UchiMusume – Chapter 108

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Silver-haired Miss, About her hometown.


“Demon race… you know your stuff. After all, you don’t really hear stories of them… especially with their horns out whilst walking out in a human town.”

“No, their horns were hidden. The three of them were all wearing some sort of hat from the Southern country.”

“Then, how did you know?”

“They reacted to this.”


Saying that, Rudolf held up the black fragment that was hanging by his chest.

“Those people, knew that this was a 『horn』 after all.”

What Rudolf was pointing at was the horn that Latina had once broken off herself.

The only other person who had recognised that, which at first glance looked just like a piece of black jewelry, was a horn, was Latina herself.

“My horn?”

“At first, because of their rather rough accents, they seemed like people from another country, so a request came in from the Eastern gatekeepers asking for assistance.”


Compared to other towns, Kroix was a town that could be said to be quite tolerant towards travelers, but there was no way every single visitor that came, could come in unconditionally.

The jobs of the gatekeepers who keep watch of the castle walls was both, to collect the toll from the people coming in, as well as, at the same time, keep a watch and make sure there were no suspicious individuals.

So, seeing foreigners who couldn’t seem to even speak fluently, the gatekeepers had their suspicions aroused.

Just because they were foreigners, it did not mean they were suspicious.

However, the official language of the Raband Kingdom, was the language used by the majority of people in the world, the language called the 『Western Continent Language』.

Those who were incapable of fluently using said language, drew attention.

Thus they needed to be questioned by the Military’s main office, and as a result, Rudolf, who accepted the call, arrived at the Eastern gate.

Upon seeing Rudolf, their expressions changed.

Of the three of them, one of them made a blatantly enraged face, and the face of another seemed to have been twisted to an almost uncontrollable look of hate.

It was only the last one, who seemed to be pondering something — and was looking at the small fragment hanging by Rudolf’s neck.

Seeing that reaction, Rudolf realised that these people were of the 『Demon race』.


“I had heard from you that the Demon race have a different language, and furthermore their unpleasant reaction towards the 『horn』, was also quite reasonable.”


Hearing Rudolf, it was Latina who was a little puzzled.

Rudolf, who was slightly shocked at her reaction, made a stunned face.

“I mean, it’s the result of 『breaking a horn off』, right?”

“Ah. Right.”

To the Demon race, 『Breaking a horn』, was the greatest humiliation possible.

When they exile those who have committed a crime, apart from just breaking off the horn, it served the purpose of humiliating the other, as the winner would possess the losers horn. For a warrior, it was the same as telling the world their everlasting shame, and as a result, there were quite a few, who would choose to take their lives, and end it all.

The very object they call a 『horn』, upon such actions, was a presence that would do naught but bring forth the feelings mentioned above.

Thus, it was quite natural for them to react to Rudolf, a possessor of the 『Demon Race’s horn』, with rage-filled feelings.


“There was someone among them who were able to restrain his companions, and so nothing happened though.”

The age differences among the Demon race, were indistinguishable on the surface. But, the person who looked at the horn Rudolf possessed, and pondered, seemed to be the peacekeeper of the group.

“Girly, you gave your 『horn』 away?”

Over at the next table, Gilbester, who had been buying up all the cheap liquor as usual, interrupted their conversation with a look of surprise.

“If you possess that then… you’re just looking for a fight with the Demon race… and even among us Humans, it’s been named a 『cursed item』.”


“From what I’ve heard from a guy who was an expert in appraisal, the horns have curses, and grudges sealed inside. If you think of how they’re broken off then, it’s not an unreasonable story.”

Latina, who was raised in Kroix and distant from the Demon race’s customs and teachings, upon hearing Gilbester’s words, nodded as if saying “I see.”

Even though they were talking about her, she acted as if it was someone else’s matter.

“I’m… not a Human, so I can’t add a 『Magic enchantment』 to it though….”

As she muttered that, she lightly touches her own hanging by Rudolf’s neck.

The technique or power, called 『Enchanting』, was a 『Unique skill』 that only Humans possessed.

“This is 『a part of me』 so…. There’s still some of my magic remaining in there.”


“Un. I think, what they call, a curse, is maybe because usually, 『the magic remaining in the horn』 would end up becoming something that was filled with pain, discomfort… despair, right?”

After saying that, Latina smiles towards Rudolf.

“But, you know, this is probably alright. Chloe told me that it was 『beautiful』, and I was happy, so it probably got replaced by all those feelings.”

“It….it’s not like I was worried about it, okay.”

Knowing there was 『something similar to Latina’s lingering scent』 on it, there was no way that Rudolf would be unhappy.

“After all, what I had put into this, was all the happy feelings I had staying with my precious friends. I think, that it’s probably become something like a protective charm. Don’t you think that those who carefully look at this would be able to understand that?”

Hearing that, Rudolf immediately tucked away his necklace.

Hearing that the 『cursed item』 had become 『A charm personally made by Latina』, made the eyes of those nearby evidently change.

“It’s just that, maybe it might be best if you didn’t go out too much for the time being? That… um, I just think that it might be best if you didn’t… meet those people from your hometown, you know.”


The reason Rudolf said that, was because after he had joined the Military, he had learnt of the Demon race’s custom where 『Criminals had one of their horns broken off, and exiled』.


Starting with him, to everyone who visited the 『Dancing Ocelot』, and especially those who knew Latina since she was young, none of the them thought that she was a criminal.


Nevertheless, since she was chased out of her hometown, there definitely should have been some reason or other.

No matter how he thought of it, it was definitely a troublesome matter, and he didn’t want Latina to get involved in any of it.

“You see, when I was little, I really only spent time with a very limited few people so…. I don’t think there are many who know me. Although they might know…. That 『I was exiled』.”

Latina answers as such and smiles at Rudolf.

“But, thank you for worrying about me, Rudi.”


Trying to hide the fact that he had reddened, Rudolf once again brought the cup of liquor to his mouth.

After that, Latina reported what she had heard from Rudolf to Dale, who had come back.

“That’s what Rudi told me.”

“More than that… you weren’t holding onto your own horn?”

“Why? It’s something I don’t need. I’m happier to have Chloe and Rudi have it, seeing that they wanted it.”

“If it’s fine with you….”

It was precisely because Dale knew that the Demon race had a culture of deifying their 『horns』, that despite Latina breaking them off herself, he had thought that she was treat them with importance.

No matter how close a friend they were, he never would have thought that she would’ve just casually given them away to people.


“Is the person you’re looking for in Vasirio?”

“I don’t know…. But I can’t go there.”

Hearing Dale’s words, Latina smiles, looking lonely.

“My presence, would mean nothing but a catastrophe upon Vasirio. That country, has finally been seated a new 『First Demon King』 that everyone has been waiting and hoping for…… I’m sure, they will make it the great country that everyone had been dreaming of…..”
“Latina? You….?”

“I… don’t want to become their 『misfortune』.”

“….Was that the 『prophecy』 you received?”

Hearing a tremble throughout Latina’s muttering, Dale brought her closer to him. Just like he had always done when she was younger, he placed her within his arms. So that he could provide for her the feeling of safety, telling her she was protected.

She, who had once answered that she didn’t remember the contents of the 『prophecy』, shook her head lightly at Dale’s question.

“I don’t know. But, I thought about it… once I had become an adult. I recalled the things my parents said to me… so I thought maybe that was the reason.”


Looking up at Dale, who was hugging her right by her side, Latina continued in a small voice.

“I think…. That my parents, were trying to protect me…. That, if I was to stay in that country, I would certainly bring about 『misfortune』… and so, they brought me outside, in order to protect me.”

“….I know just by looking at you. At least the part that you were brought up with love.”

“That’s why, you know, I…. can’t return to that country.”

As he unconsciously put more strength into his arms that were hugging Latina, who was smiling with a lonesome air around her, Dale once again thought about all the things that this girl had lost.

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