Wake me up inside :v

And then the chapters are gone. Have a bunch of stuff tomorrow, and so I’ll be removing the first 25 chapters once I wake up :s Just watching some vods of yakuza0 atm.

Thanks for the enjoying them so far, and I’ll try to speed up and finish volume 4 and get started on volume 5 which are apparently chapters 118 to 154, though there are some discrepancies since I named made some chapters side stories instead, and so, volume 4 actually ends with the next chapter. Volume 5 hype. and also this little thing hype?

My Little Sister is a Monster

Kuchinashi Akito, a completely normal highschool student.

A certain morning, as he was being waken up by someone, a wave of nostalgia hit him.

However, he realised. That, it was actually his little sister who should’ve died, who was smiling happily at him as he was sleeping.

Almost as if he was entranced by his sister, from that day onwards, Akito was engulfed by a fear that he wanted to believe in.
This is a world where monsters, known as “Nightmares” by powerless humans, live in secrecy. Just a story of a person being drowned in despair.

Man, this synopsis sounds pretty fun, but it’s also 206,000ji, which is approximately 100,000 words :v

I’m so lazy to translate… Been playing Dota2 a lot. Bots. but still.

Buy it here if you’re interested, I guess? Even though you can’t read japanese? Or maybe you can 😛


And this?

I drink Coffee at a Cafe in another plane after school

This is a pointless story.

It’s the story of my ridiculously average everydays, and the slightly strange customers who come to my Cafe.

In any case, it would make me happy if someone who didn’t mind that, a peaceful, quiet person, would listen to me, even if it’s just to kill some time. Set aside your coffee, and chill, ignoring the thing that is the flow of time constantly pressing against our backs.

It’s so pointless that it also has 200,000ji and so I’m so lazy…

Just want something chill and slice of life…

It’s also gonna get sold soon…. Buy here? Idk

Sigh. Translating used to be more fun. I have these days.


27 thoughts on “Wake me up inside :v

  1. umm…. any chance you could start deleting chap by chap per day or something?
    I just started reading and am on chap 6 and about to pass out. >_<

    sorry for selfishly asking this of you… 😦


    • Sorry I have a previous arrangement already. There are other ways to keep reading afterwards, but you would have to think of it yourself or look around in the comment sections of chapter 106


      • @loshi1505 I just BARELY managed to open up a bunch of tabs, and get the chapters saved to a Wordpad document.

        What I would LIKE to do is learn how to make an EPUB out of it. Though, that’s going to be a while before I can do that.

        What I’ll do is probably throw a link to it once I get that done; in the meantime, if people express enough demand, I’ll post a link with the saved Wordpad document.


  2. To those who worry – I have saved UchiMusume chapters, from the Foreword to Chapter 25, in a Wordpad document. Over the next few days, I’ll be creating (Hopefully, fingers crossed) an ePUB so that people can download a local copy.


  3. Thanks for all your contributions. It brings the whole community great pain that these chapters, which you worked hard on translating, have to be removed. However, the community you built lives on. People have compiled your chapters because they believed it’s something that should be shared. I think that’s a terrific accomplishment. I know you must be down about this, but know that you put a smile on our faces every time you released a translated chapter. So, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ditto this! We are all feeling the pain, but as a community we ❤ your efforts and will keep lurking no matter what you decide to do!


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