UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 11

Came out earlier~ but it’s the exposition chapter so eh

Next chapter comes on the 22nd not the 28th, which is what i think i put in the credits oh well. It’s not like people camp the 22nd and are like “WHERE”S MY CHAPTER!” so it’ll be fine either way~ actually people think im slow still so ok.


[Google Drive]

and remember to link the site when you post on reddit 🙂

Link to the other chapters

sorta trying to push myself to put a chapter a day, trying to set myself a tl schedule of sorts. see if it works, if it doesn’t poor us.

I want money. but i can’t be bothered setting up money. so just comment how much money you’d give me if you had infinite money. or you know,  if you’d throw me ur pantsu like i’m a rockstar :v

8 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 11

  1. Many Thanks! If I had infinite money I would support all Translators-sama, Anime Studio and a project to build Academy City from Toaru with many other things, such as a true SAO VRMMO (with a campaing of being unable to log out for the first day), Tatsuya’s Material Burst (Mahouka), Acceleration of human thoughts, etc.

    A Otaku can dream.


    • but how’re u gonna give people powers 😮 I wanna be level 4 (just good enough but no need to gather all the attention)
      and at that point i think real life would already be more exciting than mmos ><

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      • I’m one who strongly believe in mankind’s potential, so in a way or another I’m sure we will develop something similar sooner or later. In the meanwhile, VRMMO are enough (but I’m sure that there will always be something not reachable that could be reproduced in VR, like going to space or other similar things).
        Great, the plan is laid out. Now, I just need to pray God to suddenly become billionar and we will all become ESPers. Hahahaaa…

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