UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 09

It’s like… wow, the manga i work on fast, but the novel.

Anyway. The next chapter has been translated. Tossed to my editors now 😛

For people who do share it on reddit. Please link to the site (this post or whatever) instead of just the imgur. The views do motivate me slightly.

Oh and also check out some fanart 🙂


[Google Drive]

Other chapters here

It’s like… maybe i should just post it up on reddit myself. I said that last month. and i think i made an account? just for that? but i also think i forgot the username, and email i signed up with… if i did.

Oh well. Let’s hope people actually lsiten to me.

Oh and also. There was a mistake on the last chapter, so I uploaded a fix back then. Go check it out if you haven’t.

16 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 09

  1. Look at what you have done. I almost drop my phone in a shower and use face cream instead of a shampoo. But in front of Latina all shall be forgiven.

    Seriously, I really did all that when I saw the manga update.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’s a shame the novel TL work goes slow, i want to keep reading =(

    Regardless of that, thanks for the work ^_^ (if you want to pause the novel TL for a while and work on a bunch of manga chapters in a row, you won’t get complaints from me)


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