update (sigh i hate having to keep updating for everyhting)

tldr don’t know when i’ll be translating. im sad for u guys.


It’s my midsem break and I said i would do more chapters. but.

I got work. much much work. even work on days i wasn’t supposed to. and work tires me out so i’ve been playing a lot of rocket league and dota to relieve myself. And some community channel.

so. ryouriban has 2 chapters out now. ;-; and i have no stock of anything since i haven’t translated in more than a week sigh.

although i’ve also been very interested in translating a certain manga. at least the first two volumes. cause that’s where the initial arc drama ends and i can’t handle anymore drama.


17 thoughts on “update (sigh i hate having to keep updating for everyhting)

  1. Good things are worth waiting for. Take care of yourself first, TL when ya have time and when ya feel like it and we’ll all be happy.


  2. It’s always best to translate them when you feel like translating them; no point in making something fun into a chore after all! Always appreciate your hard work!


  3. Is that manga about a guy whose parents are dead so he decided to stop going to school and work to provide for his younger sibling (little sister i think?)


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