UchiMusume – Chapter 106

Okay. SO I’m sure plenty of you know by now, but J-Novel Club has gotten the licence on UchiMusume. I’m sure there are a lot of questions that you have, and feel free to ask them in the comment sections because I’m not too sure what you want to know, what I want to share and things like that.
There is a thing though, which is that J-Novel Club has started on the translations of Volume 1 of the Light Novel and I am to remove the first 25 chapters of the novel within the week. SO if you want to continue to share this, or anything, you have until Sunday 11:59pm AEST. Which is my absolute latest date.
Sam from J-Novel Club has been kind enough to tell me that I can continue the translations, but have to remove them whenever they catch up. They have informed me their approximate schedule which is every 9 weeks, and basically, I take that every 25 chapters would be a new volume and so, after every 9 weeks or so I’ll be removing another 25 chapters, until they catch up to the Light Novels. He has also said that once I outpace the novels they wouldn’t really mind, which is really nice of him.
In any case, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Btw this chapter is unedited because my editors are sleeping atm, and I just finished this. Will be updated later.
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Youth, and Silver-haired Maiden. Changes, from here on.


Having realising this properly, Dale had a thought that, it wasn’t wrong for those around him to harshly rebuke him.


How can this be? This girl is just so cute.


Although, with just that phrase, it would appear as if nothing has changed from before.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that that he knew about this now, if he had to describe how he was feeling in a word, it would be, unchanged.


Nevertheless, he was approaching the point where he would 『change from how he used to treat her』.


Dale recovered from his illness within the week, and decided to return back to Kroix.


Latina, who had been staying in the Royal Capital during this time, had been busying herself in her own way, reading the books available in the Duke’s residence, and learning mannerisms from Rose.

The reason why Latina had been able to properly greet, and talk with his Highness, the Duke, seemed to be because she had been taught the proper manners by Rose at some point. As someone close to Dale, someone who is able to come in and out of the Duke’s residence, she had been strictly guided so that she doesn’t embarrass him in some way, along with magic.


Dale had wholeheartedly rejected the invitation to the banquet from his Highness, the Duke. He didn’t plan on purposefully showing those rumour-loving nobles Latina, a extraordinarily beautiful girl, who was also a relative to 『himself』, who was somewhat famous.

When he was asked, ‘Well, don’t you want to see Latina dressed in a dress fitting for a banquet and accessorised with jewelries and makeup?’, Dale’s heart shook. Of course she would be cute. There’s no doubt she would be the centre of the party. That’s a done deal.

Nevertheless, it was because he didn’t like it. Which is why he didn’t want Latina to get unnecessary attention gathered onto her.

Men from all other places are all 『enemies』 to Dale.


Regardless of the fact that he had told Latina that he never thought of her as 『someone special』, he felt uncomfortable at the sight of 『Latina being with other men』.

It wasn’t a strange reaction even as her 『guardian』, but the fact that he was showing feelings that were a little childish even for him, made him unable to determine whether these were truly merely 『feelings』 that a 『guardian』 would have — and his gaze went a little haywire.


It was natural 『for a father』, to not wish for their daughter to be taken away by anyone, and if it 『wasn’t their father』 then, it held a different meaning.


Wind would walk around in the Duke’s garden everyday, at his own pace.

Since it was a large stretch of land fitting of a grand noble’s residence, it seems Wind was also having fun.

Hearing that he had dug up a deep hole in a corner of the garden, Dale went white. However, considering that he had done him a favour and 『brought Latina here』, Dale couldn’t be too annoyed about him, and decided to give an earnest apology.

Wind himself, wasn’t shy at all. Maybe he was doing this on purpose.


Being able to be beside Latina, Dale’s recovery hastened.

There was also the fact that it was a light injury to begin with, but his recovery speed was quick to the point where it couldn’t be explained with just that.

And in that time, Dale decided to once again go through the days where he had first met Latina.


Sitting down by the bed and talking, was due to a moment of impulse.

Just by meeting eyes with her, she would casually smile at him gently.

Dale brushes his hand through a lock of her let down hair, and she draws her body back, in shock.

That was because she was in puberty, and not a 『rejection』 towards her 『father』, and her cheeks went slightly red, and he realised then that, he made her feel shy.

Her gentle, grey eyes, would moisten up every now and then, and she would look at him with some resemblance of passion. Having finally realised it, he noticed the meaning behind the passion resting in her eyes.

A little embarassed, he turns his gaze away, and she leaks a slight, inaudible sigh, and then started to smile at him again as if nothing had happened.


What he had done by 『restricting』 himself to seeing her as his 『Small Latina』, was much more thorough than he had thought. Dale, who has now realised her intentions, 『looking』 at her now, without his filters, she looked, without a doubt, like a 『Maiden in love』.


Suppressing his embarrassment, his old habits, such as brushing through her smooth hair — Latina’s hair, which had always been smooth ever since she was young, had a shine and texture that would not lose out to the highest grade of silk. Since it felt so nice to touch, it had become a habit of Dale’s to 『gently brush her hair』. — Latina loosens herself to look truly happy, and delighted. Even that unguarded expressions of her due to her trust towards him, and her subconsciously rubbing her cheeks into the palm of his hand, looked to be a little bit sexual.


This girl, was defenceless.

She was so defenceless, to such a surprising degree that even when she was with 『someone of the other sex』, such as himself — if he was to think 『to put his hand on her』, it was as if he could say 『Thanks for the meal』 at any point in time.

You might be able to say that it was due to her 『youth』, but Dale had various thoughts regarding this her riskiness.

(This girl, if she keeps being like this, is gonna make guys cry….)

Besides, if this girl, having not noticed that her innocent, unguarded actions is something that would excite the things called men, came to understand that, and 『use it』, there would be no helping it even if she was called a 『Nationwide Beauty』 after all.


And then, despite knowing that the person herself has no idea of things like that, he troubled over the idea of being able to 『lay his hands on her at any time』.


It’s still too soon. It’s still too soon so that can’t happen. Even looking at Dale, who was muttering that as if it was a chant inside his head, Latina smiled at him innocently.


Latina was still, 『young』.

— He was starting to notice that her body was starting to mature a little — but something like that was bound to be just his imagination. After all, even she herself having noticed that her growth was slower than her friends, and so her body was still immature.

After calling it her 『rebellious phase』, and distancing himself from Latina — Furthermore, he had not seen Latina in person for over a month by using work as an excuse and running away. Nevertheless, there’s certainly no way, that she would be able to change in just that period of time.


Seeing Dale, who had been desperately telling himself things like that, fighting away his desires. Without realising what he was thinking at all Latina gently smiles — who just as the person herself wanted, welcomed her 『period of growth』–, which was something, at this stage, Dale had no idea of knowing.


She, who was like a 『cocoon』 right before they spread their wings, was truly growing into an adult at a frightening speed.

『The genes she had received from her mother』, something that she had been worried about previously, didn’t seem to influence her growth much, and as the months go by, the years go by, she, who had matured into an extremely attractive woman, became a big headache for Dale.


Just like that, just as Latina was becoming an 『adult』 — When Dale, was deciding to properly come face to face with 『the relationship he has with her』 —

Her 『dream』, changed slightly.

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  1. It’s great that you only have to remove them once they’re able to catch up. There were far too many great light novels that fell into obscurity just because the publishers DMCAd then went inactive or took years to release the official translations.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter. About j-novel club, they’re pretty quick with their translations, and I’m glad they’re picking this up as I know they’re mindful of the community. I for one am more than happy about them licensing the series and is looking forward to supporting the official release.

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  3. Wait, isn’t this the web-novel translation? NU says so, so why would you have to remove the TL of that if Jno picked up the light-novel to translate?


      • They may be basically the same but are they not different? I’ve seen other translators refuse to take down their translations because of the difference, and they stay up. I second honkhonk’s question.


      • Unfortunately it is just as honk honk says, the content is almost identical, and would possibly impact J-Novel Clubs sales, and/or other prospects should I keep my version up


  4. Thank you for the chapter! Oh gosh the romance is blooming!!!
    I want to see the picturee!! No..I don’t think manga is enough anymore…! I hope uchimusume will become an anime!!!

    It’s a pity that the chapters have to be remove, but we readers will always be thankful and remember that you are the one who brought this cute Latina into our lives!
    Thank you, Coolizer-sama!!!

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  5. Well it is a shame you will have to remove chapters. But it sounds as though they are quite reasonable about the whole thing, which is nice. Would that all license issues were solved so.


  6. Thanks for the chapter. So this chapter was supposed to be before the sidestory with the dream you posted earlier? It could be worse, it could have been YP that got the license, at least J-Novel is willing to accommodate to some degree.

    “Having realising this properly, Dale had a thought that, it wasn’t wrong for those around him to harshly rebuke him.” Change [realising] to [realised].

    “Her gentle, grey eyes, would moisten up every now and then, and she would look at him with some resemblance of passion.” Change [resemblance] to [semblance].

    “Even that unguarded expressions of her due to her trust towards him, and her subconsciously rubbing her cheeks into the palm of his hand, looked to be a little bit sexual.” Change [expressions of her] to [expression of her’s].

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  7. Good thing you decided to continue the translation at least 🙂 Makes me happy as this one of my favorite WN’s atm.

    And this same thing happened to Arifureta WN as well, din’t it? I hope J-club wont attack anything that’s still on the 1st volume/etc….


  8. So, will the translation of volume 4 and 5 still continues? Please answer me, I’m so anxious. And to those who have pdf or epub file can I also have one? Thanks.


      • I love you Bro, I was at chap 44 when I decided to let the chaps to pile up but when I saw on fb that this will be licensed I was freaked out ( my pile up strategy backfired) and rushed here and it’s 100+ chaps wow I’m amazed but freaked out again wracking my brain for a solution on how I will put this 100 chaps on pdf or epub cuz the ones i found on google are all less 90 chaps in pdf epub. You save my azz there, I really don’t want to copy and paste all of this chapters because I’m using a phone and its a PAIN. ( no computer, and laptop full of virus I don’t want to go outside right nowww) I use the pdf app on playstore lol ( I’m an amateur) its really a pain and a waste of time but I’m prepared to sacrifice my time from playing star wars to put this on pdf. And u came aaaaahh~ that feels good aah~ thanks for that I can rest easy, and uuuhh….no wait I think there’s 4 or 3 chapter not on that site so I’ll use this pdf app. As for my long comment, I just have a very long vacation, long free time and I’m relaxed right now. What a happy life


  9. Lol I put off reading this novel, and today I decided to read it but I found the first 25 chapters deleted. I’m not blaming the TL in any way, it just goes to show my stupidity in waiting.
    If anyone could share the first 25 I would appreciate it.


  10. Just to tell you…
    They also approached another group for difference series they picked, from what I heard. After they talked to j-novel, and asked for more information they we told they legal cant ask them to stop translating WN or remove translated WN chapters… you don’t even have to link to their web page.

    The only one who can ask you to remove or stop WN is the Author. but as many Authors dont even care, i dont think you will be asked to stop or remove them.


  11. I’ll tell you one thing about this J-Novel guys. They actually don’t have the power to tell you to stop. First of all, what your translating is the Web Novel version. Web Novels generally work like this. The author buys an IP address, he uploads content which are mainly stories, and the company that provides the IP maintains it. The company doesn’t really have any say on this one because the author is not obliged to post content on a frequent basis. They get their revenue from the number of views so it’s different from the Light Novel which is the official version. If you are translating the Web Novel version, only person who can actually tell you to stop is the author himself. Web Novels are not officially licensed. They are similar to fanfics but they are regulated and a company provides the IP, in this case, Syosetu. This is also where official publishers look for Web Novels that can be turned into Light Novels. If you are translating a Light Novel, that’s when you really have to stop. They can send you a DMCA. On the other hand, if your just doing the Web Novel version, your chances of receiving a DMCA is very VERY slim. If you want proof, just look at Isekai wa Smartphone Totomoni. That group is still translating even now. Also, I know about this because I was confused before how these kinds of license work so I asked a friend of mine who’s about to graduate in law school. I also asked a professor of that college about this. They said that the only way for them to be able to make you stop is for them to present a contract or anything official that indicates that they really have the power to do that signed by the company head or any official representative of that company. I’m sure they have that, but their jurisdiction only covers the Light Novel versions. They don’t have any jurisdiction with regards to Web Novels because the one who mostly owns those are the authors themselves. The editing company has power over the Light Novels because they are the ones who edit the original Web Novels to Light Novel standards and release it to the public. But for Web Novels, the only person who can really tell you to stop is the author himself. But ask yourself, do you really think the author will stop posting Web Novel content? Even the editing company doesn’t have the power to do that not unless they are the ones providing the IP for the Web Novel content. It’s Syosetu that does that and its a different entity. For Smartphone’s case, the Japanese editing company is HobbyJapan (thanks to Novel Updates for this info). HobbyJapan only has jurisdiction on Light Novels. That’s why you don’t have to be scared for them to send you a DMCA because it isn’t part of their jurisdiction. So you don’t need to listen to what that Sam guy is telling you because he won’t be able to provide you with proof that he really can make you stop. The best they can do is coerce the author to stop posting Web Novel content. But if you do understand Japanese Culture, you don’t really do that not unless you want to alienate the author, especially if you are a foreigner. You really have to understand Japanese Culture for this one. I heard from a friend of mine that the official editor of Smartphone has direct contact to the author to confirm names and other things. He’s an avid reader of Smartphone so he was able to chat with him in discord. That’s how I knew about it. So they can coerce the author to stop posting Web Novel content, but when it comes to Japanese Culture, they are really going to overstep a lot of boundaries if they do that. That simple act can really turn things sour for them and the author especially since those J-Novel guys are foreigners. So you don’t really have to be scared of a DMCA or something. Those mainly applies to Light Novels only because those are official and licensed. Web Novels aren’t licensed. The author can stop any time. Just look at Takami no Kago (Divine Protection of Many Gods). The author, based from what NU says, discontinued the series. The author has the freedom to do that because its just Web Novel. Why? Because it isn’t licensed. There is no editing company that does the editing based on their standards and that does the PR for the Novel itself. So you don’t need to be scared on a DMCA because DMCA only covers official and licensed materials.


    • Man going through my pending comments and I see something that isn’t spam yet almost as long as the essays I write.
      Thanks for the insight >< I explained myself a little in my facebook post and uh… tbh I think you're completely right, but now that I've already said I'll remove the chapters, I'll keep to my word. Furthermore if you really want the old chapters I translated I'm sure they are quite easily accessible, I mean, I have them 😛 so just ask me through fb if you want a personal copy i suppose.(that is, assuming, you like my translations enough to bother with that :P)


  12. I was just about to start reading this novel when i realised that the first 24 chapters are gone, J-Novel Clup is demanding that i pay to be a member in order to buy the e-book and thats something i dont want to do. Ive no problems paying the author for their works but first paying a membership to some random translators ive never heard of and then pay them even more in order to read the novel is something i dont want to do.
    Even if they have the right for the license i cant really trust that my money will reach the author or their own pockets.
    Is there anyone willing to send me the first 25+ chapters thats been deleted so i can catch up please?


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