UchiMusume – Chapter 97

so my level of quality i’m looking for is just like, nice english. Easy to read, easy to digest without having to re-read passages too much.(something like this chapter(i tried a little bit harder lol)) That’s what webnovels should be about right? I’ll be sending out the tests after this. Please bear with me if I don’t reply immediately as there are quite a few applicants. (Wow it’s like i’m running a business heh)
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Red-haired Youth, Visiting the 『Ocelot』.


Latina returned working at the 『Dancing Ocelot』 the next day, and she looked like she had mostly recovered, from what could be seen.


However, though she could overcome the loneliness that 『him being away』 normally brings, she had brought Wind up to the room to accompany her last night, instead of spending her nights up there alone, as usual. Nevertheless, Kenneth and the others didn’t say a word. If with that, she could be comforted by the warmth of another, even for a little while, then that’s what she should do.

Wind, on the other hand, was being taken care of by Latina a lot more than usual, and was in a good mood, in contrast to Latina’s depressed self.


Latina had come back, and was coming and going within the store, spinning around restlessly — Today, the regulars who came to the shop for breakfast, looked 20% brighter.

Kenneth saw how the customers were acting, and had a feeling that tonight was going to become extremely busy, as if to make up for the past weeks’ worth, and so decided to increase the preparations for tonight.

Even without planning for it, it went just as Latina had wished. Seeing that she was so busy working, she probably did not even have the time to think about anything needless.


Inevitably, the amount of work needed for lunch also increased. Rita was pregnant as well, so there were a lot of tasks piling up that Kenneth couldn’t do all by himself. Tasks like, going out to stock up on ingredients and equipment, as well as doing the laundry for the linen materials and such, was being taken care of by him and Latina.

It wasn’t just Dale who had to endure Latina’s absence.

Kenneth too, even though it had been done by the couple before, never thought that it would become this difficult. He was finally fully understanding just how much help his 『disciple』, who was working at a nice pace, was towards his own work.


Dale’s act of running away, was stupid, is what Kenneth thinks.

Nevertheless, Kenneth was also thinking that his 『little brother』 needed some time to cool off. It’s just that the way he went about it was wrong. Most likely, right about now, he was moving through some place, just clutching his head, thinking about what he did.

(Latina too, should have been a little bit more selfish as well, and said that she’s lonely, or that she doesn’t like this or that.)

It seems that without realising it, all the 『adults』 had ended up relying on her, this kind, patient girl.

‘I need to reflect upon this as well’, was what Kenneth was thinking as he continued working, not letting his hands take a break.


Just as Kenneth had guessed, the customers that night started gradually coming into the 『Dancing Ocelot』 early on, and by the 『usual time』, that is, when the tavern was earning money, the entire floor was full, and yet, in the end, there were even some customers who didn’t mind standing as they drank.

Latina, by herself, couldn’t cope with all this by herself, and thus, even Rita went out onto the floor. Since Wind had come back again, he helped with 『keeping an eye』 on Theo as well.


There were a lot of people, so whilst listening to all the orders coming up at them, they didn’t even repeat it back, and caught it in an instant. Since it wasn’t just the table, but also the customer’s faces who she remembered, it was impossible for her to send the dishes to the wrong table. She also only needed an instant to calculate the change, and engaged them with a brilliant smile.

Latina, was that sort of 『poster girl』. It was precisely because she was here that it would be this crowded and rowdy, and yet if she wasn’t here, there would be so much work that there was no way Kenneth could work through it all.


“Rita, you’re pregnant, so don’t force yourself, okay? I’ll be able to manage, even by myself.”

“I’ve never even thought of pushing myself too hard from the beginning, so don’t worry. It should be me who’s saying that to you, Latina. Don’t work too hard.”

“I’m fine.”

“If I think that you’re going too far, I’ll use my power as the owner to force you to rest, okay?”

“It’s okay! I won’t push myself.”

To Latina, someone who was somewhat addicted to her work, an extended 『break』 was definitely not something that she was appreciative of.

Latina, shook her head violently at Rita’s words.

“Really, she’s so hardworking.”

Rita looked on with astonishment as she watched that young girl, quickly turning around, tapping away.


At that time, sensing the presence of a new customer, Latina reflexively turned to smile, before having it go back to normal.

“Welco-….. Rudi?”


Rudolf looked around the shop curiously, albeit slightly awkwardly. He seemed to gulp, seeing how busy the shop was.

“What’s wrong?”

“….Isn’t it obvious why I’m coming to a tavern? It’s either alcohol or food, right?”


Several of the regulars who happened to hear his answer, looked towards him with a lukewarm expression. The fact that what he was looking for was neither of those, was common knowledge.

“Really? It’s busy right now so…. there aren’t any seats.”

— It had to be said that, it was common knowledge to 『everyone but the person herself』. As such a thought appeared in the people’s heads, Latina looked troubledly towards her childhood friend.


“No worries, get over here.”

Just then, one of the regulars called out to him.

Latina looked relieved for a few seconds, but Rudolf’s back straightened up so much, almost as if it was bending backwards.


Latina sends a smile towards the owner of that voice and said with a somewhat crude tone that she’s been using since she was younger.

“Is it alright to share the table?”

“It’s not like I don’t know the guy. It’s fine, so get over here and sit down.”

“Thank you.”

To Latina, even the strong, sturdy man working in the 『Military』, one of the ruffians of Kroix, was merely a nice uncle who had doted on her ever since she was young.

However, it was different to Rudolf.

To the recruits who were at the bottom of the barrel within the organisation, he was a leader, someone above the skies. Furthermore, even the faces surrounding that table, were those who were powerful, or in the upper echelons.


I don’t think I’ll be in the mood to eat if I was sitting around the same table as them.


From the uncles’ point of view, they felt like they had caught onto an interesting play toy. Furthermore, if they were to place 『this(her childhood friend)』 by their side, then even though the 『poster girl』 was busier than usual, she would probably still frequent their table more.

Having such selfish plans, the young man was made to stay at the most 『terrifying table』 within the store.

“Rudi, what will you have?”


“Oi, Schmidt. There’s no need to hesitate. Come on, drink.”

“!? Yes!!”

“You’re still only half a man, so you should start with around this much.”


Latina, who saw her childhood friend receiving the cup with a moderate bit of alcohol poured into it, panicked and then turned around into the kitchen. In that situation, he would probably get instantly wasted. She grabs onto a large glass, steadily pouring water into it.

The concept of power harassment or alcohol harassment did not exist. Even if the orders from those 『above you』 cannot be split into black and white, you still must, at the very least, think about the grey areas.1The world is an unreasonable place.


『Children』 are fundamentally banned from drinking alcohol, but if that’s the case, then the problem becomes confronting what age defines an 『adult』.


In Raband, the rough estimation of when one is to be treated as an adult is 18 years old. However, just like Dale’s hometown, Tisroh, there are also some cultures where an adult is classified as 15 years old. Because of that, there isn’t an uniform standard regarding one’s age.

That age figure was nothing more than a type of rough estimation regarding when a man or woman would start working, become independent, and reach a suitable age to get married.

After finishing elementary education, a large majority of the children in Kroix take up work as assistants. They would then go through the 『apprenticeship』 period, and once they start『becoming independent』, that’s when they start being treated as an 『adult』.

Once you can make an earning with your own power, and become someone who can maintain their independent way of life, although it may be considered to some as 『common sense』, that action itself, is what makes others consider you responsible.

There was no reason for others to chime in on those regarded as official members of the military, like Rudolf, nor those 『rookies』 around his age, taking requests as adventurers, even if they were to drink alcohol or whatever, at the 『Dancing Ocelot』.


Be that as it may, the-still-immature Rudolf, someone who had never had any strong liquor before, did not even consider how easy to drink that, which was recommended by the uncles, who were rich with experience was, and coughed up a storm after bringing the cup up to his mouth.


Seeing Rudolf coughing to the point of crying, the uncles, who had all once accepted such a baptism, all responded with a big laugh.


“Are you alright? Rudi?”

That’s when Latina rushed up to him in panic, carrying a glass of water. Then rubbing his back, and quickly chanting a simple 『Detox』 spell.

“Don’t force yourself to drink. It’s dangerous.”

After having Rudolf drink the water, Latina frowns a little and looks at the regulars around her.

“Captain-san, you guys did this on purpose, right?”

“Oooh, scary~”

It was a shame as despite Latina looking at them in a threatening manner, it did nothing but make the group of uncles even happier.

And, by messing around with 『this (her childhood friend)』, they were able to prove that the naturally kindhearted 『poster girl』 would come over here looking worried.



Incidentally, Latina, who had been raised, surrounded by drunk uncles ever since she was young, understood that the living organisms known as 『Drunks』, would not listen to reason, so she let them off to some extent.

Since the uncles also knew, that something like this 『wouldn’t be enough to have her hate them』, they didn’t hold back at all in that respect.


(Author’s notes:

Drinking is only for after your 20 years old. (TL: Or you know, whatever the legal age is for your country lol. Mine’s 18 :P)

Even if you do drink alcohol, don’t get drunken by it. (TL: Wow so deep, bruh, you drink the alcohol, don’t let the alcohol drink youuuuuuu)

This piece of work is a fantasy.)


1(Note: Even if it can’t be split into yes or no, you must at least consider it?)

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    • — To the recruits who were at the bottom of the barrel within the organisation, he was a leader, someone above the skies. Furthermore, even the faces surrounding that table, were those who were powerful, or in the upper echelons. —
      My condolences Rudi…

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  5. The drinking age is obviously when it becomes acceptable in your parents’ eyes to drink or when you are old enough to supply yourself. This means that in my country, that is at the latest 16 years old, or down to 13-14 years old, not counting the odd drinking accidents when younger.


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