UchiMusume – Chapter 105

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Youth, Speaking of his worries again. Second.


“Gilbester, how do Beast Tamers and the such allow their tamed beasts to come into the city?”

“I don’t really know either. If I recall correctly, there should be some sort of specialised magic tool for it. Oi, go call that Kevin fellow over.”

After all that, Gilbester calls out for the tamer he knew.


“Ahhh, geez.”

Rita, who had been silent for quite some time, seems to have collected herself. She turned towards 『The Green God, Ahdar’s Message Board』, and started gathering information about the recent happenings in the surroundings.

Rita knew that she was a 『stubborn』 girl, as well as how persistent she was when it came to the 『unreasonable』. And so she came to the conclusion that if danger was going to be present either way, cooperating would be more 『constructive』.

If she was acting recklessly and unreasonably from the get go, they would’ve stopped her at all costs. But the issue is that Latina’s specs were way too high.

The 『Beast Tamer』 Kevin, whom Gilbester had called out, appeared inside the 『Dancing Ocelot』 with a black-furred wolf behind him. His 『partners』, the wolves, were actually a couple, but the female had given birth this past spring, and was currently resting, taking care of the cub.

It seems that’s the reason he could come immediately when called for, and came to help them.

Seeing that an unfamiliar animal had intruded on his territory, Wind was scowling at the black wolf from the shadow of the counter. The black wolf acted as if it wasn’t even aware of Wind, but it’s ears were shaking furiously.


That’s the magic tool.

Kevin pointed towards the wolf’s neck, and inside the collar hanging from the wolf’s thick neck was a metal plate.

“Honestly speaking, 『this』 is something that beasts 『instinctively dislike』. It’s exactly why, for the 『beasts』 that wear 『this』, you either have to control them through 『Control』 magic, or have to prove that it’s a 『tamed beast』 that’s been strictly trained. It’s the least you need to bring a 『tamed beast』 around the city.”

“Then, if Wind wore 『this』 then could he travel with Latina?”

Kenneth, who was spinning around the 『magic tool』 that Kevin had prepared, brought it in front Wind to see.

Having brought his face closer to the magic tool, he took a sniff, and indeed made a disgusted face, skillfully expressing his feelings; despite being a beast.

“No. This yucky.”

“Choose. Do you want to stay at home, away from Latina? Or wear this and go with her?”

“I can do it. I can do it if I try.”

An immediate answer.

Just as he had planned.


“I’ve heard about it but…. without even 『Control』 magic…. Just how ridiculous…. Is the willpower of Mythical Beasts?”

“Pretty sure you’ll lose it if you think about it. It is the girly after all.”

Looking at Kevin who was cradling his head having seen such a ridiculous sight, especially since it was his field of expertise, all Gilbester could do was send him a gaze full of compassion.

Like this, the preparations were proceeding hurriedly.

What Latina had prepared, was made up mostly of the things she had once packed back when she went to Tisroh. Although her cape was a little short now, she decided to take due to its excellence as a 『Magic Tool』.

Since it had a design that didn’t really bring attention to the size of the cape, and it wasn’t the cold season, she concluded that it was good enough.


“Latina, you’ve brought along your magician’s staff right?”

“Un. But, I can use magic even without it so it’s not that big of a deal.”

“That’s true. However, it’s a way to show those around you that 『You’re a magician』. Even if it’s for show, look like a proper 『adventurer』.”

“Because 『female travelers are looked down upon』?”


The 『staff』 that Dale had once bought for her was a practise tool for children, but it was more than enough compared to what 『Newbie adventures wear』.

It was something that would make others look twice at her, unable to simply make fun of her, even if she was traveling alone.

Latina, who had accepted Kenneth’s, the regulars’, and Rita’s help for the preparations, went towards the Carriage stop in Kroix — There was no direct carriage to the Royal capital, and so there needed to be a carriage change in a town on the way — only to suddenly stop.

Latina looked around restlessly, making sure that the people who saw her off couldn’t see her anymore. And then, crouched down next to Wind.

“Hey, Wind.”


“I have something I want to try…. You can’t tell the others.”


“Can I ride you, you think?”


She had learnt how to do it from Teacher Cornelio once.

As well as the fact that the highway between Kroix and the Royal Capital was purposefully arranged to have a detour.

That was because in times of emergency, it would buy time for defence preparations. Furthermore, with bridges as well as the geography of the land, a flying dragon that could travel in a straight path, would be overwhelmingly faster than any other method.

Knowing this, Latina thought about whether or not she could take to the skies with her 『friend’s』 ability, rather than travelling by the ground route, with a carriage.

“I can use both my Barrier magic, and my Gravity Reduction magic, and I’ll try my best not to get in your way Wind, so do you mind if we try that for a bit?”


Despite the fact that maintaining several different magics for long periods of time, was in itself out of the ordinary, there was no one around that could comment on Latina’s idea.

It could also be said that the idea this young girl came up with, was one so 『reckless, and absurd』that her『guardians』, those adults, would never be able to come up with anything similar.


She went outside of Kroix together with Wind, and practised any aerial maneuvers that came to mind several times, at a low altitude.   

After that, they left for their journey in the skies.

And she managed to do it.


Wind, being a cub, had flying ability slower than that of a flying dragon, which specialised in flight, and he also couldn’t fly for too long.

Latina as well, required breaks from casting magic.

One person, and one beast, took the appropriate rest points without pushing themselves. They stayed a night at one of the towns along the way, and arrived at the Royal Capital the next day.

Nevertheless that was still extremely quick.

Latina, having realised that she did something that was 『out of the norm』, landed a little ways from the Royal Capital, and also had the 『common sense』 to head for the town on foot. She didn’t want to make a mistake in judgement, and accidentally commit a crime, thus being treated as someone suspicious and be shot down by the guards in the Royal Capital.

Compared to Kroix, it was difficult in the Royal Capital to even enter into walls that surrounded the city, however, the 『regulars of the Dancing Ocelot』 being prominent 『adventurers』 even within the Raband Kingdom, couldn’t be taken lightly.

Recipients of the letters of introduction that Gilbester had prepared, and addressed to his acquaintances, were all distinguished in the Royal Capital. Even the 『name』 of Gilbester himself, was extremely famous, despite what his looks suggested, especially when he was downing alcohol in the day.

The 『magic tool』 that Wind was wearing too, could be clearly perceived as a legitimate high quality good, and so their inspection, considering that it was their first time entering the Royal Capital, was done rather easily.


But before she could indulge herself in sightseeing the streets of the Royal Capital, which she was seeing for the first time, she turned gloomy.

“What should we do from here on….”


It was precisely because her 『friend』 was by her side that she couldn’t just appease her worries and forget about it.


It was something that Kenneth and the others had said beforehand.

That, — Although you may arrived at the Royal Capital, you may not be able to meet Dale –. Those able to be by his side are the Elite of the Elite even within the Royal Capital. He’s in the residence of Duke Eldishtett after all. It’s obvious that a mere girl from the countryside would be turned away at the door even if she showed up.

It would be difficult even with the letters of introduction prepared for her by Gilbester, but at least they would give her a possibility of speaking with someone from Duke Eldishtett’s house.


“What do I do…”

She muttered as she thought. That’s when Latina recalled the person with who she was supposed to stay at while she’s in the Royal Capital.

“–And so, I thought that Rose-sama would know about me too, and went to visit 『Indigo God, Nili’s Shrine』. ….Dale? What’s wrong?”

“….No, just give me a minute… to process….”

The 『doggy’s』 role in all this was bigger than he had thought.

Dale, who heard what Latina just 『confessed』, literally had his head in his hands.

Does she understand just how ridiculous it was for her to attempt air travel, despite not being a magician with the 『Control』 attribute, despite not having received the proper training?


If he was going to think this deep about this issue, he’d have to rethink his stance on Latina’s 『common sense』. Leaving the relationship of master and servant between her and the beast aside, it was even more 『ridiculous』that she instead established friendship with the beast instead. Even after watching Latina for quite some time, he was still numbed by this experience.


And, above all, how am supposed I to explain this to his Highness, the Duke? Feels like I have a headache coming along.

Latina stared at the groaning Dale, tilting her head to the side slightly. Meeting his eyes, she let out a bright smile.

“…What’s up?”


Even as she said that, her happy expression didn’t change.

Thinking about it, Dale recalled what Latina always said.

— “I mean, I’m with Dale after all.” She would always say that, and give him a happy grin.


“Well, it’ll work out somehow.”

He realised once again, that he was 『together』 with his 『super cute』 Latina. Rather than ‘What will happen?’, he asked himself ‘What should I do?’.

Dale realised that his cheeks were heating up slightly, and muttered.

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