UchiMusume – Side Story

Honestly speaking. I am a little frustrated naturally(so uh imagine a few rash actions from me in the next few days), but it’s for the best, and I’ve seen over their work and it’s very good. I’ll have a link towards their site in the Uchimusume page if you are interested.
Also unedited. WIll Update when editors wake up.
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The Golden King, and the Silver —


Geez, I wonder how many times I’ve 『come』 to this 『place』 now — 『she』 thought.


This world, with nothing but black and white.

In front of the only 『throne』 that was vacant.


She has been brought her, countless times.

Ever since 『she』 had 『decided』.

Something she had never thought would happen, and the 『wish』 that she had somewhere in her heart ever since she was little. 『At that time』, when she had accepted that — was when 『she』 decided.

And, that was the 『qualification』.


Suddenly, the 『First Throne』 in front of her, filled up with a presence.

Looking up in the sky, multitudes of 『Seven-coloured Rainbows』 lit up the sky, and she 『understood』 that it was informing the 『World』 the birth of a new king.


— That Strong 『presence』, was something she knew well.

Which is exactly why, she muttered.

“<Congratulations. …New King, crowned by 『us (Demon Race)』.>”

She felt like she had heard the response. There was no way 『she』 could have misheard this person’s voice.

“<Hold the title of 『Golden』, new King. We are truly glad…. That you have been 『chosen』, just as 『predicted』. I’m truly glad that, I, 『wasn’t chosen』….>”

『Hearing』 the reply that came back, she shook her head sideways.

“< Uun. It’s fine, really. I’m alright. You should’ve been the King. So….>”


Having muttered that, 『she』, reappeared in the center of the seven thrones, and turned towards the newest throne.


“<I’ve never asked for this 『power (Throne)』 or anything so… I’m alright.>”


She mutters, standing in front of the zeroth, or perhaps it should be called the eighth, 『an unreasonable number』, crowned 『throne』.

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26 thoughts on “UchiMusume – Side Story

  1. I need someone to translate this chapter from riddle to “explanation for dummies”.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I can tell, the 1st Throne that Latina could inherit was just taken by someone whose voice she could recognise. Does anyone know who that is? Also, she’s told by that voice about some Golden Throne or something, and now has the option of the 0th Throne which somehow is also the 8th? I’m so confused.

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    • Well I suppose that it’s the 0th throne because in the order that the thrones are placed it was probably placed before the 1st one, but since they were arranged in a circular fashion, it could also be referred to as the 8th one.

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Did a new throne just showed up because the throne meant for Latina was occupied by someone else?


  3. Thank you for the chapters! I’m sorry to hear about having to take down your chapters. I hope you’re feeling alright. I just want to say, I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in all this time to bring us this story, and even if you have to take stuff down, that will never change.

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  4. Thank you for the chapters!
    Aah..so frustrating…I somehow understand your feeling.. 😦
    It’s such a pity after all of that hardwork put in translating uchimusume
    (I still think they should just leave the WN translation alone though)
    I hope you’ll feel better soon…
    Just so you know, I’ll always remember that I first knew of Uchimusume through this Konobuta site, and I’ll always be thankful of that!!!
    Thank you for bringing Latina to us!


  5. Thanks for the chapter. I’m pretty sure the community appreciates all the work you did since your work helped to publicize this series. At minimum at least you’ll still have the manga and hopefully you’ll pass where the light novels are at by the time they catch up.

    “She has been brought her, countless times.” Change [her] to [here].

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  6. Thanks for the chapter! Hope whatever problems you’re having work out soon! And hope it’s not related to the licensing since you seemed okay with it in your last note. You do great work. So I hope you continue to grace us with your translations. 🙂


  7. thx for everything you have done so far. i havent read this in a while since my uni started, but i enjoyed your manga translation since it’s easier to read. you have done so much for something free, which is amazing. ofc you will feel their translation is better, yet. but you can become like them too once your experiences piling up like them. you are one of the hero we need but dont deserve. i will save all of your work so your hardwork dont just gone like that. once again thx for this fluffy journey


  8. anyone can tell me… the history of latina in private? on my e-mail animetenchou@hotmail.com? Who was she? All spoilers. please. if you know… Sorry for bothering you. i know how is in her demon town but I do not know why she was banished from her city.

    and coolizer. hello from venezuela. thanks for make my day… thanks for the chapters.


  9. Thank you for the chapters and all the hard work you’ve put into translating so far.
    I really love the novel and your translation so I’m sad to see it go, especially since I’ve gone back to reread it quite a few times so far…


  10. when it’s about the ‘fighting demon king part’… suddenly a license.. #why #ohNo

    well, thank you to bring lights to my life, Coolizer-sama.. since, Latina is so bringt, so fluffy, and so pure.. Out of novels that i read.. Only uchimusume had the greatest loli character development..


  11. Thanks for the chapter! Finally caught up.

    I don’t understand, why did you took down the 1st volume? AFAIK they only licensed the LN? SInce you worked on the WN, there’s no problem right? At most, you probably have to take down any image from the 1 LN but that’s it, your work has nothing to do with the LN.

    “The LN is practically has the same content as the WN” It’s their problem. That’s an empty threat. The WN is still up there open for free reading and you just translate it for the sake of the fans, nothing wrong with that. The author doesn’t have a problem people reading the WN even though the LN is already up. The only one that can request you to back down your translation is the author. If you in the end back down from an empty threat then I can’t say anything anymore about it.

    Or, you know, you can just post a “doujin” of chapter 1-25 *wink*


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