UchiMusume – Side Story

Something short. Finished some uni work and work didn’t call me in today so got some time 🙂
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Among Dreams, Realities, and Illusions

(Author’s note: Set right after the end of the puberty arc, so it’s soon.)


–It was a strange space.

Nevertheless, 『I』didn’t think that it was 『strange』 at all.


All black and whites gathered in place. This was a space, constructed of just that.

Even though there wasn’t a single colour present, looking around the monotone 『world』 that has enveloped everything, the place appeared to be unfathomably large, and was like some sort of encaged miniature garden. And for some reason I knew that 『I』 was also something that existed in this place.


With『Chairs』lined up in a circular fashion, 『I』came to realize that they all shared something in common – size, shape, etc.

Set up there, were『thrones』.

These seven which had been placed next to each other, each had an 『owner』who should be sitting on them.

Their figures and shapes couldn’t be seen, but there was definitely a strong presence of 『ownership』 floating around each and every 『throne』.


I look around at them one by one.

In front of a particular 『throne』, was a blade smeared with blood, and in front of another 『throne』 was a water jug filled to the absolute brim. I look at the 『throne』 around which a wilting tree had entwined itself, and the 『throne』 that had a thick book sitting on it — From there, I surveyed the 『thrones』 one by one, and stopped myself in front of the first 『throne』.


There, and only there, was there no 『owner』.

And 『I』 understood that, 『that Throne』 would be looking for an 『owner』 from here on.


And 『I』 understood the reason why 『I』 ended up here, could be said to be because — I ended up fulfilling 『a condition』.


That, was a decision that 『I』 should have loathed the most.

It was once the reason as to why I had lost everything, and would be the choice where I betray the feelings of protection he still possessed.

“I don’t want it.”

Which is exactly why, I shook my small head, and muttered to decline.

“This thing, this thing I don’t want, I…”

What 『I』 wished for, searched for was —


“What’s wrong, Latina?”

I woke up to a gentle voice.


Blinking her eyes a few times, she remembered that she was 『in the safest place in the world』.

A room full of warmth. A room where they shared their precious memories. And even then, her most 『loved, and warm place』.

“Did you have a bad dream?”

Ever since she was young, he would always say that and gently brush her hair. Feeling his large, warm hands, all her fearful thoughts, and nightmares would melt away.

She was happy to be pat by him, and happy to hear him say “Your hair is beautiful”, and so she couldn’t go cut it. He most likely didn’t realise it, but his casual actions and words, were all treated very importantly to her.


“I’m alright.”

There was nothing to be scared of.

If it was 『here』, if it was next to his warmth then, nothing scary would ever happen. 『This here』, was the safest place in the world, after all.

“I told you, I’m alright.”

She smiles happily, and like a kitten, drew her face towards the warmth, and fell into the warm slumber.

Because she didn’t want to think about it.

That, she would one day part from this 『warmth』.

The one 『thing』 she has ever wanted. The one 『thing』 she, herself, has always wished for. The 『one』 next to her, who she was right now sharing an overflowing, abundant amount of happiness with. But, she would one day have to part with it.


— What should I do once I lose it, I wonder?


In order not to think about that, she went into a deep, deep sleep.

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34 thoughts on “UchiMusume – Side Story

      • If you take a look at the Volume 5 illustrations, you should be able to figure out what’s going on with Dale and Latina. Especially with everything that has been translated up to this point.

        Some of the images are still a mystery, but you should be able to understand some key plot points. And there are some things that would be nice to know. It could lead to the best end.

        Liked by 1 person

    • People don’t CHOOSE to be Demon Lords (1-7). They just happen to fulfill the conditions needed to take that throne (or have it forced on them cause “tough shit” says the chair). Basically, it is not something inherited by being the kid of one of those. For example, the 1st is a kingly leader, the 2nd is a childish murderous psychopath, 4th is diseases I think (or was that the fish/water one?), etc. Point is, the position (some kind of fate or destiny?) will find the one who fits the role that is a Demon Lord regardless of choice. Brings a sorta irony of the title of this story saying Dale being will to slay a Demon Lord when his “daughter” herself is in all likeliness one as well.


      • Somehow, I don’t think that will be the biggest irony of this story.

        I mean, what would a human hero do if his most loved one became a demon lord?


  1. That “space” seemed to be beyond the “real world”. Wasn’t there 7 gods in that world? Maybe one of them had enough of all the work and left. Latina future god hype: START!!!


    • Ehhhh. . . . This may be hinting more that, in order for one to be a demon lord, you have to meet certain conditions, rather than be of the current lord’s kin.

      It is also possible, that the First Demon Lord was killed by the humans. If so, that would explain why the chair is empty.


      • Wasn’t the first demon lord killed by the second demon lord. the demon lords and what they are was talked about heavily back during that meeting with the female demon during latina’s childhood. The first demon lord is what would be called a king.


  2. 。   ∧,,∧
      [(っ⌒/⌒o Nepu!!!
      |\ ⌒”⌒ ∧,,∧ …zzZZ
      || || ̄ (´-ω-)
         || .[.(っ⌒/⌒o
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           || || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||


  3. Is this chapter hinting about what I think it’s hinting o_o? I’ve had the feeling it’s a good possibility since the very first few chapters but it looks like it’s true.
    Thanks for the chapter.


  4. Uwaah suddenly a little revelation of Latina’s fate??
    I’m sure there’ll be a lot of speculations and discussions after this chapter~ XD
    Thank you for the chapter!!


  5. The future might end up like this:
    5 years in the future in a certain place…

    “Daaaale! Please tell me you’re joking!”


    “Ughh… its alright, dont cry…”


    “burghll… ahh.. haa..”



    “haa… haa… ha… i knew that… someday… something… like this… might happen… but i never… knew… it will be soo– burghll.. gahh! ahh!”

    “Dale! please dont speak anymore!”

    『O sacred light grant me thy power that saves thy people’s life, Holy Heal!』


    “…why, why it isn’t working!”

    “Uggghh oogh!@^&#^*!@#”



    “We haven’t done yet many things together!”


    ‘bam’ ‘bam’ ‘bam’

    “You said that we will be together till the end, please don’t leave me like this!”


    ‘bam’ ‘bam’ ‘bam’

    “La.. ti.. na.”



    “Wuuuuu~ Stop joking around!”




    ‘bam’ ‘bam’ bam’

    “bhweeehhh~ bleeeggh!”

    “Ohh!! it came out!”


    “blaaaagghhh” “waaaaaggh”.

    “Thank goodness! it came out!”


    “Dale! You almost gave me a heart attack! I told you to eat slowly! See look what happened! You even gulp down the chicken bone!”

    “Ugghh…Ehhh~, but i really miss the food that you make! and it was so good that i forgot that i’m swallowing a drumstick.”

    “You silly,There’s still more so just eat slowly i’ll cook you more food <3"

    "Uuuu~ Latina You're the best <3"

    "Of course! <3"

    "…." Kenneth,Rita,Gil,Other customers.

    Good day to everyone 😀


  6. Good news guys. J-Novel Club just announced they were licensing the Light novels. The first volume will be out in e-book format in 6-8 weeks followed by a release rate of about a volume per 2.5 months. If anyone is interested in supporting the original author and publisher, it is a good way to buy the e-books. They might even publish it in print later on.

    Also this is a WN translation so the translator can keep doing his great job. Even if this was a LN translation, it would never get DMCA’d anyways.


    • Hey this is safe right? RIGHT?! Can somebody make a epub or pdf, pdf if possible for all of this? I’m still at the 40s chapter, cuz i let the chaps to pile up haha. But now i’m really nervous that all of this is gonna be poof gone.


      • It is safe. First of all this is the WN not the LN version. The founder of J-Novel Club has also stated that he will never DCMA others work as he thinks it is a pain in the ass (He has been a fan translator himself)

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  7. I believe these thrones allude to the Gods rather than the demon kings. I mean for example, wasn’t the Red god the patron of military, blue god of the sea, and such?


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