UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 08

More important edit/update: Fixed a mistake. Thanks.

Edit: please refer back this post when sharing, thanks, I need the views to feel relevant

Thanks Flynn for raws as always~ and gl on thesis stuff 🙂

I spent much time on edits, please compliment me ❤

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Phew~ Things are tough sometimes~ This took me much long, but was much fun. God Dale looks so cool badass. This is the shonen shit I’m tling for 😛

I want to say I have problems in the real life to complain about. But I don’t really do atm. :c shame.

I mean… I don’t exactly like my group projects in weird subjects either. Cause no one really cares about the course, but I wanna do well at least~ Hope I do~ Man I’m gonna get screwed by all the essays im gonna have to write.

Yeah… I just reminded myself. There may not be a chapter either this week or next week. I only have one that’s half translated atm. >< I don’t have a stockpile sigh…

OH wells~ that’s enough :3 Enjoy the awesome chappie


14 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 08

  1.        _
     ⊂⊃   /~ \
      ⊂⊃ /´´`、丶 \
    (⌒)┬-∧,,∧ ―┬┴
    -(⌒)- ( ˘ω˘ )フゥ ┴┬
      Thanks! Nepu!!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Dale throwing a tantrum… that scene cracked me up. And Dale not even being slowed down by a dragon!! Wow.


  3. Dale is so coooool!!!!!! But at the same time, Dale with his Latina deficiency withdrawal symptoms is kinda cute too~ :3
    And Latina…what else could I say other than her being so cute? She’s always so cute!!!
    Good job on translating and editing it! It is so so so so amazing!


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