Sir, I can’t actually read my Status

Title: Sir, I can’t actually read my Status


Author: Ora-sama

Status. That was the magic display in which you would understand with a single glance, the talents bestowed upon you by god. Your skills and stats.

In such a world which heavily values such a display, our protagonist Raigh, is the only one with a display, that not even he, nor anyone else was able to understand.

Raigh, unknown to the skills and stats that he holds, was scorned by his surroundings at a young age, unable to find an honest job, and was living out his hopeless days as a bottom-of-the-barrel adventurer. Nevertheless, he was trying his utmost in order to fulfill his dreams, and had gotten his hands on a ridiculous power without even noticing it.

(TL:Aw… why do I never read the synopsis properly. He’s gonna be op? rip. Oh wells. Already translated it, so might as well post it. I still feel like turning this into an actual project though.)



That was when I was still 8 years old. Something that happened when I was in a certain class at school.


To Raigh Olgas, it was the beginning of everything.


In the country of Hurens, the second year of school, was the first time you would be taught “Status Magic”, which allows you to be able to see your own stats. I’ve heard that if you belonged to a royal lineage, then some parents would try to secretly teach their children, but in accordance to the country’s law, you would come to learn it at least by the age of 8.


Learning Status Magic was exceedingly simple, and there was no one, even among those who didn’t possess mana, that couldn’t use this.


In the first place, if one was somehow unable to view their own status then, they would most likely face various problems in their lives.


Status. That was one’s <Level> and <Experience>, and above all, a magic display that would allow you to confirm with a single glance, the <Talent> that God had bestowed upon humans.


People were able to look at it and determine what job they are suited towards, also they would be able to check how much more they would have to work in order to raise their levels to become even stronger, or in order to raise their familiarity with their skill. Even when one looks for a job, you would naturally have your status be checked by your employers. Something that has a heavy focus in various aspects of life, and attached to everyone. That was what a status is.


Which is why, everyone was looking forward to the day that they would be taught this Status magic.


I was the same. ‘I wonder what skills I would have. Maybe one of my stats would actually be really high.’ Was what I was thinking last night, and I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep at all, making the sister at the orphanage angry at me.


And right now, I was learning the Status magic from the teacher, trying to chant the incantation, albeit nervously.


Open — Everything would be known with that one word.


“Please let it be a skill related to combat. If not, please let it be one related to magic.”


I voiced my thoughts out loud as I spoke out the word, Open.


After which, a bright light shines in front of me, and a half-transparent display shows up,




“I think Nild got the Swordsman Skill, rank A!”


“Eh? A rank. Isn’t that the highest rank!?”


And my classmates at the front of the class shouted out excitedly.


The one who was acting all proud in the middle of all that, was the biggest, and most selfish person, Nild.

He was showing off his status to the class as if he couldn’t get enough, and everyone was looking at that skill in the row reading, <Swordsman: A>, before raising their voices.



To be honest, I’m jealous. People who were capable of obtaining of a rank A skill, I heard that that’s 1 in a thousand. Furthermore, if it was the swordsman skill then, in the future, it was the same as being promised to enter into the Royal Knight Order.


“That’s amazing, Nild. To actually get Swordsman Skill A.”


I forgot to even check my own status, and as I was looking over at Nild in jealousy, a brilliant looking girl with fluffy golden hair, called out to me.


It was my childhood friend Sisteena.


Although Sisteena was raised in the same orphanage as me, she was different from me, who had lost my parents in the previous war, and was the actual daughter of the sister who was sent here to be the Principal of the Orphanage by the church. Nevertheless, she was just someone like a little sister to me, the same as all the other kiddies. Though, to Sisteena, it might be me, who was the little brother.


“Hey, what about your status Raigh?”


“That’s right. I… was trying to look at my status.”


Being told by Sisteena, I finally remembered what my original goal was.


As I was avoiding Sisteena’s gaze, which was trying to sneak a peek, I once again looked at my own status display.




“Say, Sisteena. What language is the status display written in again?”


“The Holy Haleya language. Weren’t they teaching us about it this past year? Don’t tell me you forgot?”


“There’s no way I would. Even that idiot Nild was able to read it, you know?”


“Then why did you ask?”


After the insistent Sisteena made an unsatisfied expression, she went ‘Ah’, as if she had realised something and turned away awkwardly.


“E-even if you don’t have a combat related skill, don’t be upset. I’ve heard stories where people with production skills, used them well and matured as a knight.”


Sisteena knew that my dream was to become a knight, and become rich. And that it was undeniably necessary for one to possess a skill related to combat or magic in order to become a knight. Maybe she thought that my attitude came because I didn’t want to believe my own status, and so was trying to cheer me up.


“Besides, being a knight isn’t the only possible path. There’s no one who isn’t bestowed a skill, and so no matter what skill that was, if you raise the familiarity, you would definitely be able to become rich through that path.”


“Even a rank E Farming skill?”




“There’s no way right? For a rank E farmer. I’ve heard that they can only make the crops in the fields a little bit better.”


“They can! If you can’t then, I’ll support you for the rest of my life!”


She was angry for some reason, and Sisteena chanted, “Open”.


“See! I’ve got the same Priest skill as my mother! In addition to that, I have the Healing magic skill as well. Both are B ranked so, with this I should be able to get to a fairly well off position within the church! And then, I can support you Raigh, or rather, um, uh, get ma, mar, marr, marr…..d, to you or something…”


Sisteena who came over to take a look at my status, went completely red. I couldn’t hear the last part though. What did she say?


“I-in any case, even if you only have a E ranked Farming skill, remain positive!”






We looked at each other. That’s when I finally realised Sisteena’s misunderstanding.


“It’s, not like I have the Farming skill, you know?”


“Wh-what!? It’s because you say it like that, which is why I thought that!”


“Besides, I don’t think the Farming skill, even exists. Probably.”


“What do you mean by probably? Geez. Stop hiding it already and let me see your Status!”


“Oi! It’s not good to just look at someone’s status as you please! Pervert!”


“You’re so noisy! Aren’t we close, Raigh!”


Sisteena climbed over my back, and forcefully tried to look at my Status.


Our classmates looking at us making a fuss, were looking on with warm eyes. The two of us who were sticking to each other by the cheeks, talking to each other, probably looked like a sister and brother who were very close. The only one who didn’t seem pleased was probably only Nild. That guy, seems to like Sisteena after all.


“Let’s see.”




Since I had my attention diverted a little by something else, Sisteena ended up seeing my status.


…It’s a little late, but maybe it would be better to just close my status display by saying ‘Close’.


“What the?”


Sisteena looks at my status, and then proceeded to incline her head just as I was previously.


“I knew it. My status is weird huh.”


“Rather than weird, I mean, it is weird.”


We decided to line up our displays for a comparison.


First, on Sisteena’s normal display, the following was written in Holy Haleya language.


Sisteena Rengobard

Level:  3

Experience: 32  Until next level: 19


Health:  56

Mana:  56

Strength: 7

Endurance: 7


Dexterity: 13

Wisdom:  55


Priest:  B  Familiarity: 13

The talent to guide people onto the correct path. Increases the effect of Holy, and Healing magic.


Healing Magic:  B  Familiarity: 1

Can use magic which allows for the recovery of strength, and healing wounds.



Healing – Heals light wounds, and recovers strength. Costs 25 mana.


On the other hand, my status was….


fagga;aeg ;aakd;a

g akjegake

rga;aga;ka5ega ea;gaeo

o;gkalaae eeega



agajle e




a l eyukiae

oiuy ,ae




There were lines after lines of characters which looked nothing like the Holy Haleya language.

Furthermore, the characters would change from time to time, and wasn’t set into stone.


At this close distance, I exchange a look with Sisteena, and we both turned towards each other with the exact same timing. I’ve never seen nor heard of a status like this.


“I wonder, if this is normal? It’s not some kind of illness, is it?”


“Don’t say someting so scary. It’ll go back to normal soon…. probably.”


“Sh-should I try casting Healing on you?”


“I said it’s fine.”


“At least try to talk about it with the teacher.”




Since Sisteena looked like she was about to cry, I raised my hand, and decided to tell this to the person I could depend on the most.


“Sir, I can’t actually read my status.”

Without knowing, that this one sentence would lead me onto a tough, and dangerous path….


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    • — He’s gonna be op? rip. —
      I think, hardworker type turn OP is worth to translate…

      — And then, I can support you Raigh, or rather, um, uh, get ma, mar, marr, marr…..d, to you or something…” —
      Riaju Bakuhatsu!!!


  1. Thank you for the chapter Of he does become OP, I hope it’s due to hard work, that isn’t just skipped over with a time skip. Not some bull artifact or after a 15 year time skip. Let there be a struggle.


  2. Hmmm. A bit more clear direction than the one you translated previously, and it, in my opinion, has a much better clincher. It already has a love interest, an antagonist, and has clearly defined the MC’s to-be hardships. It actually leaves you with a feeling of, “I would like to know what happens next, or at least what kind of hardships. And, whether or not he gets married to the cute girl.”


  3. Why don’t the author have the status in a code? Like if he want to read it, he have to decipher It each time and his name would be a guide? Good? Bad?


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