UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 12

A little late cause -insert excuse- it was uploaded whilst i was working >> and when I got back home i was tired.

And remember to link site? I guess. :/


[Google Drive]

Sorry for not posting more tbh. Been sick and studying for exams. (I’m always sick during exam periods, its weird…) Exams are almost done but I’m not too sure about translating still. It’s just been a strange few weeks.

So I think the next 25 chapters of Uchimusume light novel needs to be deleted in like 2 weeks or so i.e. chapter 26 – 50, so please enjoy them while you still can ;-;

I’ve actually been thinking of dropping uchimusume wn, just cause… I’m stupid to be doing so many projects at the same time, especially now that I’m old and have so little motivation. Idk, it’s just sad, considering that the novel is so close to me. Letting go is hard :c

Yes. Gotta go work now. Enjoy boys and girls.

Spoiler?: Next chapter should be fun 🙂

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