Might as well update.

Have no motivation to tl. Approaching the end of the semester so I’m relatively busy as well. Apologies.

I think I wanna be a popular streamer now.

Btw I bought a laptop. It’s the xiaomi air 13. Look it up. It’s pre’ cool. If you want. Was gonna use it to tl. So far, done one paragraph of uchimusu. 

And author of ryouriban gave me permission to tl. He’s a cool nerd. Nerd isn’t an offensive term anymore right? People wanna be nerds these days. 2017.

Listening to cry stream as I take bus to work at 7pm. Kay. Bye for now.

On phone so can’t put read more, at least I don’t know how. My semester ends in 3 weeks and then my last exam is the end of June. So I’ll probably post something before that date. 

Not really sure how to get motivation to tl. So I’m gonna be a streamer for a little bit. Happy Mother’s Day. Not that I did anything. 

Sorry for the lack of updates. For now. Hopefully.


7 thoughts on “Might as well update.

  1. hope you get your mojo back soon for my obviously selfish reasons. 😛
    also random idea, but what if you made a stream for your TLs? like as a side thing not main stream.
    I’d think some odd amount of people that’re interested in TLing or do already might stop by your stream sessions.

    idk just a random thought I had. have fun with your new hobby. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on getting permission from the author!

    I think the TL-ing side stream is a pretty good idea, and you have some experience in doing it, too. Though, it’s more about you having fun; if the stream wasn’t really fun to do, then meh, we’ll be okay.

    As for streaming, be sure to let us know what username you’ll be using, and what service, so we can definitely tune in.

    Lastly, I feel ya on lack of motivation. . .


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