chapter of the sequel to I can see HP and MP) It’ll be a minimal edit version of mine, so there will be mistakes and even very strangely phrased sentences that I couldn’t weave together properly during translating.

Japanese knowledge is not necessary, but there will be times when I have unsure statements and may need to communicate for clarification. (I tend to be very bad on the communication side of things, so you will need to talk to me)

At least 1 chapter will be edited a week. Up to 3.

And nothing more than a thank you will be given for every chapter you edit :v (I’m poor) (You can also be friends with me if that counts as a benefit – You can judge me via these statements:
“[Coolizer] is just a chill person who crosses that flirt line more often than id perfer
and borderline weeb” also
“[an] anooying person
like a bad case of leeches”) – Mimi 2017

I will send the test tomorrow night to anyone who sends me a message.


(In the very sad and off chance that no one seems to be on the same wavelength as me, the recruitment will be cancelled :c)


4 thoughts on “Editor Wanted

  1. Too bad, I really want to know how it would turn out in reality.

    Meet a friend that haven’t seen for a long time.
    “Want to edit my chapter?”

    Must be fun reaction.


  2. Join the Translator’s Corner discord, you can probably (well probably not actually manage to recruit someone) try and ask for help, and you can definitely get help on specific words and sentences you don’t know.

    Ask me for an invite on discord or something someone, I’m NZPIEFACE#8439


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