Editor Wanted

So I didn’t end up talking to any old friends about my editing.

Anyway, to all interested parties, please send me an email at: konobutatrans@gmail.com

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UchiMusume – Chapter 96

My body aches all over… sport is tough :c
Sigh… as much as I like to look for an editor, its tough just to find someoen and i’m out of time as it is. Right now, I’m hoping for 1 chapter a week. Let me off with this at least ok? Until I stabilise my uni life
I might just have to find one of my old online friends and be like ‘aye, long time no speak, edit for me pls?’
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Silver-haired Maiden, Being Depressed.


Once she returned back to the 『Dancing Ocelot』 with Rudolf, she caught sight of Wind, who she hasn’t seen in a little while, in front of the entranceway. Although he had been casually sprawled down in one corner of the shop, he notices Latina’s presence and, swung his tail back and forth, puff puff, as he went out to greet her.

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